bad news winchesters

Bad News and Better Endings

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Mention of blood (kind of a lot).

Request: Hello! About a year ago I found out I have ITP (thin blood, cuts don’t stop bleeding, head woulds are fatal), and I still have it, no improvement. It sucks because I can’t do anything. Anyways, I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader has been hunting with the Winchesters, and she finds out she has ITP and she keeps it from the Winchesters, until they find out after she gets injured on a hunt and won’t stop bleeding. Then maybe they tell her to stop hunting for a bit? Sam x Reader ?

A/N: I have a nasty habit of just assuming I know the request and not double checking it before I write it. So I know the request was that the reader knows about her disease but I wrote it where she gets injured and her and the boys find out about it together. And I completely missed the whole Sam x reader part till I finished this fic so I went back and tried to alter it to make it more Sam x reader centered so hopefully that turned out okay.

You let out a loud painful growl as Sam applied more pressure to the stab wound in your shoulder. The shirt he held to it, Dean’s shirt, or one of them anyways, was already completely soaked through with blood. He reached across your lap and grabbed your hand to press it against the rag indicating that you should hold it. When he was sure you had a good grip he let go and began shrugging out of his flannel. You could see some small spots of blood staining his white t-shirt and when he removed Dean’s shirt from your wound to replace it with his you began to worry.

“Y/N, something isn’t right. We’ve been in the car for over an hour and your still bleeding pretty bad. Are you feeling okay?” Sam asked, concern lacing his tone.

You had tried to ignore it but about ten minutes ago you had started to become a little light headed. You leaned your head back against the leather seat and closed your eyes. You shook your head slowly but didn’t speak because it seemed too hard and your head was swimming just a little too much.

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