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question tho what abt book michael is bad bc ive only listened to the siundtrack/found a bootleg version of the script so idk

he’s racist, sexist, and white

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omg i didnt even know there was an original version of "mad world"? i thought the gary jules version was the original

admittedly i didnt either until like.. a year ago maybe? but yeah i hate to sound like one of those “hhhuhuhu old music good new music bad” people but it’s like…. a lot better. 

the gary jules version has got this very heavy handed, over the top angstyness that feels.. kinda unnecessary and excessive? bc the lyrics are ALREADY so fucking heavy, they need to be balanced out at least a little. which is probably why that version it fills the same niche as “my immortal” by evanescence does, which is primarily as a joke

the tears for fears version is a lot more interesting and enjoyable to listen to overall, and the weird kinda freaked out chaotic vibe that its got is.. much more relatable to my horrid suicidal self


Here is a clip of music from the singer Florence Foster Jenkins, infamously known as one of the worst singers ever; cartoonishly off-key to a hilarious degree.

And yet, what’s fascinating about her is that so many people remember her, and yet I’d bet most of those people cannot name a single other performer from that time period. Which, I think, gives a lesson: It is better to be bad but memorable and unique than to be polished and bland.

Now, if only James Cameron’s audiences could learn that lesson…

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Can you do a story where Percabeth are friends and they both are in love with each other and like sophomore year they get really drunk and hook up and then Percy admits that he's in love with her?

  • “Come on Annabeth, it’s just one party.” Percy smiled. He was dressed in nice jeans and a blue flannel shirt. “We are sophomore invited to a senior’s party.” 
  • “And how did we get invited to this party?” She asked, skeptically. “Are you going out with a senior girl?”
  • “What? No. Trust me, you would know if I was dating someone.” He blushed. “Thalia, Jason’s sister, is throwing the party. She told Jason that he could invite a few friends and he asked me and I’m asking you to come with.”
  • “Percy, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Annabeth said. She rather be spending time with him watching a movie. Those were her favorite weekends, where they just hung out and did nothing. 
  • Those were her favorite because she got to be close to Percy and breathe in his scent, not in a creepy way but she would be that close that she could smell the chlorine even though he already showered. 
  • “It’s going to be fine. You, me, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, and possibly Hazel. Come one Annabeth, live a little.” He gave her his famous grin that was lopsided. 
  • She took a deep breath and let it out. “Fine, lets go to the party.”


  • Three drinks later, Percy was feeling different. His head felt fuzzy, not bad but good fuzzy. He felt really good. 
  • Music was blasting and people were drinking beer or some alcohol that Thalia found. It was great, overall. He got to dance with Annabeth. This was a lot better than spending time at home and doing nothing. 
  • After a while, Percy noticed that his cup was empty and Annabeth was dancing up against him. 
  • “Need another drink?” He asked.
  • “Sure.” She grinned.
  • She walked with him to get another drink. Annabeth went to get another mixed drink while Percy got another beer. 
  • “Can we go outside?” Annabeth asked. “It’s kind of stuffy in here.”
  • Percy nodded and took her hand to lead her outside. They went to the back yard, where no one was around. They went to the pool and sat near the edge. 
  • “Told you this party was a good idea.” He grinned. His words were slurring a bit. 
  • “I know.” Annabeth giggled. “Thanks for bringing me. I’m really enjoying myself.” 
  • “Good. I knew you you would.” He hiccuped. 
  • She smiled and took a sip of her drink. She was drunk after four drinks and she was working on five. Right now she just wanted to kiss him. They were outside, alone, and what’s the chance that he would remember if she kissed him?
  • “Annabeth, I wanna kiss you.” Percy looked at her. “Can I kiss you?” 
  • She nodded enthusiastically, probably more dramatically than she needed to. But she desperately wanted to feel his lips on hers. 
  • He leaned in and kissed her. His lips were soft against her’s. They moved in sync with each other. Annabeth moved her drink so she could wrap her arms around his neck.
  • Percy laid down so she would be on top of him as they made out. Their bodies pressed together and hands roaming their clothed bodies. 


  • The next morning, Annabeth woke up with the sun beating down on her and the smell of morning dew. 
  • She slowly sat up and regretted it. Her head was pounding and the sunlight was too bright on her eyes. Looking around, she realized she was still outside and Percy was next to her. 
  • “Percy, Percy wake up.” She gently shook him. 
  • He groaned and slowly woke up. “Shit, it’s bright!”
  • “We got drunk and I think we slept outside.” She told him. “Do you remember what happened?”
  • Percy covered his eyes with his hands. “We came outside cause it was stuffy.”
  • “Right. Right.” She said, feeling a bit nauseous. “Then we…then we kissed…”
  • Percy lifted a few fingers so he could look at her. “Is that necessarily a bad thing?”
  • “W-What do you mean?” 
  • He sat up and looked at Annabeth. His head pounded and his stomach felt like it could turn inside out at any moment. That was going to be the last time he ever drank that much. 
  • “I mean, we kissed. And we’ve been friends for a long time. My feelings have changed for you for a while and my drunken self got to express that.” Percy started. “I love you Annabeth Chase. I have for over a year now. Every time we hang out, I wish you could stay for a little bit longer so I can be next to you. I could listen to you all day talk about the architecture of the buildings that you love. I always feel more confident when you come to my swim meets cause I know you’re cheering me on. I am in love with you.”
  • Annabeth stared at him. Her eyes brimmed with tears that she wouldn’t let fall. She felt exactly the same way. 
  • “Percy, I feel the same way about you too.” She told him. “I just never said anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I couldn’t lose you as a friend.” 
  • “I can’t either. But I think, since our drunken selves kissed and we both feel the same way…I really think if we started a relationship, it would work.” He told her. 
  • “Really?” 
  • “I really believe that.” He told her. His eyes drifted to her lips, wanting to feel them against his, sober. “So much, that I want to kiss you again to seal this promise.”
  • Annabeth took a deep breath, like she normally did before making a big decision. “Alright. You may kiss me Percy.”
  • He smiled and gently kissed her soft lips for the second time. 

sarcastic, bright, lost. the most beautiful smiles i’ve ever seen. don’t know their own strength or their own value. kind to those that they care about.

cruel sometimes, unbelievably stubborn and extremely kind. uncompromising, bad with change, willing to settle. good taste in music, great taste in people.

needs reassurance often, always willing to help someone they know. hard workers, strong, athletic, intelligent. never trust that the people they love are going to stay.

withdrawn when worried, the brightest thing in the room when happy. bright laugh, naturally downturned lips, issues with expressing emotion. silver tongues but terrible at keeping friends.

golden like the sunlight, blinding like the sun. kind but harsh, perfect hair, willing to work for what they have. beautiful but sometimes unapproachable.

awkward but sweet, never seems to sleep, loves animals. hard to pin down emotionally, mentally, or physically. strong, capable, unwilling to sugarcoat anything for anyone.

athletic, fierce, independent. when they fall in love they never really fall out of it. a great friend, beautiful smiles, odd taste in food. when they stop something, they tend to not start again.

intelligent and determined, all hard edges and uncompromising ideals. physically fit, likes to help other people, animal lovers. extremely close to their family and friends.

strong pillars to lean on, supportive of others, good teachers. polite but not overly kind, caring but not overly involved. independent, gorgeous, extremely capable of doing basically anything.

sometimes too much to handle, extremely caring. always put themselves first. feel things deeply. strong eyebrows, bright eyes, big laugh. values material objects and family.

dislikes people as a whole, loves select individuals fiercely and unfailingly. harsh, very smart, materialistic. lazy but once they decide they want something they will go to the ends of the earth to get it.

dramatic, loud, fills up the whole room with their presence. bad days are really bad, good days are really good, there is not often an in between. lover of philosophy, deep thought, and beer.

—  the signs as i know them -(me)
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Filling the prompts “you meet Van at The Streets concert and a few days later at The Killers and he’s shocked at your music taste because it’s his favourite aswell and he becomes your gig partner and you eventually end up dating etc.” and “a fic about meeting Van in a record shop? The reader and Van get along really well and have very similar taste in music & maybe the reader asks Van out even though she’s quite shy?”

Note: I’ve done two ‘meet at a concert’ fics before (one was The Streets and the other was The Strokes), and I’ve done a record store meet. I’m gonna merge these two requests, take elements, and hopefully create something a bit different to the other fics. Enjoy!

On your knees in front of the books, you had already finished the first chapter. “This ain’t a library, you know,” someone said. You looked up and went to explain yourself to the bookstore employee. But, he wasn’t an employee. His jeans were too ripped. His jacket was too cool. Hair too messy. Smirk too annoying. The guy dropped to the floor and sat cross-legged next to you. “What'cha got?”

You held up the book, Tranny by Laura Jane Grace. “Against Me! are one of my favourite bands,” you said.  

“I hear that’s really good,”

“It is so far. Are you looking for something?”

“Yeah. Mike Skinner’s book. I’ve read it a thousand times, but I want to give it to a mate for his birthday,” the guy said. You made a face he could not read. “What?”

“Only one copy in the store. I asked,” you said, handing it over. He held it.

“Were you gonna get it?”

“Yeah, but I can get it next time. No rush,” you said with a shrug.

“You sure? That’s really kind,”

“Yeah. No worries.”

He had no more reason to be there. He looked at the bookshelf, then back at you. “Can I help you pick a replacement?”

You tried to not smile at his smile alone, and all you could do to stop yourself was bite your bottom lip. He noticed, smirked, and you realised lip biting was far worse than smiling politely. You nodded, and with his head on a tilt, he began to read book spines. He was making a short list in a pile next to him, out of your line of sight.

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Your taste in music is amazing.