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Winx Club leaves Nickelodeon

Romi Dames (Musa) confirmed it on Twitter!


You tell me if these are bad or good news!

Edit: Just to clear things up: Nick will finnish airing season 6 ! SEASON 7 WILL EXIST! (as confirmed by Iginio Straffi) It just won’t be co-produced by Nick (like s5+6) it’ll be a 100%-Rainbow-Production (like s1-4) and the sweet voices of the Nick Cast will be missed! :/

I get very emotional about the last episode, like I sobbed over it, people had to come and check on me after I watched it because I was so upset. Jax almost felt like a brother to me too, so the way it all went down, it was very emotional for me. So I apologise if this got a little too purple, I hope you like it

You’d called Jax six times now, he still hadn’t called you back, and you were past concerned and firmly into freaking out territory. Abel hadn’t been at school, you couldn’t get a hold of Wendy, you couldn’t find Brooke, you had no idea where Nero was, and not a single club member, not your brother or your old man, none of them were answering their phones.

This wasn’t the first time the club had been impossible to contact, they were busy people, especially with the current situation. You’d seen the club in deep before, but never like this. Growing up with a mother, a father, and a brother all so involved with the club, you’d grown used to death being a part of life, but Bobby’s death in particular had hit everyone hard, and with each day it seemed like there was more bad news, more death, the club travelling further down a road they couldn’t come back from.

So, as you drove down the road to Redwoody, and saw a line of bikes parked, you let out a sigh of relief. Of course they were all in church, of course that was why no one was answering their phones. And everyone being at Redwoody meant everyone, for that moment, must have been safe.

You pulled into the parking lot, parking beside Lyla’s car, and walked over to the studio. You missed TM, and you still weren’t entirely sure why the club had decided to make a porn studio their new clubhouse, but with each passing week Redwoody was becoming more and more a home to the club. But when you walked through the front door, you immediately knew something was wrong.

You looked around the room. Lyla was crying. Chibs’ eyes were red. Tig was staring down at the beer in his hand. Ratboy had his arms around Brooke, who was crying against his chest.

As you looked from person to person, all you saw was sadness, until finally your eyes fell on your old man. He was crying too, something you’d only known him do once, maybe twice since you met him.

“What’s going on?” you said, walking over to him.

He opened his mouth, about to answer, when the television interrupted him.

Locals are being asked to avoid the area, traffic building up where just twenty minutes ago Jackson Teller, alleged member of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang led a number of police officers on a ten minute high speed chase, ending when Teller collided with an oncoming semi truck, according to local authorities Teller died upon impact, there were no other fatalities, but the again the police are asking that the area be avoided until they have cleared the debris at the scene.

“No,” you said, shaking your head. It couldn’t be true Jax couldn’t be dead. Not after you’d just lost your mother, not after Bobby and Juice and Wayne, “no,” you said again, “no,” Happy’s arms were around you as your knees buckled. You could feel your eyes getting wet, a lump so big you thought you might never be able to swallow again forming in your throat.

And you stayed like that, on the floor in the middle of Redwoody, crying into Happy’s chest. You barely noticed people leaving, Lyla first, Ratboy and Brooke, then TO and Quinn and Montez, the sound of their bike engines disappearing into the distance, until Redwoody was almost empty and your tears had almost stopped.

You felt a hand on you back and turned to see Chibs kneeling beside you, “I made you a cup of tea,” he said, holding out a hot cup of tea for you.

You looked at him, “are the kids okay?” you asked.

He nodded, “aye, Jax asked Wendy and Nero to take them, Jax never wanted them to be a part of this,” he paused, almost smiling, “now they won’t be.”

You nodded. Chibs wasn’t wrong, your father and your brother had both wanted one thing to come of their deaths: they wanted their family to be safe, to not be a part of this life.

“But why,” you started, you could feel the tears building up again, threatening to spill over, “why did he have to die?”

“It’s who we are,” Tig said, still sitting at the bar, “he was ready.”

“No, that’s bullshit,” you said, suddenly angry, “he didn’t have to die, that’s not who he is, he’s a father, he’s my brother-”

“He did what he had to do,” Chibs said.

You shook your head, but you could feel Happy’s arm tight around you, his thumb rubbing circles into your arm, “your father died trying to get his family out of this life,” he said, “Jax finished that,” you were crying again, his shirt soaked through with your tears, “he finished that, love, he saved his sons, he got them out.”

Eventually Chibs and Tig left too, and finally you and Happy stood up. You had lost too many people, and losing Jax was too much, it was too much death for one lifetime. But you knew that they were right, because you knew that Abel and Thomas would grow up without all that death, without all that heartbreak and loss and fear.

And when you and Happy got home, you went straight to your room, grabbing your old copy of the manuscript your father had written. And as you read, for the hundredth time, of your father’s wishes for you and Jax, to get out of the club, to be free.

You wanted your brother, you wanted him back, but, as sad as you were, you deep down you knew that at least now Abel and Thomas were free. Happy was right, Jax had finished what your father had started, your mind wandered to crows, soaring together, high enough that they could touch heaven, and you knew that Jax had found his freedom too.

Percy’s Got More Than a Gun

@AnaDrabbles asked: Do you have any idea how many times Percy has used a melee weapon/when he used one for the 1st time? Thanks!

Percy’s first time using a melee weapon was in Episode 24 (2:41:15), when he tested out the newly-made Diplomacy glove on Tiberius. He’s used a melee weapon 37 times, which is more than what we expected. Here are the other times he used a melee weapon: 

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