bad mycroft

Had a crazy (heart-breaking) thought: What if this isn’t reality. What if this is Mycroft watching his own Mind Palace burn as he dies, a poison breaking down his mind and killing him from the inside out.

Calm, collected Mycroft who knows he cannot stop this from happening and accepts it. He distances himself from his Mind Palace, letting all the information he’s gathered over the years burn away, but keeping the memories, the times he felt loved, his family, safeguarded in his notebook in his jacket. And when his Mind Palace is gone, when he has moments left, he opens the notebook and goes through each memory, one by one, watching as each page burns to ash until there is nothing left.

It’s hard to watch The Final Problem and not feel bad for Mycroft most of all.

The things this man has done to keep family together and somewhat semi-functioning. Maybe he made mistakes (putting it mildly), but he’s tried

Euros obviously resents him and prefers Sherlock. Sherlock himself is, eh, not hateful of Mycroft, at least. He’s affectionate. But, as the ending hints, he far prefers the psychotic sibling to the saner, rational one. 

Then you realise the parents are probably always going to be secretly pissed off at him for the lies. 

I felt kinda bad for him. He did not ask to have, well, such a batshit family.  


So we’ve got John and Mycroft hovering over Sherlock’s shoulders.  

This is reminiscent of the devil/angel dichotomy you commonly see in media, such as the one below.

My point is that this suggests John is good and Mycroft is bad by their positioning.  It is perhaps a hint that John is the good or intended choice and Mycroft the bad choice.  It also allows us to predict Mycroft’s more sinister actions or intentions ( supported by Mrs. Hudson’s “You reptile!” and the explanation of Mycroft’s actions through M-Theory – basically a lot of bad things for Moriarty to keep Sherlock safe).

More Mycroft feels

We all want Mycroft to be there for Sherlock as much as possible, more than he is, but have we ever stopped a moment and wonder: How many times was Sherlock there for Mycroft?

Because I only remember Mycroft lonely on Christmas day, watching the fire miserably, hoping that Sherlock called him for something other than just to talk about murders again.
Mycroft alone, terrified, helpless and panicked, having to deal with the blackmails of an evil man, knowing that the mistakes of his brother would cost his career and many people’s lives.
Mycroft alone and self-conscious about his weight, something Sherlock always keeps reminding him.
Mycroft trying to tell Sherlock he means a lot to him and Sherlock ignoring him, being sarcastic or cutting him off.
Mycroft ignoring his ever-stressful duties in the Secret Service, if this means he can have a little more time with Sherlock, even to play a stupid board game, even to hear more complaints or snarky comments, to hear and give. Whatever, if this brings him close to Sherlock for a little longer.

Mycroft’s Haunted House of Horrors

Disclaimer: This is not mine, but I just had to share it. It originated on Reddit though, so not something I could reblog directly. (Source)

So John get’s shot with a tranquilliser gun that looks and sounds like a real gun. Then Sherlock finds him or he wakes up and calls Sherlock to say “you’ve got an evil sister who shot me in the face”.

So then John say’s Mycroft definitely knows something but he won’t tell us anything unless he’s scared.

So Sherlock says

“I know we break into his house and rig all his doors with little engines so I can open and close them with a button also rig his locks in a similar way so we can lock him in.

We’ll spook him out by splicing old family footage into a movie he likes but considering I didn’t know I had a sister until like 5 minutes ago I guess I’ll call my parents and see if they have any footage of a sister they never mentioned to me. Shit if that doesn’t work I’ll just fake some footage by filming a bunch of kids in a park.

So after I’ve painstakingly fucked with his movie he’ll run around the house. I’ll need a small man from my homeless network to dress up as a girl and run around the house, also I’ll hire a voice actor to record some lines pretending to be my sister and have them played through the intercom that I also set up I guess? Maybe Mycroft has an intercom system.

Once I’ve lured him upstairs with my little homeless guy pretending to be a little girl I’ll have all his paintings bleed out of their eyes I’ll do this by attaching blood bags to the paintings, poking holes in the paintings so that blood can flow through them then setting up some kind of remote control so I can time it perfectly.

Then I get another homeless guy, dress him up as a clown and give him a sword. I predict at this point Mycroft will have picked up his sword gun thing so I’ll empty out the bullets and hope he doesn’t just stab the guy with his sword, even if he does nobody cares about homeless evil clowns.

Then he will run away and cue my dramatic entrance declaring I’ve deduced I have a sister which you’ve already told me and hopefully Mycroft let’s something slip in his terror.

Finally we’ll leave one window open so you can say something cool about the wind. Sound good John?”

John says

“That’s an excellent plan we should start right away considering it takes a lot of construction and planning to pull off. I sure hope Mycroft is a super oblivious person who doesn’t notice us fucking with everything in his house. I’m also glad the most important person in the British government doesn’t have any kind of security. If anything goes wrong we can just yell ‘it’s just a prank brah’. Sherlock your genius never ceases to amaze me”.

I honestly thought this was a dream sequence. I think they wanted a cool scene more than a scene that made any sense.

Imagine trying to get Mycroft to stop smoking and involving the residents of 221B to help out.

The Lying Detective Thoughts

I’m mainly not happy right now and will be up all night because I’m not happy.

I’ll start with the two big bads this episode:

-Mycroft and Lady Smallwood…I’m biased because I’m a Mystrade shipper but, even if I weren’t, I don’t want Mycroft/Smallwood…I didn’t ask for it…It came out of nowhere…and I haven’t seen a single person who is happy about it. Lestrade, go after your man before it’s too late.

-More importantly, I’m not happy about the big implication that Euros is the Moriarty. I guess there is the small chance that she may be working for the Moriarty and is really just the third Holmes sibling but I have the unfortunate feeling it is the former.

I’ve seen enough Sherlock films to have Andrew Scott ranked as my favorite Moriarty…and, if I find out that he wasn’t actually Moriarty this whole time, I’m seriously going to be devastated. People may think I’m overreacting but I can’t really explain it. It’ll just be heartbreaking to me.

And, if it is true, then logic would dictate Andrew won’t have much screen time in TFP. Like that beach scene he was seen filming might be a flashback of what Euros told him to do before he died. That just makes me so fricking mad right now.

-Speaking of flashbacks, WTF interview I just read yesterday where Moffat stated Moriarty would be in a flashback in an episode other than TFP? Unless I feel asleep at some point, I saw no Andrew Scott in either episode.

All of the stuff above is going to be what keeps me up all night. Honestly, my excitement levels for TFP have gone down a lot. Like I don’t want next Sunday to be here because I’m afraid we are going to find out Andrew was never Moriarty, and whoever he did play is most definitely dead.

The good (which doesn’t outweigh the bad for me):

-Mycroft in a tux…Didn’t know I wanted that until I got it.

-Irene texting Sherlock. I don’t ship them but I love their relationship and am glad to see they still keep in touch. It hit me in the feels even more as I watched “A Scandal in Belgravia” today.

-Culverton Smith…who was just as creepy as I thought he’d be.

-That last scene between Sherlock, John, and Mary. Sherlock hugging John was so precious.

-Mrs. Hudson. The highlight of the episode for me. I loved her so much tonight. She was the big bright spot in an otherwise infuriating episode for me.


I swear to god if someone does a Mycroft fan video to this I will keel over and die.

The ‘M’ squad.

Just had the weirdest thought of all my life and wanted to share it with you. Maybe I’m not the only one who thinks about this so there’s actually people who understands me.

Right, come on.

You know. We’ve been through a lot of cases and murders…etc in BBC Sherlock but only a few main bad people or ‘villains’. We went through Moriarty, then Magnussen and now…Mary.

All of them are named as bad people. But what’s the reason of this post? They all have ‘M’ names. Moriarty, Magnussen, Mary…

But this is not the end of this post. If you go deep, you’ll find something. There’s a point between the three of them. Something powerful. Someone. And who’/ that someone?

Of course, Mycroft.

but you’ll be asking…but is he bad? or even a villain? No, he did not killed somebody or similar. But what he does is making Sherlock’s life a mess even all that ‘brotherly love’. I know he cares about his young brother but he does not think about the consequences. Who was the person who told Moriarty everything about Sherlock’s life and maybe secrets? Who tried to make Sherlock fall in love with Irene Adler but lost? Who let Mary (a CIA agent who killed some many people) enter into John’s life and make Sherlock’s heart broken?…

And yes, as you can see, Mycroft is a ‘M’ name, as well. But do you want to know some? What’s the point between the first three persons and Mycroft? Yeah, they know him or worked for him.

And here’s the final proof. Just think about this even if it’s a silly thought.


         ‘    only scar the parts of you people can’t see, my dear.    if the LIGHT cannot touch it,    it can be ignored.    ‘    motherly warmth mingles with the knife-edge of a sharpened tongue,   a weapon now her hands had grown weary,    now her lands had diminished into decay.   she offers a smile that speaks of union,   but her hands are clasped upon her stomach.    she is not one to be left defenseless.