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Support the idea of a Gravity Falls Art Book!

See Alex Hirsch’s tweet above!  Link here:

If you have a twitter, go retweet @DisneyHyperion and let ‘em know!

This is a complete no-brainer.  I am SUPER EXCITED for the OTGW book.  And really, all of these are shows that are deserving of art books.  But so is Gravity Falls, which like OTGW, is one of the most gorgeous animated shows I’ve ever seen, period.


Please do not use or repost my artwork anywhere without permission

No pude resistirme a hacer esto cuando vi el nombre de la nueva serie de figuras xA


I couldn’t resist to do this when I saw the name of the new Kirby’s figure series xA

Note: Putito means “little faggot” in spanish , Meta knight is the only one who knows :A

Bad joke :A


Today the Eren & Levi merch from the Asano Kyoji x WIT STUDIO Exhibition finally arrived! I fell in love with these when they were first announced and I knew I had to get them no matter what. It’s been a while from then until I was able to find them, buy them, and get them shipped to my country, but the wait was so worth it!

The board is my favorite, it’s so beautiful. I am pleasantly surprised with its size, I expected it to be small like the others, but nope, this one is huge! I wonder if I should frame it and put it on my wall…

Oh and at the same time I got 2 older ones that were given with the movies because I didn’t have them yet:

I think I’m still missing one with Eren, I’ll have to get it next time! (^ω^).


My latest haul arrived last month and I can finally start putting together my keychain/strap display! (I think my bias is showing - guess who my five favs are. 🙈)

HUGE shoutout to @tigersplaygrnd​ for being the absolute best proxy ever: I had an entire wishlist full of rarities that I was SURE would take me over a year to find and she goes and tracks them all down in one go. I will never stop being amazed by what she does, so thank you thank you thank you!

BigHit Survery: Have you purchased any official merchandise? Like a Bangtan Bomb?

Me: *Sweats*

BigHit Survery: Have you purchased any unofficial merchandise?

Me: *Sweats harder*

BigHit Survey: How many hours a day do you spend consuming BTS content?

Me: *Sweats the most I have ever done sweated*


found this on ebay  for $149 dollars (too expensive)

it’s an official product that was sold at AX,it’s a 16GB USB drive of prinny from disgaea and as much as i want it,i hope NIS america or NIS in japan sell this at a cheaper price on their website soon i hope..


DEH x Reader at the Zoo HCs

-Really likes birds at the zoo. Not like, the ostriches or peacocks, but he could literally sit on a bench watching the pidgeons for an hour or so

-He’s actually hella scared of ostriches. He won’t admit it, though.

-Evan LOVES elephants. If he gets to see baby ones, he’ll smile the rest of the day.


-Reluctantly agrees to look at snakes, but holds your hand really tight the entire time

-He can’t keep his eyes off of the tigers. He finds them calming


-Sad because animals in captivity

-“[Name], sweetheart, can you take a picture of me with this stuffed koala?”

-Ends up buying you said koala because he feels bad for using the merchandise if he didn’t buy it

-Demands that you see the monkeys as soon as you arrived.

-Like, literally, “C'mon. Monkeyssssss.” And Jared whines like an incapable five year-old until you agreed.

-When you finally get to the monkeys, he looks for maybe seven seconds before getting bored.

-“I’m not scared of bats, that’s dumb!” So he storms into the bat house and you find him in the corner shifting uncomfortably between his two feet.

-Tries to feed himself to the giraffes.

-Really likes the naked mole rat and groundhogs for some reason.

-“Do you think they’d let me ride a rhino?”

-Spends more time in the gift shop than with the actual animals.

-He doesn’t buy anything related to the zoo, but instead $55 dollars worth of candy, fidget spinners and shirts with dumb animal puns.

-“Babe, can we pleaseeeee go back tommorow? That was like, the most fun I’ve ever had.”

-Enjoys the reptile house, which is expected.

-He really likes the otters, which is less expected, and it makes you giggle.

-“If you tell anyone that I just went to the kid’s petting zoo and enjoyed it, I’m not kissing you for a month.”

-Talks/yells back at the parrots when they squawk.

-Lowkey tried to kidnap an aardvark and take it home because he loved it so much.

-Eats way more than you find healthy

-You take like a million photos of him in the butterfly pavillion and you can see the exact photo where he realizes you’re documenting the experience
and is less than amused.

-“I am taking over the world with an army of polar bears. Fuck yeah.”

-Tries to make out with you in the bat house, which you don’t exactly find romantic

-Managed to only do like two illegal things


-Takes a thousand photos, some of animals and most of you being cute as hell.

-Really wants to hug a panda

-Tries to pull a Harry Potter with the boa in the reptile house

-Talks a lot about the owls, because she apparently went through a hardcore owl loving phase

-“Aw, look, the lizards are hugging!” “Zoe, that’s not hugging”

-Has you take a bunch of photos of her making faces at llamas

-Offers to give you a piggyback ride through the Bear County when you get tired.

-Reads the names of all the animals and mentally catalogues them.

-Buys you both “She’s mine” tee shirts, and smirks at the cashier when he gives you two a weird look.


-Knows more things about the animals than the employees

-Mapped out the entire trip beforehand

-Liked anything endangered, colorful, or fluffy

-Even the animals she didn’t necessarily like, she still appreciated

-“We should start a campaign for endangered animals!”

-Kindly told children who were knocking on the dispay glass to stop

-Found flowers and put them in your hair as you walked, grinning the entire time

-Fell in love with the badgers. You have to pull her away, and eventually convince her that you have to stick to her schedule

-Used multiple bird calls that she knew