bad pixels

Jo’Rhirr and his best friend/boyfriend back from caravan days; argonian Bad-Aim who works as knife thrower. Just like his name suggests, Bad-Aim’s really bad at aiming and hence totally sucks at his job. Jo’Rhirr casts illusions on every performance to hide his boyfriend’s failures. Bad-Aim, however, is really good at gutting people with his knives in close combat and doesn’t mind doing that when their caravan needs protection. Or when Jo’Rhirr gets in trouble because of another scam of his.

[..] “Better now?” he asked afterward. I did not answer but lifted my face to his and kissed him again, almost savagely, not because I was filled with passion or even because his kiss still lacked the zeal I was looking for, but because I was not so sure our kiss convinced me of anything about myself.[..]