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This one took me way too long to draw (and i’m not a huge fan of it. The drawings are really meh XD).

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Hello! Love your blog! Can I ask for Ardyn falling in love with someone he initially didn't like/thought the person wasn't worth his time? Thank you!

Falling for Someone they Dislike (Ardyn)

This got a bit long. Only because I feel it needed to be expanded on a little to flow properly.

He has a massive ego. An ego he expects everyone to stroke. After all, being the Chancellor of Nifleheim means he deserves the utmost respect. However, they didn’t seem to agree. It was never anything outright, but sometimes, one can tell. The way their eyebrow quirks in annoyance when he enters. The passive, almost disinterested look on their face whenever he spoke. The short answers they gave him. The rush they seemed to be in as soon as he approaches them. He thought it was extremely rude. Not wanting to compromise the persona he’s created though, he settles on giving them the cold shoulder. Trying to be the bigger person.

While he succeeds at dismissing them as someone of little importance, at a distance he does try to get even with them. He is after all, insanely petty. They begin to note a sudden increase in the amount of work they have. It also becomes apparent that the larger half of the work comprises of menial tasks that literally any other person could accomplish. Ardyn hears them complaining about him, when they think he isn’t nearby and he feels happy that he was right about them hating him but annoyed because this is one person less to admire him.

He starts enjoying messing with them, a lot more than he expected. And since he refuses to acknowledge them, he tries to keep track of how much they hate him by pretending to be busy when they’re talking to someone nearby. It starts to become a bit of a habit. He starts subconsciously focusing a great deal on them. Their voice, their mannerisms, all the small things. He begins wondering what they’re like when they aren’t aggressively resentful towards the amount of things they need to get done. And so, things finally settle down for them. They seem lighter, he notes. All the little things he noticed about them seemed to change. He concluded that they were quite likable at a distance. It isn’t till they catch him staring at them does it begin to dawn on him. “Oh dear, this isn’t good.”

someones looking a little bit………. distraught 👀❓

This is the face of a very proud new scarf owner. Thank you so much @pickolily for holding your fanfiction contest and giving me a chance not only to try out writing for a new ship, but also to win something as FUCKING AWESOME AS THIS SCARF. YOU GUYS IT’S SO SOFT AND SHIMMERY AND BETTER THAN I EXPECTED IT TO BE BY LIKE A MILLION? Words don’t do it justice. And thank you to the person who donated to make that contest a reality. Seriously, I’m so, so super grateful right now. And so happy.

This baby is keeping me warm and cozy right now as I finish up this Stormpilot fanfic. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

Bonus: dog is less impressed with the scarf than I am.

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If fushimi found out that he have the same sickness that his father had ... you think he would refuse treatment? Or think that he have it because he is a bad person like he father was, like he deserves it?

Technically we don’t really know what kind of treatment could have helped Niki, all that’s said in LSW is that he had a disease of his internal organs due to neglecting his health and in the all characters story Kisa suggests looking for an American hospital where presumably he might have been able to receive some kind of experimental or high level treatment. So that being the case I wonder if Fushimi came down with the same kind of illness if he might refuse treatment just because he believes there’s no point to it, Niki had all this money and access to quality care and he still died so maybe Fushimi should just embrace the inevitable and let himself die too. I think he’d probably take receiving the diagnosis really poorly, like even post-ROK when Fushimi’s slowly starting to realize that he’s not like his father and that he’s worthy of being cared for he would still have a moment of pause hearing that he is indeed following in ‘that man’s’ footsteps and is probably going to die a miserable death the same way. I think he wouldn’t want to tell anybody, thinking that he’s going to be pitied somehow, and he’d probably have a sort of bitter amusement at the whole thing, like he tried so much to not be worthless like Niki and in the end he still got stuck with the same fate, how stupid is that. But then at the same time he’s surprised to realize that he’s scared of dying like Niki too, like he’s started letting people close to him and the idea of dying all alone in a hospital bed is terrifying and Fushimi doesn’t know why, doesn’t know why he was able to accept the idea of dying alone in jungle’s hideout but the idea of being killed by this disease just fills him with dread. And then meanwhile the rest of the cast starts noticing that Fushimi looks paler than normal and maybe he’s coughing a lot and seeming weak, and then finally one day he collapses while out on a mission. He wakes up in Scepter 4’s infirmary surrounded by most of the rest of the cast and Yata especially is very loudly pissed that Fushimi didn’t tell anyone he was sick, like what the fuck you stupid monkey do you want to die and Fushimi’s just staring at him blankly wondering why Misaki’s crying.

i don’t understand people who preach about equality and love and kindness for all humans, we should all try to make peace and understand each other,

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