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there is one ed relationship that deserves a lot more love and attention that it gets and it’s marlon x vic

marlon has been there for most of vic’s life. and sure they bicker and fight and would probably be closer if they didn’t work together in a cramped little kitchen every single day.

but they do genuinely care for each other like family?

and i just find it so beautiful???

like speaking of relationships. my ex pretty much forced me into a poly relationship with someone else i didn’t know, and it turned out that the other guy was 16/17 and i was only 13 at the time. i thought he was the same age as us cause that’s what my ex had told me but… he wasn’t :/ he was rlly gross to me and ended up having a callout written about him for being abusive which was also wild

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emperorirene is a racist/islamaphobic (and I think even transphobic and homophobic but I'm not entirely sure) reylo shipper so you might want to tell the community to block her. She reblogs from some alt right people whenever they spew racist crap :/

Yeah I just did a quick scroll on their blog to make sure but this is true, so heads up to shippers or anyone else. Bad stuff, I would block them.

Homophobia x x x

Transphobia x

Islamophobia x

Cringey Alt-right stuff x x

i dunno why i’m thinking about this now — possibly because that major arcana quiz mentioned something about the heirophant having ties to the divine — but i do wish that the book had actually explored more of the being’s feelings towards god and religion later in his existence. shelley set up such an interesting opportunity for that: the being notes that he originally read paradise lost “as a true history,” since he didn’t really have a clear concept, at that point, of the difference between fiction and non-fiction. he was still learning about the world, so he thought that paradise lost, like ruins of empires and plutarch’s lives, was a true and accurate recording of things that had genuinely happened. which… is super interesting. 

it’s also pretty telling that he actually tells frankenstein he read it as a true history when he first encountered it, since that seems to imply he knows now that that’s not the case. so — somewhere along the line, although we don’t see where, he realises that this is a work of fiction, not an actual recording of events. 

but where did it go after that??? honestly, i really wish shelley had delved further into that. how did the being come to realise that paradise lost was fiction? how did he feel about that when he did realise it? did he reject all idea of god and angels after that, except in the use of metaphors? i’ve read analysis that points out the fact that neither the being nor frankenstein ever invoke the name of god when making oaths or vows, instead choosing to call upon “spirits” or “wandering ministers” or swear by their own emotions or earthly things like the sun and the stars. and that’s interesting, especially in context with mary’s own relationship with religion, but it… doesn’t necessarily imply anything definite about the actual view the characters have on god or religion in general. 

i just — feel like there was potential there that wasn’t tapped, you know??? shelley set up such an intriguing avenue by having the being read paradise lost as a “true history,” but that… didn’t go any further. i would have loved to have seen him dwell more on whether or not he felt like he could believe in god, given the circumstance of his own creation, and whether he wanted to believe in god even if he could. 


So… what’s the point you ask? 

I just like the idea that Keith and Shiro are big fans of kpop, that’s all. (they’re dancing to Fire by BTS, btw)


we finally have a girl who does :”^)