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“That’s it?” You asked. “That’s your only reason? Because you’re old…?”

Older.” He corrected.  “And that’s not the only-”

“Okay, stop… Just… If you start feeding me that stupid I-don’t-want-to-hurt-you line, or that bullshit about our age gap being creepy-”

“No, that’s not it.” He chuckled. “I’ve just got some…” He paused and looked to the ground for a moment to think very carefully about what he was going to say. It wasn’t very often Oliver had trouble telling you how he felt but you noticed a wall going up around his heart after the two of you began drifting out of the friend-zone and you had a feeling it wasn’t only because you were younger than him. “There are things about me - about my past - things I cant tell you right now. There’s more to me than just Oliver Queen and I’m not sure if you…” He paused again. “Believe me when I say I want to be with you but if we rush into this; I don’t want to blow it and never get a second chance.”

You blinked and stared dumbly… It was the first time in your relationship that he’d ever actually admitted to wanting to pursue something. He may not have been ready to really take that leap but this was a start and you could certainly work with that.

“You don’t have to be afraid of losing me.” You offered; reaching forward to place your hand in his. His fingers automatically found yours and began tracing soothing patterns over your knuckles. “I’m not going anywhere. No matter what happens… Because I want to be with you too. I’ll wait as long as you need me to.”

He met your stare, then…

“I’ll get there, Y/N.” He promised. “I’ll get there for you. You have no idea how much I want this.”


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Awww nooo Anti and Ollie are having nightmare about what happened. Where does Anti disappear off to after Mare's induced nightmare?

The next morning when Oliver wakes up from charging, he finds Anti curled up on the floor a few feet away, using the stuffed animal he gave to Ollie as a pillow and cradling what looks like an empty bottle of whiskey. Oliver scans him, and sure enough, he’s been heavily intoxicated. So Ollie goes to make coffee and makes sure the blinds are shut for when Anti wakes, though it ends up not being for a few more hours, well after noon.

When he does wake up with a splitting headache and a bad attitude, Ollie doesn’t try to coax a story out of him. He only attempts to get him to drink some water, though Anti mostly refuses and says he can very well manage on his own.

Oliver doesn’t speak. He just watches his friend closely, making sure he doesn’t hurt himself somehow. When Anti tries to glitch away and ends up a few feet in the air, upside down before hitting the floor, Oliver refuses to let him leave until the hangover has worn off.

“Thanks,” Anti mutters as he attempts to go back to sleep. “I don’ deserve ya one bit.”

Ollie throws a blanket over him and pats his head gently. “Sweet dreams.”

Anti smirks a little to himself before he falls asleep again, and Oliver watches him closely as he works, wondering what could’ve made him do it.

as bad as art reposting is without artist consent, so is editing it! it’s extremely rude and disrespectful, especially if it took an artist a lot of time to draw detailed backgrounds. You are essentially ripping off an important piece of the art just so you can use for it personal uses that meet your needs? And even worse, editing out watermarks that a creator has specifically placed there. That’s very inconsiderate;; I’ve seen it happen for icons, wallpapers, side art, and even music videos(???) and that’s really saddening..please don’t do it, and especially if you “can’t find the source” or even bc “someone requested it”


always glistening, olli maatta

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prompt: all the sides going to a funfair and roman trying to make up for all the times he was mean to Virgil by attempting to win the prize for him at every stand

thanks, this sounds fun to write! hope you like it!

“It’s funfair day!” exclaimed Patton, practically bouncing into the living room one morning.

“We know, Little Miss Sunshine,” replied Anxiety, drinking coffee and wondering how anyone could be this happy this early. “We’ve all been talking about it for the past week.”

Every year, the four facets spent the day roaming the fair, going on rides, looking at stalls and just generally having a good time. Even Virgil would come out of his dark room and go with the others, although he would stay quiet for the majority of it, mostly going unnoticed. This year, however, it would be different. All four sides were making efforts to truly get along with each other. Especially Prince.

Ever since the last Sanders Sides video, Prince in particular was being extremely nice to Virgil, doing things such as helping him put on his makeup, making breakfast for him, and inviting him to watch Disney movies together. Admittedly, Virgil loved that Roman seemed to actually care now, although the excessive attention was becoming slightly overwhelming.

When the four arrived at the fair, the first thing they did was look around the rides. At Patton’s suggestion, they went on the chair swing ride; Virgil noticed that even Logic was letting go of his usually impassive persona, arms up in the air as they whirled round. He couldn’t blame him for it, either - Virgil was having just as much fun.

They went on a few more rides, including a rollercoaster at Virgil’s request, then had lunch and decided to look around the stalls, on the hunt for games they’d enjoy. The first thing the group came across was a darts stand that had opted for mini archery targets rather than dartboards.

“Let’s do this one! Who else wants to go?” Roman asked.

“I do!” Patton was the first to speak up.

“Logan?” queried Prince.

“I suppose I could attempt it. How about you, Virgil?” Logan questioned, surprising Virgil by including him.

“Sure, looks like fun,” responded Virgil, catching an odd expression on Roman’s face. Disappointment? Virgil was probably just imagining things - the look was gone as quickly as it had appeared.

Roman asked the person behind the counter for four turns, handing over the money and going first. To his masked annoyance, although evident to the the other three sides, he missed winning a prize by only two points. None of the others won anything either, although Virgil did enjoy it.

The next stall along was a Hook-A-Duck, which Roman again insisted on doing. The other three found this a bit unusual - Roman didn’t usually suggest they go on every single game, and normally only suggested a few in the entire fair. Anxiety voiced their thoughts.

“Am I not allowed to enjoy myself?” Roman’s tone was slightly over-defensive.

“Well, yeah, I’m not saying that you’re not. Just… you’re usually not this enthusiastic. That’s Patton’s job,” Virgil replied.

“Okay then, I’ll tone it down, Billie Woe Armstrong,” Prince responded playfully, pulling out yet another nickname.

The Hook-A-Duck was purely a game of chance - a prize could only be won if one of the three ducks you hooked had an “X” on the bottom. For this reason, Roman didn’t win anything there either. However, this didn’t seem to stop him in his apparent quest to win a prize; the others followed him from stall to stall, slightly confused at Roman’s determination to win, which seemed to be even stronger than usual. Any questions as to what Roman was doing were brushed off with a “ssh, I’m focusing”.

Finally, at the fifth stall, Roman struck lucky, winning a giant panda teddy. Thanking the stall owner, he turned around to Virgil, eyes flickering between Virgil’s face and the ground. The other sides’ confusion amplified. Was Roman… nervous? This was a first.

Prince cleared his throat. “Um, Virgil… I’d like you to have this,” he blurted, face bright red, staring at the ground as he practically thrust the bear at Virgil.

Taken aback by this sudden turn of events, Virgil was lost for words for a few moments. “I… Roman… is this why you’ve been acting weird all afternoon?”

“Yes,” Roman admitted, rubbing the back of his neck.


“I just… I feel so awful about how I’ve treated you in the past, okay? Truth be told, I… I was against you because, at first, I thought you’d be my enemy, being called Anxiety and all. After all, fear is what destroys creativity the most. But, in time, I’ve come to realise that you… you’re so much more than just fear - you’re a complex person, and you’re certainly no villain. I’ve discovered that, uh,” Roman cleared his throat, still staring at the grass beneath his feet, “that maybe I was wrong. And I’m trying so hard to make it up to you, okay?”

A stunned silence fell, Roman and Virgil unaware of the other two onlooking sides.

“Wow, I… I don’t know what to say. Thank you, I guess. It means a lot.”

Roman managed to regain something of his usual regal composure. “No problem, Anxiety at the Disco.”

“How many of those you got, Royal Mess?” Virgil smirked, trying to hide the unfamiliar sensation of happiness blooming in his chest.

“You wouldn’t believe-”


Roman sighed, smiling. “And I thought we were having a little heart-to-heart.”