bad mistakes in history


I thought this day would never come or at least it would be different. I thought I’d see you leave United just when you retire, but you’re leaving us early. Who would have thought that this explosive-tempered young boy would become the captain, the all time leading goal scorer in club history and won all there is to win at a football team? And you did, Rooney. But most importantly, you did with passion, put your heart and soul, respect and honored the colors and history of the club.

In over a decade you’ve made a generation of fans fall in love with you and with United, I’m on that list, and will be very strange not to see you in the red jersey anymore. Many players came and went, but you were always there working hard and in silent. You didn’t need fame or beautiful goals (but you scored incredible goals) or nothing that others football players do to get into the history of Manchester United. Many tried, few succeeded and you were one of them, Rooney. And you know what, no one can get you out of the history. They can talk about your mistakes or bad days, but nothing will erase your history in United.

So maybe thanks is not strong enough to say for everything you did, but I’ll say anyway. Thank you, Wayne Rooney. And in the future when someone ask me about the greatest number 10 in the history of Manchester United I’ll tell them about the White Pele. Years will pass but memory of your achievements will never fade. It’s been one hell of a ride. It’s been a pleasure see you playing at Old Trafford.

Now it’s time for you to return to your boyhood club and I wish you all the happiness and success in your new chapter in your successful career. Once blue always red.

All the best, Captain. #FarewellToALegend

girls like her come once in a century. you are a disaster waiting to happen, a pair of hands that have seen too many bad mistakes,  a history too heavy to carry.

and she - she is golden. she has this light in her that is something storybook, untouched, an angel’s hope. she’s strong and fierce and imperfect in a million ways that make your nerves flicker out of control. talking to her makes you feel like maybe somewhere out there, there’s good in this world. 

watching her read books and throw her heart into small things and love so fully and wildly - it drives you crazy. you want to give her all the coffee shops and fairy-lit nights she dreams about. you want to pull down the clouds so she can taste them, to show her your secrets, to protect her. she bubbles over with passion, with color, with something you thought you’d lost forever.

she is life. she reminds you what it’s like to be living. 

she makes you want to be a better human being.

—  you fell so quickly // r.i.d

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@Ice, don't feel bad about the hippogriff slip. We all make mistakes. I once told my history teacher, who was one of the strictest teachers ever, that I wanted him dead. I said that to him. In his face. In front of the entire class. Don't let it get to you Ice!

Iceland: [laughing] Ok, I won’t complain. You messed up big time.

I cannot express how HILARIOUS it is to see Narusasu becoming CAAAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON in its “morally accepted” straight Borusara form.

It’s Kishimoto and his publishers openly stating their homophobia AND the fact that they don’t really give a shit about the NH/SS fandom, after all if SS got a shitty book and NH got a shitty movie “straight” SNS is going to get a whole manga and anime mini-series AND a movie. 

Too bad it’s going to go down as the biggest mistake in manga history, no sane SNS fan will EVER invest their money in it and ain’t NO straight Naruto shonen fan going to spend money to see their hero/self insert, who was outed as gay for 15 years, be CONFIRMED GAY by his clone fucking Sasuke’s Oiroke no Jutsu, lol, they’d never survive the mockery of their peers.