bad neighbours


You woke up lying next to someone, spooning to be exact. As you turn over you notice that it’s Dave who’s holding you in his arms. You shake him a little to wake him up. When his eyelids are fully open he smiles. 

“Morning.”he says while looking at you.

“Dave what happened last night?” You asked ashamed of your situation, you have never had a one night stand and you definitely didn’t expect to have one with Dave the most popular guy on campus.

“Well y/n, I think it’s pretty obvious what happened last night.” He sits up smirking down at you.

“Yeah but why, I can’t remember anything.” You exclaimed feeling embarrassed.

“You like me, I like you. It’s really not that complicated.” He laughed.

After he stopped laughing he looked deep into your eyes. Slowly he leaned in pressing his lips on yours. The kiss was gentle and sweet at first but soon turned into a fiery and passionate make-out session. Your tongues were fighting for dominance however his soon won. Moaning into the kiss your arms found their way around his neck pulling him closer to you. However before anything could happen Dave pulled away.

“y/n as much as i want this right now, i would rather take you out on an actual date.” He said tracing his lips.

“You mean this is not a one night stand.” You asked him mildly shocked. he sighed looking down then back at you again.

“Iv’e liked you for some time now and I would really enjoy it if you would go out with me.” He said while laughing slightly nervously.

“YES, OF COURSE” You exclaimed while wrapping your arms around his neck again, while he wrapped his around your waist.

After a few minutes you both got up out of bed and went downstairs to make yourselves breakfast.


the boys had been helping him flirt with you. had been watching him get rejected maybe twice a week. none of the boys had any particularly romantic ideas on how to flirt with you.

Teddy ran out of the house onto the porch, most of the guys were lazily chilling in the sun on the front lawn.

“she said yes!” Teddy announced.

“Y/N?” Pete asked.

Teddy nodded enthusiastically, “going on a date with Y/N.”


“Pete, that bookworm chick you invited just showed up.” one of the other guys informed Pete, “Scoonie tried to flirt with her but she sassed him so hard you should have seen it.”

Pete laughed, “sounds like her.” he found you easily, “hey, im glad you could make it!” 

he hugged you and you smiled, “thanks for the invite.”

Pete was pretty perceptive and he could tell something was off, “you dont want to be here do you?”

“not really.” you confessed.

“want to get out of here? there’s this coffee shop down the road and it used to be a library or something so it has all these books.” he smiled, “its really cool.”


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the greeks believed we were each half of a whole. peter, you are the half that makes me whole. this is happening! oh my god, this is happening! is this happening?!