bad news bears

Jade describes Farah

JE: Farah is a super badass, totally competent private security officer. She’s like a mama bear. She fights hard for the ones that she loves but she’s also a little OCD. A little neurotic. She has her moments, which I think kind of make her really relatable, at least for me. I can be a perfectionist and I think that is embedded in Farah. She beats herself up a lot when she gets herself into these really sticky situations. So, yeah. She takes care of these guys when they get into bad news bears.



No see, this is why I love Perc’ahlia so much, why they work so well together. Because they’re both fucked up and broken, but they both are each other’s redemption. They both are able to talk to each other about their doubts, their fears, their insecurities, and hold tight to each other and move forward. 

And then they have fun together and have bath-based shenanigans, The Full Scrooge McDuck, the Courage being all gone, etc. 

They’re such a fun pair. Angst and joy all wrapped up in one pairing. 

After the Storm

aka, my hope for ep 84
(Also on AO3)
Critical Role, Episode 83

Vex drinks silently at the bar. Alone.

For a while, she’s glad that the tavern in Kymal is so raucous. The discord of loud, drunken voices and mediocre bar music is a welcome distraction. It drowns out the panic pulsing through her.

Were her friends performing the resurrection rights? Would Kaylie be able to reach out to Scanlan? Would her words, as Percy put it, ‘cut through’? Had this trip, had all this effort, made any difference at all?


From somewhere out in the aether, a smooth voice fills her senses. Familiar and kind.

Vex’ahlia, it’s done, Allura tells her. The others have revived him. Scanlan is alive. We will retrieve you as soon as we can. Be safe, and please, rest. You’ve more than earned it, my dear.

In the back of Vex’s mind, a tightrope snaps. She’s been wavering between what was and what could be, between hope and dread. This horrible day could have been so much worse. Not for the last time that night, she desperately wishes Percy were here. If only to watch his chest rise and fall in his sleep. Reminding her that they had been gifted a few more precious moments.

For now, the world feels almost settled. So many people died, but her family is still alive. Cities continue to burn and suffer, but the dragons are gone. Vox Machina risked everything to save the world, and they all came out the other side. And by retrieving his daughter, Vex helped to save her friend.

A ghost of a smile manages to claw its way out of her. She bites back on the sob that follows it. Scanlan is alive. Percival is alive.

Vex nearly weeps right there at the bar, but resists just long enough to over-tip the barkeep and stumble out into the night air. Eskil had wandered up to their rooms hours ago. But for her, there’s no hope for rest, even if she wanted to try.

Percy fights the sleep of the dead for as long as he can. The overwhelming ache in his body is horribly familiar. His thoughts dwell on Vex’ahlia, too far away for his comfort. He vows to be awake and ready as soon as Allura’s magic returns to her, but his restless vigil ends as his body gives out from sheer exhaustion.

They don’t wait for the sun to rise. As soon as Keyleth wakes, she seeks out their friend with the scrying stone. In her vision, she sees Vex outdoors, huddled against Trinket at the front steps of a tavern, roughing up the bear’s fur and snuggling into him for warmth.

Allura finds that she isn’t the only one who will travel to Kymal to retrieve Vex’ahlia. Vax and Keyleth follow in quick step behind Percival. The sight of Whitestone gives way to the small, dingy streets of Kymal. It doesn’t take them long to find directions to the sole tavern. Vax nudges Percy to run on ahead to check on Vex. His sister would want to see De Rolo first.

The sun barely begins to peek over the mountains when Vex catches the familiar shock of white hair down the road. She scrambles to her feet, bleary-eyed. Rushing to his side. “Scanlan’s really alright?”

“Yes.” Percival smiles, already expecting her embrace.

Vex’ahlia breathes out every pain and ache that has built up in her chest. She throws her arms around Percy’s neck and pulls him tight against her. For the first time in hours, everything is as it should be.

Hands trace the muscles of her back in calming circles. Percival speaks softly into her hair. “You did brilliantly,” he murmurs, holding her close. “You did so well.”

She smirks up from the soothing velvet of his coat, her eyes shining with unspent tears. “You look exhausted, darling.”

He rubs at dark circles behind his glasses. “You know I died yesterday?”

Vex presses her fingers over his crooked smile, her expression faltering at too many memories of his still, cold eyes. “Can we go home?” she sighs. “Can we go home and just sleep for ages?”

He leaves a kiss on the fingers at his lips. “As you wish, My Lady.” Percy slips an arm around Vex’s middle. Out of affection, yes, but he’s leaning a bit of weight against her for support. “Your place or mine?”


The San Fernando Valley in film 

Back To The Future (1985) - 535 N. Victory Blvd, Burbank 

The Karate Kid (1984) - 19223 Saticoy St. Reseda 

American Beauty (1999) - 20105 Saticoy St. Winnetka “Mr. Smiley’s” 

The Bad News Bears (1976) - 10500 Mason Ave. Chatsworth

Boogie Nights (1997) - 12036 Ventura Blvd. Studio City

Pulp Fiction (1994) - 20933 Roscoe Blvd. Canoga Park

Superbad (2007) - 1700 Victory Blvd. Glendale

Clueless (1995) - 5600 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood

Fic Recs: My favorite Perc’ahlia WIPs - So good you shouldn’t wait till they’re completed!

With no new Critical Role episode ahead of us for the next two weeks, I’m sure we could all use a little fanfic to pass the time. So how about some fic recs? I’ve been wanting to give a shout out to a few stories. Of all the WIPs I’m subscribed to these days, there are a few that especially brighten my day just by seeing the AO3 update emails. If you’re not already reading these gems, my fellow Perc’ahlia shippers, then may they soon brighten your day too. :-) (Granted, if you’ve been following me any length of time, you’ve probably already seen me reblog every update post for these things since I myself started reading them…) (Also, as I was pondering this list it occurred to me that it’s entirely a collection of Perc’ahlia AUs. Hm. I mean I love me some canon-compliant stories too, I guess I’m just not following any such longfics at the moment? Or the ones I am following haven’t updated recently enough for me to think of them when planning this list? Of course, in this particular genre of source material it’d be tricky to have a longfic going for long without it veering from canon, since canon updates every Thursday, so probably most of the canon-compliant fics I’ve read have just been one-shots.)

Anyway, without further ado… (ooh, which makes me think we need a Perc’ahlia “Much Ado About Nothing” AU…you know we do…) Here are the stories at the top of my list these days:

Wreathed in Smoke, Wound in Heather by @shadowedhills​ and @blindvogel​: Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite tales so of course I would enjoy a Perc’ahlia AU, right? I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy this one. It is dramatic and heartbreaking and hopeful and such beautiful prose. Orthax is menacing and foreboding; Percy is forlorn and compelling; Vex is brave and determined and compassionate; Pike is the sweet beacon of hope she is in any incarnation. @drunken-pilot‘s fanart for the fic is a delightful bonus!

The Worlds at Our Fingertips by @qunaributts: Wasn’t long ago I finally read/watched Stardust, the book first, then the movie, one of those rare (Princess-Bride-like) instances where both are so good in their own right. So of course I would enjoy a Perc’ahlia AU of that too, right? But watching Vex and Star-Percy progress from initial misunderstandings to grudging alliance to gradual acceptance and appreciation and eventually, well, quite beyond appreciation, is just delightful. Classic Perc’ahlia slow burn at its best. Another brave and determined and compassionate Vex (I’m sensing a pattern in my fic preferences?), and a Percy still reeling from the Astral Plane version of the fall of the de Rolos, and an awesome Pike whose role in the Stardust interpretation of the characters I won’t spoil, but it’s awesome, and excellent appearances from Keyleth and Cassandra and Vax and Gilmore and so many others too. Also, some really lovely descriptions and turns of phrase.

And of course there’s no way I could leave The Wise Man’s Tree by @curriebelle off of such a list as this! Victorian AU, gothic romance, treasure hunt, Percy with the mysterious dark past and clever tinkering on a way-too-clever house, Vex with the clever words and clever eyes and a touch of magic and a willful streak. Lovely moments with Keyleth too, and Vax, and Gilmore, and delightful little bits with Scanlan and Tiberius and Pike and Grog all in marvelous interpretations of the characters for the AU setting. Riddles set in verse and clues to be solved and secret passageways and supernatural encounters and witty banter…man, there’s a lot. All so good. Saved it for last because it’s been definitely at the top of my list of favorite fics since I started reading in this fandom. Oh, and @shalizeh7 has been turning out some extraordinaryfanart for this story!

Percy would haaaaate leading so much, Keyleth. He’s so happily given Whitestone to Cassandra (which btw poor Cassandra, having a boatload of responsibility pushed on her, Let Cass Rest), and I don’t think he regrets that decision at all. 

Like, Percy is a good person at heart and he’s got a good moral center and he regrets doing wrong but I don’t think he’d like the responsibility of leading. He wants to make cool things and hang out with his friends and enjoy the privileged life of being a rich bastard. He doesn’t want to hold anyone’s fate in his hands. Mostly because he’s made terrible decisions in the past. He doesn’t trust himself, he doesn’t trust other people, the only people he probably trusts is VM and Cass. 

So Keyleth’s assessment is a little off to me. Percy may be a noble, but he’s not so hot on the leader deal. 

If anything, if anything fucking VEX is a better leader than Percy. I can absolutely see a version where Percy is made to rule the city and marries Vex and Vex ends up being the de facto ruler. Because she’s smart, cunning, good at planning, insightful, and most importantly, ambitious. Vex would take so well to politics and always have an eye out for assassins. 

Percy, while hardly whipped, would defer to her, somewhat in awe of her but mostly just in love with her.