• Ravenclaw: Bad news, I failed most of my classes.
  • Ravenclaw: Good news, I finished reading Game of Thrones, caught up on the show too, started the collection of Edgar Allan Poe, and wrote a thesis on it.
  • Slytherin: A thesis for what?!
  • Ravenclaw: Myself.
A Spell for Difficult Conversations

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We’ve all had to break bad news to someone, before. I’ve had to do it a lot, over the years, and so I developed a quick enchantment to make it a bit easier. From my experiences, it helps quite a bit, though everyone is different. My method is focused towards easing conversations with friends and family, though it could certainly be used elsewhere.

For this spell, you will need:

-Paper. This can be ordinary printer or notebook paper, or something else you have on hand. Thin or lightweight paper works best (it’ll be in water)

-A pen. I prefer to use a grey calligraphy pen, but any water-soluble pen, pencil, or other utensil will do.

-Autumn rain. This is a bit harder to get, so if you don’t have it, that’s okay. You can use regular water, just chill it in the refrigerator beforehand. I haven’t gotten as good of results with regular water, but it’s totally do-able. 

-Rose (optional). This can be in the form of dried or fresh petals, a rose-scented candle, oil, etc.

-A glass of ice water.

-A bowl or sink.


Start by taking a small piece of paper and drawing a sigil on it in pen. Focus primarily on communication, luck, and protection. Say or think, “My words are good, and will do no harm.”

Put the paper into the bowl and pour the rain over it until it’s covered. If your rose is in the form of a candle, start to burn it. If it’s dried, fresh, or oil put it into the water. 

Dip a finger into the water and put a bit of rainwater on your lips. Repeat, or think, “My words are good, and will do no harm.”

Wait until the sigil has completely dissolved off of the paper. Then, drain the bowl and dry off the paper. Put out your candle and clean up the rose, if need be.

When the paper is completely dry, put it in your pocket or elsewhere on your person (preferably where it won’t be noticed). Drink the ice water during the confrontation, or when you give the news. 

When the confrontation is over, keep the paper somewhere safe or dispose of it (but do not burn it). Shower or bathe afterwards (this is optional, though helpful). 

Thank you for your time, and have a nice day/night!

BTS REACTION: Them comforting you after watching something bad on the news.

JIN would immediately turn off the TV and pull you towards him. He’d hug you and hope that his hug would be strong enough to shield you from the world. With your eyes closed, you both would forget about the horrible things in the world and only focused on each other.

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RAP MONSTER would try to convince you to look on the bright side. He’d start listing off several reasons why the world isn’t as shitty as it appears. He’d even read you some of his favorite quotes from his favorite philosophers. In his heart he felt like the only way to truly comfort you is to encourage you to face the big bad world.

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SUGA would probably ask you why you watched it in the first place, because you both know the news makes you upset. He’d make you something to eat to get your mind off it. When he saw that it wasn’t working, he’d tell you some of the things that make him happy when he hears about something depressing. Ultimately, he’d let you feel what needs to be felt, but while you are feeling those things…he’ll be right by your side.

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J-HOPE would start by hugging you from behind. Being cute and funny is good, but in cases like these he knows its much better to remind you that there is always HOPE. He’d open up about his troubles and try to remind you also that you aren’t alone.

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JIMIN would make light of everything so that you wouldn’t spend too much time on it. He’d pretend it didn’t even happen, if he has too. He’d probably take you out to an arcade or the movies. If you were still focused on it, he’d reassure you that he would protect you as long as you both are together.

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V would have you guys cuddle in bed. Normally he’d think more positively, but seeing you so upset makes him upset. You’d both think about the state of the world as he plays with your hair. His mind would be drowned with scary thoughts. In the end, all he knew was even if the world was falling apart the fact that you were here with him was enough to give him courage.

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JUNGKOOK would stare at the TV with you watching the news. Everything would be racing in his head and he’d end up making himself angry. He’d start ranting to you about the world and tell you that if someone tried anything with you that he’d kick their ass. The only way he knew how to comfort you was to make sure you were always safe in the house…so basically you’re never leaving.

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He was bad news. His skin was an art, covered with tattoos. He was everything I was told to stay away from. And yet still, I found my self lying in his arms. He was heartless, cold, selfish.That’s what they all said. But what I saw was a lost boy, searching for love, searching for warmth. His every move pushed me towards the level of insanity and yet still, I fell for him, hard. He was the devil. And I? Well, I was the devil’s angel.

Doing some concepts for a few of Vox Machina’s weapons/items. Basically just doing the ones I’ll be needing for comic purposes. I’ll just update this post as I sketch the others. (Many thanks to @otdderamin for this post to reference Bad News and soon, Animus.)

Bad News - Overall I’m happy, though I know full well I tossed out some proper gun structure in favor of appearance and silhouette. I already have some tweaks, but they’re mostly just for my nitpicking.

Diplomacy - Used plate armor and some Izzet League aesthetic for inspiration (and prolly some Iron Man, b/c let’s be honest, yeah). Apparently it is stated sometime that there is a wire connecting Diplomacy to Cabal’s Ruin, though I think I want to design some sort of neck piece that the wire from that top core connects to that IS in contact with Cabal’s Ruin. Rather than, just, this wire that Percy duct taped to the inside of his cloak. (Though I’m not gonna lie, I enjoy the idea that he just electrocutes himself every time he uses that lightning shot.)