bad photoshopping is good for the soul


There’s a darkness inside her soul ….. 

                   But you Can’t let go , Can’t let go…. 

There’s a Light inside his heart…. 

                   And it Tears you apart , Tears you apart… 

 You both crave what you can’t have …  

                       He is The Good & She is bad 

             Together they make something no ones ever had..

                     Independent Meg & Castiel 

Marvel’s cinematic universe gets vaster by the week, yet it still doesn’t contain as many semi-aquatic mammals as it should. Until now, that is…


By now I’m sure you’ll all have seen Benedict Cumberbatch’s delightful guest spot on Sesame Street. However, I’ve managed to acquire some EXCLUSIVE footage of what happened when Benedict tried to do the same scene after downing half a dozen nerve-steadying martinis. Since Sesame Street IS a children’s show, it was probably sensible to let him sober up for the final version…