bad ms paint edits

my bad ms paint editing skills return to haunt the once-ler’s hair again!

with random hair-colour or hairstyle edits!

Today I learned that MS Paint (Windows 7 version) does count pressure sensitivity in. That’s why there’s a pink squiggle at the bottom!

actual description

“Name~ Raven Goth

Status~Goth Fairy

Planet~ Goth Planet

Power~ Mind control/Turn Invisible/make Clones/ pitch black Mist/ Unknown Goth Power 

Hair~ Long Dark Brown Hair

Eyes~ Black 

Birthday~ October 31st 

Firends~Bloom, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Kayla, Stella,

Bestfirend~ Musa 

Transformation Level ~Gothic Of Darkness 

Family Kit~ Gothia (Mother)  Kyle ( Father)

Enemies~The Trix and Tritannus 

Likes~Reading Goth magic, Training on Magic, Like to play music, Like to Learn how to use Black Pianos, Hang out with her Friends But not all the time.

Strength~ Mean and Nice and Like Too much Gothic and Very Smart and Being a Leader to take over.”



where can i go there??

~Mod WM

His blog is very cutesy. There’s a lot of pastel, pictures of different sweets, skies, and the occasional text post. He sometimes posts a selfie or two, and he has many followers. You’re very confused as to why he has more followers than you, considering he’s only had this blog for a month. I mean, he has like 10,000 followers. His url is starred-sweet.

There’s way too many shitposts. His blog has a lot of memes, textposts, and random pictures of him photobombing the other gods selfies/pics. Often, he’ll tag the others in posts, and in the tags, he’ll comment, “lol its u”. He also
posts really bad edits and drawings that were probably made on MS Paint. Oh, but he once in a while reblogs pictures of fish. Ikky’s url is th3pr4nkst3r.

In his blog there’s a lot of personal post fawning over you, cartoons,and gorgeous landscapes. Sometimes his posts contain him being confused as to why everyone hates geminis. Sweet Dui’s post are in all lower case with a lot of exclamation marks and excitement. The other Dui types in also types in a similar manner, but his posts are more agressive. His url is mirrorxd.

Well, to be honest, the only reason he has one is because Ikky made him. He does use it to throw shade at the others. and to rant at them. You won’t believe how many posts he’s tagged the King in, telling him to “get me the hell away from these fools please let me back up in the heavens dad”. His url is scorpy-is-a-dorky. (Ikky originally chose it, and he doesn’t know how to change it.

Leon’s blog, is, well…Mature. He’ll reblog pics of lingerie that he thinks would look good on you, sex toys, and a lot of pictures of the two of you.It’s a little embarrassing, but he enjoys it, so you’ve been tolerating it for now. Usually when he reblogs something dirty, he’ll write something among the lines, “Why don’t we try this out later~” in the tags. His url is lionafterdark.

Huedhaut doesn’t really go on his blog much, but his blog usually contains pictures of you, stars, and a lot of sappy posts about how much he adores you. He will sometimes reblog pictures of alcohol he finds pretty, and textposts he finds relatable. He normally reblogs from your blog in general. Huedhaut’s url is mystic-memories.

The King:
The King has many zodiac posts in his blog, group pictures, and a many gradients. He gets tagged by Ikky and Scorpio so much, that he has considered blocking them. He has a lot of his own zodiac posts, and people wonder why they’re so accurate. ((They’re really just things that the zodiac gods themselves have done.)) His url is royally-respectable.

Mc’s blog is very simalar to Hue’s and Teorus. She posts a lot about astrology, pictures of stars, gradients/pastels, and dresses she finds very pretty. She does reblog a lot of Ikky’s MsPaint edits/drawings, and some of Scorpio’s rants out of irony. She also has a few textposts on her blog as well. Her url is dying-destiny.