bad note liberation


This is my first music video. I made it for my brothers band Bad Note Liberation. Thank you guys for the music!

Brudsta looses his family and his leg during a thunderstorm. A mermaid saves his life and brings him to the beach. He wants to jump back into the ocean to try to rescue his parents somehow, but the mermaid withholds him from risking his life. Yet devastated and helpless, Brudsta slaps her in the face. She immediately dissapears in the ocean and leaves him back all alone.
Years pass by and Brudsta becomes a drinker, never being able to overcome his trauma. In a strip club he believes to recognise his lost mermaid and wants to take the chance to thank her with all his love…

Watch my video to see how the story ends…!

Thanks to the animation boys for your support! Especially: Dennis Stein-Schomburg, Martin Schmidt, Maurice Quentin.