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A list of songs that make you feel something Pt.4

Pine - Basement

Gig life - The world is a Beautiful Place…

Pyotr - Bad books 

I Exist I Exist I Exist - Flatsound

Cutting my Fingers off - Turnover

Despair in The Departure Lounge - Arctic Monkeys

The Scientist - Coldplay

Mental Health - The World is a Beautiful Place…

Poison Oak - Bright Eyes

How to Tell a Girl You Really Like Her Eyes - Cyberbully Mom Club

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if he wears a yellow good enough shirt tomorrow! will my anxiety be cured on the spot? probably! I love my babie

i’m wearing my yellow good enough shirt tomorrow for good luck and good vibes i hope dan does the same

Reality TV shows the Six Of Crows like
  • Kaz: Jersey Shore/ Mob Wives (he says it's ironic but the fights remind him of home)
  • Inej: So You Think You Can Dance (she likes watching how people move their bodies in different ways)
  • Nina: Bad Girls Club/ Dance Moms (she just likes drama)
  • Matthias: He watches shows with Kaz but only to convince Kaz that they're horrible and he should stop watching them
  • Jesper: America's Next Top Model (only because he likes to model with the people on-screen)
  • Wylan: Hell's Kitchen (he likes food and Gordon Ramsey is a good outlet for pent up frustration)

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It's interesting that Katie had her interview on the last day of filming Ace Reporter. She already knew what happened. And she still described Lena as genuine and true to Kara and talked about how other people use her for ills because of her company (could be talking about Rhea) but most importantly I love how her advice to Lena “Keep doin’ what you’re doin’. Don’t stop. Don’t second guess yourself.” It's something that Lena needs to hear right now. In the dark place of not believing in herself

Hey love! I had the exact same thoughts about how Katie’s points aligned perfectly with Lena’s story for the episode, and possibly what is to come. I definitely think her mentioning people using her and her position for ills was a reference to both her mother and Rhea (The Bad Moms Club just needs to stay away from our girl).

Katie’s advice is definitely something Lena needs to hear right now and I actually really wish Kara had offered her similar advice. She has in the past with ‘Be your own hero.’ But of course, Lena could have used the reassurance outside of the notion of being protected in this moment.

But I also like how Katie discussed that it is how Lena handles everything that is thrown her way. She ends up in these types of situations because she is a Luthor, but her actions and reactions are not necessarily Luthor-esque insofar that she doesn’t turn around and rain death and vengeance upon everyone. Instead, she utilizes that cunning, intelligence and determination. All of those traits are valued by the Luthors, but it is the how that makes her unique.

The couch scene was so much more than another ‘Supercorp scene.’ I hope everyone realizes that. This was an extremely important scene for just Lena. She is afraid. She recognizes that feeling the way she is feeling has been the reason for the turning point in people like her mother and Lex. She doesn’t want to be like them and she is doubting herself because she fears being just like them and not being able to stop it. So it was a vulnerable moment where she questions who and what she is. Concurrently, it is not the first time she has had moments like that. And when she does, she bounces back. So yes, Katie’s advice is beyond perfect for this moment.

Meet the Bad Moms Club

In the spring of 2010, my mom got a reality check when she saw a poster that said “Live, Love, Laugh, Forgiveness” and realized that she hardly ever laughed and had barely been living (at least a life she wanted). She became a mother at 19 and was a three-time divorcée with five kids at 48—for 30 years, her life had been devoted to raising a family in the most boring, suburban way possible while ignoring the chaotic, joyous, eternal spring break that was happening all around her in Florida.

Last summer, she created the Bad Moms Club to change this. Now she goes to bars in South Beach and downtown Fort Lauderdale a few times a month to drink and dance with other single mothers. Like Destiny’s Child circa 1999, the club’s membership fluctuates, but two members have stayed consistent: my mother and her friend Barbie, a Cuban immigrant with the kind of booty rap songs are written about. Like my mom, Barbie married a baby daddy at a young age because she thought she was supposed to and then experienced an epiphany: at 38, she divorced her lawyer husband, drank alcohol for the first time, and took up multiple sex partners. “I had wasted my life,” Barbie told me. “Now I fuck black dick.” 

Since Barbie is only really interested in NFL players, the club tends to meet mainly at dinners for Miami Dolphins football players and YOLO, a bar Barbie describes as “an upper-class place with a very nice atmosphere and great-looking dark men.” 


To be honest;

This site has made me defensive about formula feeding. I constantly feel the need to defend myself even irl. To the point where when my son was in the hospital having surgery I thought my boyfriend was attacking/blaming me cause I didn’t breast feed even though his condition would’ve happened either way. The people here act like breast feeding is the magical cure for everything. Yeah yeah we all know “Breast is Best” but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Can I stop feeling shitty now?