bad place

i cant form a fully thought out post right now but if anyone can donate money right now im in a really bad place
theres a good chance my mom will be kicking me out as well as cutting my phone off which is my only means of getting in touch with emergency contacts
this week i’ll be staying at my girlfriends house and i’m going to need money for gas, food, and probably data because they have no wifi. if youd like to commission me, my info is on @ghostdoodle-s and all prices are negotiable

my paypal is and i have a donate button in my description

my white teacher was bitter and bitchy to me, acting like i was lying to her and tried to teach me the law and i am pmsing and at first i cried and then i wrote the most bitter and bitchy response back that could put me in a bad place with her and ruin my grade but i was hurt and impulsive and she ended up realising her mistake and helped me out and sometimes it helps to remind people who you are and what you’re made of even if they are in a position of power over you because you being a coward will only make their roars louder

In response to @bonjourmafriends

Here are my general thoughts about the upcoming Japril-centric episode…

  • The bad place at the beginning could be caused by (in order of likelihood)
    • issues with Jackson’s dad and April interfering in it in some way
    • jealousy about dating situation (either direction)
    • disagreement about raising Harriet in some way
  • Those words, “some happiness”
    • This could literally mean anything. It could be them getting back together. It could mean they hook up. Heck, it could just mean they have a good chuckle. 
    • All I know is JW and SD are trained to be vague. Otherwise they’ll face the wrath of Shonda.
  • SD calling the episode “adult” and “intimate”
    • I literally think this means that it’s intimate not in the bow chicka wow wow way, but in the intimate as in only two people way
    • adult is code for slow paced and boring (LOL, nothing involving these two MOFOs could ever be boring)
  • Worries about Jackson dying
    • Call me crazy (especially since it’s Shonda we’re talking about here), but I don’t think this is a Jackson dies episode. I read somewhere that any couple centric episodes involve a character death. Relationship death, yes, but actual character death? No. I don’t agree with this. Derek’s episode really just focused on him. Mark and Lexie died with lots of other stuff going on. The same with the shooting episode.
  • The patient?
    • I’m not in the medical field so I’m literally drawing a blank right now. All I know is it’s likely something that involves plastic surgery and general surgery.
  • Can they get back together?
    • Hells yeah, I believe that. I wouldn’t continue watching if there wasn’t hope, but will it happen in this episode? I really don’t know.
    • I will say the fact that there’s a second centric episode gives me hope that this will have a far happier outcome than last year’s episode. Grey’s wouldn’t do the same thing twice, right?

yoursafeplace  asked:

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I know a lot of you aren’t the happiest you could be - go check out their blog if you’re in a bad place.

Conversation between me and my mom on MLK Day

Mom: How is my sweet potato?I miss your face!

Me: ibccsfjbdyhbiusubfs….uuughhhh i miss ur face too

just ya know i support black slavery by going to school but if a drop out i will live in poverty …its a bad place to be

went on a mlk march then film and discussion today

Mom: you what with the what with slavery?

Me: i support slavery i fund slavery

Mom: how does you being uneducated help slavery?

Me: because i fund my college that funds prisons*sigh*

Mom: oh ok yes it is but you know asking your collage to divest from prisons is a good thing just like collages were made to divest from South Africa in the 80’s

Me: i tried that they said “ummm we won’t admit to that” idk what we can do as student what i can do and i really don’t want to be kick out of college

Mom: I am positive there is a way to address this from a students point. If you remain unweildingly polite and persistent you can work wonders

For instance there has to be some watch dog agency who has done the research to find out if GVSU is invested in prisons

then armed with that knowledge you just keep asking them to divest and they can not kick you out for that

though it may make it tough to to get an on campus job to be honest

Me: ya cuz no one was ever kicked out unlawfully before :P

yes i know*sigh*white previlage sucks

Mom: Columbia University was the first college to divest in 2015and many have followed because of student pressure

i know like can’t someone WITHOUT cfs (Chronic Fatigue syndrome) head this up but no, no one else will do it it seems i just discovered there’s a students against rasism club i think i should join maybe they can help? i can’t do this by myself

I agree this is not a thing to do alone

but I have to say babe you need to set priorities I know it is hard just know you have your whole life ahead to fix the whole world

but I have to say this one divesting from prisions would be a doable one not like curing cancer or ending poverty

Me: right?

we shall see what I can do

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17


… As long as the door on it’s removed.

It’s fine if it doesn’t feel, uh. Too cagey. You know?

Happy one year anniversary UNDERTALE !


(( OOC: These are the original threads of threads that have since been remade/replaced, or are just really fucking old, so I’m shoving them all here, lol. :) )) 

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