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Support the idea of a Gravity Falls Art Book!

See Alex Hirsch’s tweet above!  Link here:

If you have a twitter, go retweet @DisneyHyperion and let ‘em know!

This is a complete no-brainer.  I am SUPER EXCITED for the OTGW book.  And really, all of these are shows that are deserving of art books.  But so is Gravity Falls, which like OTGW, is one of the most gorgeous animated shows I’ve ever seen, period.


Today the Eren & Levi merch from the Asano Kyoji x WIT STUDIO Exhibition finally arrived! I fell in love with these when they were first announced and I knew I had to get them no matter what. It’s been a while from then until I was able to find them, buy them, and get them shipped to my country, but the wait was so worth it!

The board is my favorite, it’s so beautiful. I am pleasantly surprised with its size, I expected it to be small like the others, but nope, this one is huge! I wonder if I should frame it and put it on my wall…

Oh and at the same time I got 2 older ones that were given with the movies because I didn’t have them yet:

I think I’m still missing one with Eren, I’ll have to get it next time! (^ω^).


Please do not use or repost my artwork anywhere without permission

No pude resistirme a hacer esto cuando vi el nombre de la nueva serie de figuras xA


I couldn’t resist to do this when I saw the name of the new Kirby’s figure series xA

Note: Putito means “little faggot” in spanish , Meta knight is the only one who knows :A

Bad joke :A


My latest haul arrived last month and I can finally start putting together my keychain/strap display! (I think my bias is showing - guess who my five favs are. 🙈)

HUGE shoutout to @tigersplaygrnd​ for being the absolute best proxy ever: I had an entire wishlist full of rarities that I was SURE would take me over a year to find and she goes and tracks them all down in one go. I will never stop being amazed by what she does, so thank you thank you thank you!

Don't buy from "Aitai Kuji" (unless you want to pay more)

Those who shop for merchandise might have come across a service called “Aitai Kuji”. However, people have repeatedly told that their service is actually really bad, but some still show it in a positive light even though they have poor customer service and overcharge on shipping and goods

Here’s an example. Recently someone bought the YOI calendar from Aitai. However, the good they received was dented, because it was shipped in an envelope and had no protection whatsoever. Professional? Not really

Then someone else was repeatedly lied to, after they bought the Free! Calendar. They never got the said product, Aitai told them that they first didn’t have the product, then they were about to ship it but never did. They replied to customer emails slow or never, so the customer had to file their money back via PayPal. That is not how a “professional” works!

And lastly, do you know about the big YOI cushions (manjus)? A friend of mine shopped from Bandai Premium, where she got all 5 cushions for 272$. This includes the shipping and proxy fee, since Bandai Premium is Japanese (she used Zen market). Aitai Kuji wanted 225$ for SHIPPING only, so the total would be 445$!! Talk about overcharging on goods!!!

Of course these are things that can happen to single customers, not every. But the fact still remains that they overcharge on shipping and their goods and you can find most stuff for much much cheaper on other websites.

Good examples are: amiami, goodsmile, CD Japan, MyFigureCollection, Bandai Premium and so so many more. I preordered the Yuuri nendoroid from Goodsmile and paid 2000¥ for shipping. On AmiAmi, it would probably be even less. And the recent viktor figurine? Yes that one is expensive, but I got it for MUCH cheaper on amiami. Plus you can earn points which will lessen the price of your products the next time you shop. They also ship internationally (unless stated otherwise), but you can always use a proxy

With that said, stay away from AK if you don’t want to pay more.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I want Osomatsu merchandise really bad (like posters,hoodies, figures, fan art, ANYTHING) but idk where to look for anything or if the site is trustworthy... and also how the heck does everyone stay ontop of knowing when every single new thing comes out for them? I guess I'm not the best at finding things so I thought I'd ask the best!

OH!!! I’m flattered you think I’m “The best” VuV It’s more like I FOLLOW the best and then they lead me to their sources~

I’ll throw this under a read more because it got pretty long, buncha links under the cut!

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For such a strong fandom we are depressingly lacking in merch and so I thought I’d create some of my own! I put all of these on my Redbubble so you guys can get them on a bunch of cool stuff. Also if any of you do buy stuff, feel free to send me a pic because I’d love to see it.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy!

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