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Okay so I’ve seen a lot of popular BL series and since Together with me is over and Sotus S not airing until November I need a new show to binge watch. Was thinking about giving puppy honey a shot but I don’t know. Does any BL series fans out there have any suggestions?

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if you're still doing 5 things, how about top 5 most brutal things yuuri katsuki has ever said while hangry?

(i was hoping to put the last 25+ of these into three separate posts, but due to Real Life Things, i’ve only been able to finish three, so until i can finish the rest i’ll be making separate posts.  as of right now, please do not send any more 5 things asks!)

  1. During one brutal practice where Yuuri struggles to land a quad salchow-triple toe combination, Victor won’t let them break for lunch until he can complete the routine without falling.  After his third fall, Yuuri complains that Victor is going to go bald before they break for lunch.  Yuuri sleeps on the couch that night.
  2. Celestino has tied his hair back ever since Yuuri told him to focus more on correcting his form than his bad perm.  
  3. Once, when delirious on a juice cleanse, Yuuri told Phichit that he thought that The King and The Skater was a terrible movie.  (He later apologized, even if he had meant it.  Phichit is more important to him than that.  “You know how I get when I’m hungry,” Yuuri had cried after Phichit bought him a post-cleanse pizza.  “I was wrong.  I never wanted to hurt you, Phichit.”)
  4. “I’m divorcing you,” Yuuri says, because he’s seven months pregnant and his entire everything hurts and all he wants are some goddamn peaches, and yeah it’s three in the morning, but there’s a store open 24/7 right down the road that has peaches, and Victor, please get me some peaches, i’m so hungry.  “I’m taking Makkachin back to Hasetsu with me and we are raising this baby without you and his name will be Victor Nikiforov Is A Terrible Husband Katsuki, and he’ll have to deal with that well into his adult life, all because you wouldn’t go get me my fucking peaches.” (Victor goes and gets him the peaches).  
  5. On their fifth wedding anniversary they have dinner reservations at The French Laundry, and Yuuri is so fucking excited and also starving, but Victor wants to get freaky in their hotel room before the go eat, because he has yet to work up an appetite.  Yuuri tries to get into it, but he’s totally thinking of the prefix menu he saw online and moans “veal tongue” instead of “Victor” while Victor is eating his ass out, and anyways, it’s a rough dinner, but it all works out.  
personalities of my parents’ 13 llamas

so I guess this needs a little background context first. my sister and I both moved out to college, and our parents had an empty nest crisis, so Dad bought Mom 8 llamas for their 26th anniversary, decided that wasn’t enough, and bought 4 more a few days later. 

you know, like there’s the gold anniversary and the silver one and even paper. well. the 26th anniversary is the llama one where u must buy ur significant other at least one (1) llama. do it. trust me. my dad hasn’t been divorced yet, so it’s totally cool

Freddie: sweet gentle boy. loves to give u kisses. all you have to do is stand still and he’ll walk over to sniff at you for a moment, then he’ll press his lips to your cheek and kind of huff air on you. sometimes there’s a little bit of snot, but the moment is too Precious for that to be important

Herb: the twin brother of Freddie. they both look like deer because they have that soft brown and white coloring. Herb is the grumpy one, very skittish. lingers at the edge of the herd and glares when you pet Freddie. doesn’t want to be petted himself but still jealous of his brother?? make up ur mind, Herb

Jet: The Asshole. if human, would be that one bully in all the early 2000s high school teen movies. there’s a hill of dirt built up in the field and he likes to stand on top of the hill and spit at all of the other llamas when they come near. one time Fatima totally kicked his ass tho, it was great. now he’s scared of her but tries to play it cool

Tarzan: Jet’s co-bully. like, how all bullies need a following of other, smaller bullies to back their bullshit up? that’s Tarzan. not big enough to be an asshole in his own right, but will team up with Jet to spit at the other llamas. dumbass who ate sawdust one time when my dad used a buzz saw to cut down trees. this bright star immediately started licking the sawdust off the ground. I tried to make him stop bc I was worried it might be bad for him? somehow?? but then he spit at me, so he can fucking choke tbh

Stanley: real fucking dumb, but we love him anyway. always tries to escape out the gate, but then doesn’t go anywhere once he makes it into the yard. each time he seems surprised to end up in the yard. will run away if you try to herd him back through the gate, but if you just leave him alone for 15 minutes, he’ll get bored and lonely, and cry to be let back into the field

Coy: my poor sweet baby. he was going to be sold to the slaughterhouse before Dad bought him, so he’s shaved all the way up to his head. he looks naked and honestly pretty weird. no fur at all until his head, where it suddenly poofs out like a bad perm. gets picked on by Jet and Tarzan, stands in the pond to get away from them bc they’re scared of the water

Clyde: a gelding. that means his flip-flop bits have been snip-snipped. so Dad put him on the half of our land with the girl llamas bc he knew Clyde wouldn’t bother them. then Dad changed his mind and put Clyde in with the boys, and Clyde threw a FIT. he would dramatically flop down on the ground and pretend to be dead, until the herd moved away, and then he would get up, walk over to the new grazing spot, and throw himself back down just to be sure everyone knew he was STILL upset. our neighbors kept calling us to let us know we had a “dead llama” in our field, and we’re like no, that’s just Clyde. finally Dad gave in and put Clyde back with the girls and now he’s happy and cut that melodramatic shit out

Fatima: boss-lady of the girl llamas. the llamas have to be separated by gender bc we found out the hard way that they WILL get pregnant, but Fatima specifically can’t be let near the boy llamas bc she will fuck them up. llamas have really long necks, u know? so she’ll whip her neck against the boy llamas to bash their fucking faces in and lean down to try to literally BITE THEIR DICKS OFF, and with her long ass Alpha Neck, she almost got Jet, my dad literally had to check his junk for injuries, wild times on the farm

Charlene: Fatima’s gal pal™. the two don’t like to be separated, and Charlene will cry if it happens. ever heard a crying llama? it’s terrible. otherwise a good girl, doesn’t spit on anyone. that’s high praise for a llama. if human, would probably be a really nervous femme librarian or something

Bridget: the only one who acts like a Normal Llama. I don’t even have any stories for her. she just chills and eats grass like she’s fucking supposed to. but I went to high school with a girl named Bridget who told me–in detail and unprompted–about the time she gave her mom’s dog a foot job, so now I’m suspicious of all Bridgets just because that story was so traumatizing

Margaret: the mother of Peaches, which is how the total llama count ended up at 13 and not 12, in case you were wondering. who’s the father? shit, we’d have to call Jerry Springer down to sort out that mess. the only llama we can safely rule out is Clyde. otherwise, it could be any of the boys. honestly, 60% of the decision to separate the llamas was bc we were sick of seeing Mags get dicked down all day everyday. now she’s grumpy and doesn’t seem to understand why there’s this mini-llama following her around

Jane: stepped up to be Peaches’s real mom. herds her around and won’t let anyone else near her baby. really chill otherwise, but will drag a motherfucker who so much as sneeze-farts in Peaches’s direction. hates our dog Winston. spits at him all the time and has pretty good aim

Peaches: Good. Pure. adds two years to my life every time she looks at me. feeding her is risky bc Jane will spit at u, but she likes banana peels and orange peels. very small and still doesn’t quite understand how her legs work. Winston isn’t allowed near her because he thinks it’s fun to chase her, and Jane thinks it’s fun to stomp him into the fucking ground

bonus! Winston: fucking rude. dogs lick people as like, a sign of respect. you are the alpha and I am your dog and I love you. not Winston. he has literally never licked any of us. the son my dad always wanted, so he’s spoiled as shit too. he has a limp in his hind leg, and he’ll lean his butt against you so he doesn’t have to support his weight anymore. just shove his whole butt against you. very picky about who pets him for no goddamn reason. sometimes decides he ONLY wants to be petted by Mom and then will bug her for pettings and paw at her and press his nasty ass against her until she gives in, but if someone else tries to pet him, he’ll stare at them and not wag his tail and sometimes literally bat your hand away with his paw. the rudest dog in existence


Hello, this is Okada Masaki. There’s now 10 days until Gintama is released! My role is Katsura Kotaro, the Joui faction wanderer who is hiding in Edo, also known as Zura. I myself is a fan of Gintama, so it is with great pleasure that I wanted to portray Katsura in his full glory, and I did my best. Please make sure you see it in theatres!


As an aside, I watched the Gintama press conference. Okada is such a bimbo in real life it’s always hilarious to watch him, so I felt I had to translate this bit. A bit of background: Oguri Shun and Okada Masaki have been in a few things together and they’re pretty good friends. Okada is the embodiment of the Gintama phrase “people with natural perm aren’t bad guys”, he’s such a bimbo that most people love picking on him. Muro Tsuyoshi (Gengai) and Satou Jirou (Takechi Henpeita) are comedians mainly, so they’re very good at enlivening the atmosphere.

Host: How did you think of portraying your respective characters?
First we’ll start with Nagasawa-san (Otae)
[After Masami finishes]
Host: What about you, Okada-san?
Okada: What about what?
Host: Oi oi, the question, the same question!
Director and Muro Tsuyoshi: Hey that’s really bad! You’re really weird! You’re really weird today!
Host: It was ‘what did you think about portraying the character?’
Director: You’re weird today!
Okada: No I’m not.
Someone: That’s unforgivable.
Okada: No, no
Someone: It’s really weird!
Okada: I’m getting scolded. It’s only because I finally got a chance to talk.
Someone: Oh, sorry.
Okada: Seriously from the moment I stood here I wanted to talk. I really wanted to talk!
Someone: Oh sorry.
Okada: And then…I forgot the question.
Host: Alright, well when you got invited to act in this popular manga/anime…
Muro Tsuyoshi: I-wanna-talk-Masaki-san
Host: How did you think of your character and your portrayal?
Muro Tsuyoshi: I-wanna-talk-Masaki-san
Muro Tsuyoshi: I-wanna-talk-Masaki-san
Host: I-wanna-talk-Masaki-san, you can talk now.
Okada: THANK YOU. Anyway, I’m pretty similar to Katsura, he tries to lead his life a cool way…
Someone: HE SAID “COOL”
Someone else: THAT’S QUICK
Okada: WAIT NO
Someone else: He got there quickly!
Someone: You don’t know?!
Muro Tsuyoshi: He keeps looking at Oguri for help, Masaki keeps looking at Oguri!
Sato Jirou: Oguri is laughing, but Suda Masaki is completely expressionless the whole time.
Someone: Totally.
Okada: I don’t know what that means on balance. So, umm, please let the next person speak now, thank you very much.
Okada: NO NO NO NO
Someone: What’s your thoughts on acting?? What’s your thoughts??
Someone else: You’re finally getting a chance!
Suda Masaki (Shinpachi): Masaki~
Okada: Yes what do you want, Masaki?
Host: Eh was that supposed to be a planned pun/joke?
Suda: Nope, that was the first time.
Host: Alright, what was your thoughts on playing the character?
Okada: There was a lot of action scenes this time, and I had a lot of scenes with Oguri-san. I practised a lot, and there are some good action scenes. I feel there’s a really scary stare coming from my right side…..!! (Oguri is standing on his right)
Random people: Don’t look. Seriously don’t look. Really don’t even look that way!
Satou Jirou: Seriously coming from me don’t even look at Oguri, you won’t be able to talk after! Seriously the two of them are like making mugshot faces, they’re completely expressionless.
**Okada turns and looks**
Okada: ………….ToT
Satou Jirou: SEE I TOLD YOU.
Okada: Umm. Yes. Next person please…
Host: ARE YOU SURE?? Alright let us know if you think of anything!

jk drew the mirror of erised?????????

I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS and this is as close to canon potter and evans as i will ever, ever get so excuse me while i dissect the shit out of this

lily is so short omg jk you picture lily as shortish i love it oh my god LOOK AT HER and her kind fucking smile and hella amazing eyebrows LOOK AT HER. also she looks like marsha brady which i can get behind b/c marsha was pretty af and that is actually also lily?

james honnie that’s a damn fine jaw line 

i’m taking that as canon ok 

(ignoring the round glasses tho he was in hiding for 2 yrs his regular ones probs got eaten by the cat and he couldn’t go out and replace them)


ALSO THE MAN IS IN PAJAMAS that match harry’s

and mrs potter is even smaller and she is just peeking around his shoulder and FUCKING LOOK AT THAT SHE WEARS PEARLS I KNEW IT

can we talk for a minute about who i am going to assume is mr and mrs evans because MR EVANS HAS A MUSTACHE BLESS HIM HE IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD and much more respectable looking than i ever would’ve given him credit for i can’t

mrs evans. gma evans. she has GLASSES and a bad 70s perm, bless her. and she is waving her hanky at her grandson. CAN WE JUST SAY THAT SHE IS PROBABLY ON TIPTOES. waving her hanky because she is bawling her eyes out just like her daughter. because her baby’s baby.

some gentle endgame jasico thoughts for @sunnysbaudelaires

- nico is 20 and jason is 22 and they split time between the camps and maybe jason tried university but found it wasn’t for him so he teaches sword fighting and leadership and builds shrines in his spare time, and nico goes to class when he feels like it and runs errands for his dad

- but they have a free month of summer and jason has an itch he can’t quite scratch and nico has learned to read jason’s quirks like a mythomagic play so they pack up too many blue brownies (courtesy of percy) and not enough pairs of underwear and set out on a roadtrip

- and it starts off okay. they drive across mountains and fight some griffons and grumble about being followed around by monsters everywhere they go but fighting for their lives has always kept things interesting

- until nico slows a little and leans forward on the wheel and turns deep-brown eyes on jason and asks “where are we going”

- and jason pauses his fiddling with an upside-down roadmap and thinks for a long moment while evergreen trees flash by their windows and then he says “i want to visit my mom”

- and nico just nods and noses the car west and doesn’t ask why because he knows jason has his own healing to do, jason has a lot of things he hasn’t faced yet

- nico makes snide ‘are we there yet’ remarks whenever jason takes a turn driving and they stop at cramped diners along route 70 and all the middle-aged waitresses with bad perms flirt with jason while nico glowers into his coffee cup

- nico takes naps in the backseat wrapped up in jason’s too-big hoodies and jason hums along to quiet radio stations and avoids the bumps in the road as best he can

- they get a flat in the desert just far away from las vegas to avoid the lights and jason offers to fly to get a new tire and nico argues that it’s much faster to shadow travel but jason reminds him that they agreed no shadow traveling because roadtrips are an experience and to enjoy the journey and nico rolls his eyes

- they end up spending the night lying under the stars on the hood of jason’s beat-up second-hand american muscle car (b/c maybe leo has rubbed off on him and maybe jason loves how flooring the gas and hearing the v8 roar is almost as freeing as flying)

- and they talk about their sisters and their parents and expectations and the camps and old loves and new experiences and how people change but ultimately it’s hard to run from your demons and it’s better to face them head on (jason makes a corny imagine dragons joke and nico huffs out a laugh and that’s enough)

- and maybe jason rolls on his elbow and looks at nico in profile and admires nico’s lashes lying across his cheeks and how starlight makes nico softer

- and maybe nico quirks his lips without opening his eyes and says “you’re staring, grace”

- and jason goes a little pink but doesn’t back down because he’s jason grace and he never runs from a challenge, and he says “yeah, i am”

- and then, maybe, in the dark on the cool metal of his car hood with nothing around them for miles and miles save for cacti and stars, jason takes a breath and says “you would be, too, if you could see what i see”

calling all curly haired cuties !!!! I am starting an art series called the curly hair project that is all about learning to love the unruly mess on your head. I am one of many people I know that has spent years hating my hair and trying to straighten it or hide it or weigh it down with a ridiculous amount of product– but I wanna end this pattern and find love in the curls that are on my head. and I want to help you to do so as well, so if you are interested in participating, then please message me (@moonfairiie) for more details. the idea of this is to draw your curls and present it alongside as small blurb about your hair journey throughout the years (bad haircuts, flat irons, perms, and all). please please let me know if you wanna participate – whether you have spiral ringlets or loose waves, everyone is welcome ❤️❤️

(Warning: Smut Ahead)

He always liked to assist you in putting away your things. He was helpful like that. 

Or maybe it was an element of curiosity; an excuse to go through your stuff with you standing there so he couldn’t get in trouble. Whatever the motivation, whenever you visited, Sanha could always be founding giving a help handing when you arrived to get you comfortable and settled. 

“Why do you have this in here?” He giggled as he pulled out a pair of jingling, furry cat ears from your suit case. 

You blushed with mild embarrassment, and shrugged. 

“I thought they might look cute on you.” 

He scoffed with disgust. He rose from where he was sitting and took the step toward you, placing the headband on your head. You felt your cheeks grow hotter, from something else this time. Maybe it was because you felt every ounce of his power with all his height towering over you.

“I think you’re getting too many ideas from the fans.” He gently pecked you on the forehead. “Don’t forget who’s the Master here and who’s the little Kitty.” 

He was giving you that look. With fire in his eyes and a unique, dominant glint. 

“I don’t think you’ll let me forget too easily, Sanha.” You felt your own submission setting in, especially with him, so comfortable and secure. 

“Good, now strip down and get on the bed for me, little Kitty. But leave the ears on.” His voice was a low rumble that went straight through you. 

You couldn’t help but follow the instruction.

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(A/N: this was just a quick little playful blurb because i wanna write more for all of Astro and i’m still getting settled into writing for Sanha. but honestly in this new era, after he got out of the bad perm ginger Weasley orphan hair and into the handsome dark hair, i really really could see his attractiveness instead of just his cheeks and his huge eyes. (also it helped that i went back and watched some of their bts dance covers). but yeah please enjoy this and also enjoy yelling at me in my inbox asking me to delete it if you haven’t read the faq. ;) -Tanisha<3)

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Legion! 😊

Send me series and I’ll tell you 

  • Favorite character – He’s pretty and loved.. Yes you are babe

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  • Second favorite character– oh man… Everyone?..uh ok. I’ll play the game and narrow it to one… gotta be

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  • Least favorite character– bad perm mutant
  • The character I’m most like– Sydney. 😏… no really I am. I loved her island with one palm tree analogy.
  • Favorite pairing– my babies

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  • Least favorite pairing– I should say Oliver and the shadow king but I can’t wait for them ! 
  • Favorite moment– again…so so many. Ugh

Dance it out!

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Love her…

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I’m a mutant! What the hell do I do now?

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This whole scene… 

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White room now David!

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Bad ass David

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The white room isn’t so safe

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Meet rational David

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That ending!

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Rating out of 10–10! 

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Well the way I see it, Jack, in regard to making sure that a certain pirate behaves; You have 3 choices. Option 1. Blackmail Sure, it's not all that nice to do, but sometimes you have to. Besides, I'm not saying that you dig up some deep dark secret either... Maybe something silly like an old pic of a bad perm? Option 2. Threats You ARE the PUMPKIN KING! 🎃💀 Give him a good scare - something devilish and cunning. 😈 Option 3: His Honor Brooks does pride himself on gentlemen nature.

This is certainly a little troubling, isn’t it?

MTVS Epic Rewatch #140

BTVS 5x18 Intervention

Stray thoughts

1) Fake Dawn memory!

BUFFY: Dawn, if there are any plates in your room, let’s have them before they get furry and we have to name them.
DAWN: Hey, I was like five then.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I would’ve loved to have seen flashbacks to pre-Dawn episodes but with Dawn inserted in them. Like, can you imagine Dawn in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered? Or in Ted? 

2) Finally, Buffy opens up to Giles. 

BUFFY: Yeah. Strength, resilience… those are all words for hardness. I’m starting to feel like… being the Slayer is turning me into stone. (…) I was never there for Riley, not like I was for Angel. I was terrible to Dawn. (…) Riley left because I was shut down. He’s gone. And now my mom is gone… and I loved her more than anything… and… I don’t know if she knew. (…) I don’t know. To slay, to kill… it means being hard on the inside. Maybe being the perfect Slayer means being too hard to love at all. I already feel like I can hardly say the words. Giles… I love you. Love… love, love, love, love, Giles, it feels strange.

First of all, I can’t help but notice the negative impact Riley had on Buffy. He’d cheated on her, and blamed her for it. And she truly believed it was all her fault, that it was her inability to show him love the reason he cheated on her and left her. (It never crossed her mind the reason she never showed him how much she loved him was because she actually didn’t love him…) Anyway, it makes sense that Buffy is questioning her capacity to love, and even though she dismisses Giles’s explanation that at times like this one’s bound to feel emotionally numb, I think he was totally on point. If Buffy’s world hadn’t been turned upside down, she wouldn’t have been questioning her ability to show emotion. Remember season 2 “My emotions give me power, they’re total assets” Buffy? Well, season 5 Buffy is worn, and jaded, and for once she thinks that loving is not enough to keep everyone safe because there are things out there she can’t simply stake. From this point on, she’ll start the journey towards understanding that all she’s got left to give is love.

3) Ain’t that the truth.

BUFFY: I love you, Dawn. You know that, right?
DAWN: Yeah. I love you too.
BUFFY: I love you… *really* love you.
DAWN: Gettin’ weird.
BUFFY: Sorry. But it’s important that I tell you. Weird love’s better than no love.

4) And in true BTVS fashion, “weird love’s better than no love” transitions into…

bless her robotic soul. 


GILES: You see, the location of the sacred place is a guarded secret. I can’t take you there myself. I’ll have to perform a ritual to transfer my guardianship of you, temporarily to a guide.

If Giles has to perform a ritual to transfer his guardianship, does this mean that watchers are somehow mystically linked to their slayers? I’ve never paid attention to this line before, but now I’m curious about the mythological explanation behind this. I mean, we know that watchers are trained and they go to “watchers school” or whatever (which, come to think of it, might be a lot like Hogwarts except that every single teacher probably has a stick up their ass and all have majored in douchebaggery a la Travers.) but I always assumed the Watchers Council just assigned the best watcher in line whenever a new slayer was called (I’m also assuming that watchers retired of their own volition once their slayers died…) 

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Good Form

Thank you @fleurreads for the prompt! I’m always a sucker for best friend au’s. Sorry it’s taken me so long to write; I am currently on a maymester class trip in Texas for my scholarship. Not a lot of time for writing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Also, remember that I am open to prompt requests and ideas; I have some writer’s block to overcome and the practice helps. Plus, let’s face it. We all need something to do to get us through this hiatus :)

Rated T for language.

“Exactly what is the point of this?” the girl asked, holding the controller with disgust and flipping her dark hair.

“We have to get through this cave, slay the dragon, then beat the boss,” Killian answered back, his eyes focused on the game before them. Emma saw the girl scrunch up her nose in distaste and throw aside her controller as if it were a revolting insect.

“I meant being here,” the girl said back, smoothing down her skirt. Emma rolled her eyes at Killian’s obvious lack of attention and/or interest in what his date was saying.

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What’s a Witch 6

Pt 5  Pt 7

Perhaps avoiding Lucy for a week hadn’t been one of Natsu’s more brilliant plans. But what could he have done? It was only a matter of time before he left to a separate realm to fight - and beat - Mard Geer. So logically, torturing himself with self imposed boredom and loneliness for a week was the best course of action.

Oh and it was SO boring. It was no wonder he couldn’t last an entire week before giving up to harass Lucy. Never had he felt more useless, sitting still while their neighbor kept making weird faces at him. Was he supposed to understand what the sly smile she kept drilling him with meant?

What did he do in times before he knew Lucy? Natsu didn’t know anymore, other than the fact he and Happy often conspired together to get on the collective nerves of everyone they knew. It was unfortunate Happy wouldn’t be able to meet Lucy. He would really like her. And her well stocked freezer of tilapia.

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My school starts in a week and a half, and this is the third school I've been to due to excessive bullying and harassment. It's really stopped me from being social and confident, and I don't know how to prepare myself to go in confident for my sophomore year. Were/are you confident in school? Do you have any tips on how to make myself seem like someone with confidence? I'm scared.

Readers won’t stop sending the Bad Advisor their real-ass questions to answer, so the Bad Advisor is periodically going to try her hand at answering them.

The Bad Advisor was bullied in dance class as a kid, and it was horrible. For years, dance class was a wonderful haven of fun jumps and twirls, until one day … it just wasn’t. Suddenly the Bad Advisor didn’t have the right leotards, and her favorite dancing—tap dancing—became way less “cool” than jazz dancing. Suddenly the Bad Advisor stopped getting invited to dance class sleepovers. Three times a week, the Bad Advisor had to go hang out in a room full of mirrors with a bunch of assholes who hid her shoes, poked her glasses and made fun of the Beatles pins on her bag.

But then, during a month-long break between competition seasons, the Bad Advisor resolved to change all of this. The Bad Advisor convinced her parents to let her get contact lenses and wear makeup. She started listening to “cool” music like All 4 One and Real McCoy. She bought only name-brand leotards and got her mom to buy her a pair of Limited Too jeans. The Bad Advisor got a perm and shaved her legs!!!!!!!! The Bad Advisor could not wait to go back to dance class and show those assholes JUST HOW COOL AND CONFIDENT AND JUST LIKE THEM SHE REALLY WAS!1!!111!!!

Can you even imagine how excited and nervous Bad Advisor was for the first day back to dance class!?!? SHE WOULD SHOW THEM ALL!!! THE SLEEPOVER INVITATIONS WOULD LITERALLY POUR IN!!!!!

Can you even guess what happened next? The Bad Advisor bets you can. As soon as the Bad Advisor’s buttbag bully classmates saw her new Limited Too jeans, and heard her talking about that hot new Real McCoy song, and caught sight of her sparkly pink lip gloss, the Bad Advisor’s buttbag bully classmates decided that Limited Too was for babies, Real McCoy was like soooooo two months ago and lip gloss was not nearly as cool as lipstick. There were no sleepover invitations forthcoming. Bad Advisor’s buttbag bully classmates just found new shit to make fun of Bad Advisor for.

But then another thing happened: a new girl joined the dance class, and she liked the Beatles and reading paranormal YA and pretending to understand the political commentary in Rolling Stone. With her new friend, the Bad Advisor gave herself permission to like all the stuff that she really liked, and permission to surround herself with people who really liked her and really liked stuff she liked with her. Instead of worrying about being the wrong person for other people who would forever find new reasons to be dissatisfied with her, the Bad Advisor learned to try to be the right person for herself and the people she really respected. 

The Bad Advisor eventually quit dance class just before her freshman year of high school—the bullying never totally stopped, but once the bullies perceived that the Bad Advisor was not as invested in making them happy as they were in making the Bad Advisor miserable, it did subside somewhat.

But Bad Advisor went into that year of high school knowing some things about herself, much of which came out of making that new friend with shared interests who she could learn and laugh with: what kind of music she liked, what kind of jokes she liked, what kind of Telnet chat rooms she liked (did Bad Advisor mention this was BACK IN THE DAY?), and what kinds of things she was interested in learning about and trying, and what kinds of people she might like to learn and try things with. That allowed Bad Advisor to find groups at school she really loved (theater, newspaper), and to recognize bad bunches of apples that were going to make her sad (why was media club so weirdly full of jerks? YMMV!). It also helped her to not be afraid of all new people. All new people are not bullies.

But look, school might always be a place where people are asshole bullies to you, Letter Writer. The Bad Advisor cannot promise you a magical way to be that will keep the bullies at bay. However, the Bad Advisor can tell you that when you get to talk about and experience the things you love with friends and family members who care about you, the specter of bullying looms less large. The Bad Advisor recommends feeling out some potential teachers/activity sponsors who you can trust to confide in for a few minutes at lunch or after school—because you need an adult ally if shit really gets unmanageable, specifically an adult ally who will believe you and not tell you to “just ignore it and they’ll go away” because that is not a sustainable option—and get yourself invested in some extracurriculars where you can feel out some potential allies. 

Don’t worry about walking into school on the first day with your COOL CONFIDENT PRETEND MASK on. Pay attention to your teachers, get to classes on time, and listen to and watch the folks around you. You don’t need to make 10 friends the first day, or even the first semester, or ever. Think about things you like and are interested in: programming? engineering? film noir? playing music? sewing? the rise and fall of communism in Eastern Europe? Look and listen for people who share those interests, and ask them about them if you get a chance. Smile at people when you talk with them, and look them in the eye every once in a while. Ask them questions you are genuinely interested in knowing the answers to. Shower regularly and brush your teeth.

It’s not about making yourself “seem like someone with confidence,” it’s about trusting yourself and caring for yourself and giving yourself permission to do the things you want and love to do. That, LW, will read as “confidence” to anyone who meets you.

And go watch all of My So-Called Life and Freaks & Geeks.