bad memories makes experiences

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8 & 9 with Scott? ☺️

8. Bad memories/experiences

Not making it back before his older brother’s alleged death is definitely one. Another is coming so close to death the days after, suddenly in a life-or-death battle. The other is confronting his parents after the events of Apocalypse, and still detecting the disdainful glances and just mental stares – and suddenly he realizes why his brother hadn’t returned home for so long, and why his parents were never too eager to bail Alex out of jail

And there’s several more as time goes by, as experiences pile up and his back becomes heavy with the responsibilities – of becoming leader of the X-Men, of witnessing the possession of his wife, her death, and her replaced with a clone

9. Humiliating memories

Aside from the day his powers emerged last such an ungraceful time, there was a rumor once, spread throughout the school that ignited his years long rivalry with the blonde jock. it had been heated words spoken at a school football game, and then a polaroid snapshot of Scott facedown on a school desk in after-class detention, face done up in blush, mascara, and lipstick, and a giant bow tied in his hair. The boy had been asleep. That wasn’t the horrifying part – it was seeing this photo plastered on every hallway locker door and bulletin board the next day. That is why when he blasted the jock in the boys restroom the day his eyes lit up, Scott didn’t feel so bad.

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