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I always find it funny when people don’t like a character because he or she doesn’t do the right thing, or they should have done something else that wouldn’t cause pain to the protagonist. If all characters always did the right thing there would be no story. Period. And for some characters, they would have no redemption arc if they didn’t start from a place of negativity. 

Today’s case in point: Laura Moon from American Gods

In life, Laura is a deeply unhappy woman who generally feels nothing all the time. She exists. She does things to try to feel anything—huffs bug spray, marries Shadow, sleeps with Robbie, tries to rob the casino where she works. Every awful and good thing she does is to feel something. Anything. Should she have done those super shitty things? Nope. And she knows this. She cops to it, even. It isn’t until she dies and comes back that she finally has the chance to live and to love in an extraordinary way that makes her feel something and she does everything in her power to pursue it. Her journey from there on out is to atone for her first life, to make amends with Shadow because she actually does love him, and now she feels it. She feels so intensely, it makes her strong. Crazy, physically, strong. Strong enough to save Shadow, which she couldn’t have done before. 

We aren’t really supposed to like her in the beginning. If we did, the rest of her story would be flat, and her relationship with Shadow would be clichéd and we’d all be yawning. 

Don’t like her, but don’t dismiss her either. 

Arguing with the Mercury/Moon Signs

LOOK AT BOTH MERCURY AND MOON - moon applies more when you’re particularly passionate about the subject, but everyone shows a combination of the two

Aries mercury/moon: lol you’re wrong, I’m right, and if I raise my voice it makes me even more right…bye

Taurus mercury/moon: no

Gemini mercury/moon: actually you could look at that from another angle and you could get a whole new perspective. I read about this once and actually blah blah blah blah *gives all of their knowledge of the subject, even if it’s unnecessary and gets them on a tangent*

Cancer mercury/moon: well from the way I know this and have experienced it I feel like you might be wrong…I remember from when we talked about it before…this subject just gives me bad vibes

Leo mercury/moon: I’m right because I’m the one saying I’m right, duh

Virgo mercury/moon: everything about what you said is wrong in 20837408327 ways *lists all 20837408327 ways in a categorical fashion*

Libra mercury/moon: I don’t know what to think!!!! forget what I said before, you’re right, I’m sorry for the conflict :///

Scorpio mercury/moon: *stares and tries to will the other person to admit they’re wrong*

Sagittarius mercury/moon: I’m right but whatever!!!! it’s fun that you’re wrong because now we can debate it haha

Capricorn mercury/moon: actually you’re wrong because you didn’t think about the practical side and it works out logistically to show that I’m right, see?

Aquarius mercury/moon: no no regardless of who’s wrong think about how this issue will impact society!!!! *rambles about something remotely related instead*

Pisces mercury/moon: if no one’s right it’s okay, it’s good to have different opinions and we can just dream about it together


Carmen’s housewarming party proceeds in the most predictable fashion. They eat and talk and drink and laugh, but despite the jovial atmosphere Westley wants nothing more than to leave. He feels lost here, his mind- and his heart- trapped miles and miles away. Locked, it slowly dawns on him, with a new mother and her baby daughter in a hospital room across town.

“What’s wrong? Where are you going?” Eugenia pouts as Westley extricates himself from her grasp. All night she has clung to him like glue, but this time as she rises to follow him West shakes his head and pointedly motions for her to sit back down.

“I need to make a phone call,” he explains. “Alone.”

“Are you coming back?” she whimpers.

Westley hesitates, but glancing around the room full of strangers he smiles and says, “I sure as hell hope not.”

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hhhng i still felt bad abt not getting her skin color right so here’s my bby

also i kinda finished pokemon moon finally so


At one time he wanted to marry me,
but he had to protect the throne.

shr appreciation week: favourite parallel


This took me months to find the motivation to finish this. And guess what,,, i accidentally saved over the file while trying to put my stupid url on it gdi

bad sides of the moon signs

from our personal experience

aries moon: do you have any other emotion than rage? you are such a primitive human, your instinct to everything is HULK DESTROY. youre childish and probably once tried to murder your friend because they said you dont look good in your shirt. your anger levels are unreal, you go berserk because of everything, you have serious anger issues. also, stop expecting everyone to get over their bad mood in 5 seconds like you do.

taurus moon: no, you are not always right. no, your opinions arent automatically the right ones. stop assuming you know better than everyone and consider everyone elses opinion for once. youre way too stubborn and hide your feelings so you can seem mature.

gemini moon: i hope youre proud of setting the world record of how many emotions one human can go through in one minute. seriously, youre crazy. you either completely hide your feelings from everyone and put up a happy front or feel every emotion possible in a span of a minute. no wonder no one can put up with your moods. and no, youre not as intellectual as you think.

cancer moon: stop hiding your goddamn feelings. you hide them and build up anger until you explode and blow up on everyone in sight and lash out. your victim complex is strong, you blame everyone except yourself. you probably make everyone think youre tough but cry 5 hours a day in your room at home.

leo moon: did you know you are not special? shocking, right? you think youre so special and your emotions are the most important thing in the world, you demand attention and admiration from all of your friends at once and throw a tantrum if you dont get attention for 5 minutes. youre so easily hurt too, you make everyone think you have no feelings but in reality youre hurt because one of your friends doesnt talk to you for 5 seconds.

virgo moon: jesus christ, cut yourself some slack. youre constantly criticising yourself and hate yourself if youre not perfect in everything you do. you hold others to high standards as well and get mad if they dont live up to them. you also think you know better than everyone.

libra moon: stop trying to please everyone, its not that important to be well liked. you steal traits from others and try to get everyone to like you and be your friend, even though inside youre just hollow. you have no clue how to deal with emotions either.

scorpio moon: youre so god damn dramatic, you probably write poetry about how life is so hard and how youre not sure how youll manage because you accidentally broke a glass. you know exactly how to read others and use this to your advantage to manipulate people and get them to do exactly what you want. also can you open up for once? yes blah blah trust issues bad past youve been hurt blah blah but you cant get mad at other people if you can hide your emotions like a master and then they dont know how to tell what youre feeling.

sagittarius moon: honestly? you just being yourself is enough to roast you, i dont even have to write anything. no matter how old you are, you act like an immature reckless teenager, you run away from everything, feelings, problems, responsibilites and just go out and have fun. learn how to be mature. if youre in a depressed mood you instantly show escapist behavior and want to get drunk to run away from your feelings. your responsibilities will catch up to you one day and itll bite you in the ass.

capricorn moon: you want to make everyone think you have no emotions and probably think of yourself as stoic and tough but inside youre just weak. you get hurt by the smallest things. your front isnt convincing either, everyone can tell what youre feeling. also, have you ever heard of the verb “enjoy”? i dont think so since you criticize every damn thing, you literally cant enjoy something without pointing out its flaws.

aquarius moon: yes we get it, youre special and logical and above others. so unique, wow. you act like 30 year old virgins who think theyre hot shit, you think youre better than others and constantly look down on others while you also think youre some sort of god who has acquired all knowledge. newsflash asshole, youre nothing special. just shut the fuck up, no one wants to listen to you. no matter your gender, you constantly mansplain shit. your social media username is probably something like “HypergodOfDeath”.

pisces moon: i have to admit, your acting and manipulation skills are impressive. you act like an innocent little lamb, make everyone love you and as soon as someone dares to cross you you turn everyone against them because someone as sweet as you cant hurt anyone, right? there are two types of you, one that pretends to act emotional to gain sympathy and is secretly the devil in disguise and theres the other one, the one whos constantly wallowing in self pity and thinks the world is sooo cruel and against them. i hate both of you.

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I'm really really anticipating your reading of Taehyung. He's so hard to figure out compared to other members. V curious about your recent ask tho. Can you please elaborate why you think he's spoiled? I think it's possible - he argued with Namjoon over pc games and not being mindful of other members' need for rest but I'd love to read your opinion!

Hey, anon! I’m glad to hear you’re excited for that, I am too but- You know. Birth time. Will I ever stop complaining about this? Probably not. lol And that’s such a good point, anon! I hadn’t thought of that, about the way he disregarded Namjoon’s sleep. That kind proves that I’m not reaching here.

I wrote a lot, so I’ll put a read more as so to not annoy you guys.

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Alec- “Let’s not be overdramatic”

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How do y'all headcanon the Marauders reacting to finding out Remus is a werewolf?

The popular opinion is that they took to it immediately, and brushed aside Remus’s protests that he was dangerous.

But I don’t necessarily agree.

These boys grew up in the wizarding world with little to no exposure to werewolf sympathy.

So my thought is that the boys had to get used to it. They didn’t hate Remus, not after all they’d been through, but they were wary at first. It wasn’t until they stumbled into the Hospital Wing after a particularly bad moon did they become full blown werewolf rights activists and became super protective of their Moony.

What are your thoughts?

excerpt from the chapter of fall down lightly i’ve been working on for…ever…sorry ;; despite best efforts, a lot of things are really bad still. but i am trying to write, i do want to get this out in completion…and other stuff….thanks for giving me your time….even though i’m slow…and…stuff…. T_T i’m sorry.


the ocean breaks like glass when yoongi forces his way through, lungs burning, hands grasping blind blind blind for anything to hold.

well, not just anything.

once he’s got his head out of the water, something changes. he knows without knowing why he knows that when he stops treading water his feet will find the floor that was, just seconds ago, drowning kilometers below. catching his breath, he looks around. outside the radius of his arrival, the waters are frozen not from cold so much as time. he remembers jimin telling him it might be this way, reaches a hand out to the feathered curve of a breaking wave, pauses.

“but isn’t it a part of him?” he had asked.

jimin, massaging some kind of herb and oil remedy at jungkook’s temples, didn’t look up even though he shrugged and said, “yes. but considering what they did to him, you’d be lucky to bring him back in pieces.”

under his grasp, the wave shatters easily enough.


how long is it? yoongi doesn’t know. he feels like it could be that trick time is so good at, stealing itself out from under you, making you feel like seconds are days and days mere moments. this being the dreamworld, he supposes it makes sense that both might be happening all at once. how much ocean has he broken? how far has he walked chest deep in water that sometimes changes color not with the sky but with a memory: a boy who most certainly is jungkook laughing in the sun as white and pink flowers kiss his face the way yoongi wants to kiss his face now, the way yoongi wants to make him laugh now, the way yoongi wants.

when he looks behind him the trail disappears the same as the distance in front of him.


it’s not the center of the ocean. somehow yoongi knows. it doesn’t matter.

what does matter: a boy lying down inside the curve of a frozen wave whose colors keep changing. not crying, not moving, not doing anything but breathing.

which is enough.

at the moment.

he seems the same age as the spring day memory, which of course means he doesn’t know yoongi, but yoongi who has known jungkook so long perhaps cannot be blamed for being wholly what he is only ever by half: human. he scrambles forward so fast that the water he needs to move through breaks with a crash. the boy inside the sleeping wave lurches up, turns to face yoongi with eyes like nightmares.

in all their time, jungkook has never been afraid of yoongi – only afraid for him.

it stops yoongi like a magic all its own, bullet-shaped and almost fatal.


“jungkook,” he says.

the boy shakes his head, crouches low like a wary animal and takes two clumsy steps like that.

“jungkook,” he tries again.

again, jungkook shakes his head.

this time when yoongi tries to move forward jungkook trips backward and the wave overhead cracks. the travel of the fracture is slowed as if knowing its spell is being broken and the sound likewise is a muddled rumble of power.  yoongi guesses it will fall and crush anyone inside it any moment, and jungkook only retreats further in the wrong direction.

“hey,” he says, lowering his gaze to where his hands are raw from getting here. “you don’t have to trust me. i can leave. just…come out of there.” he pauses, a sound like a laugh gutted with sadness crawling out of his throat. “please. i don’t…” he turns his back, the way a person does to show things like trust, things like: you’re in control, not me. “…i don’t want it to hurt you.”


Wolfstar Hc
  • the whole school has a bet going on
  • on when they’ll get together
  • Remus and Sirius are oblivious to it
  • James and Peter started the bet
  • The ravenclaw came up with the ship name with the help of James and Peter those little shits
  • wolfstar
  • James being a little shit rigged the polls ;
  • James and Lily also have pool ; which they are also oblivious to
  • Remus said 7th year Sirius said 6th year
  • I love jilly as much as I love wolfstar ;
  • The would always cuddle
  • Sirius would sometimes be as padfoot after full moons especially cause they wouldn’t be allowed in
  • occasionally Remus would sneak into Sirius bed
  • because he had nightmares
  • “damnit prongs I dont want him to suffer”
  • James bet 6th year
  • Peter after the holidays
  • there was a full moon, right before the holidays
  • while he was at the hospital wing, cause this full moon was bad
  • and Sirius was injured but not that bad
  • Sirius was right there holding his hand
  • remus woke up a few minutes before but pretended to be asleep
  • “wake up moony”
  • please I love you”
  • he kissed the back of Remus hand Sirius is sap you lot can fight me over this
  • he left as soon as James came in
  • “going to potions.”
  • remus was a blushing mess
  • when he left the wing, him and Sirius were a bit closer
  • a few weeks went by ;
  • remus couldn’t take it anymore ;
  • he grabbed Sirius by the shirt and kissed him ;
  • James walked by and stopped
  • cursed cause now he had to give Peter two gallons
  • Peter obviously won the pull
  • Remus also one the pull with Jilly

i was listening to the radio with my mom and a cover of “bad moon rising” came on and she sighed and said, “ugh, your dad ruined this song for me years ago because he would sing over ‘there’s a bad moon on the rise’ with ‘there’s a bathroom on the right’ and it’s all i can hear” and you know what if my dad second-hand ruined this song for me then i’m ruining it for all of you