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Bad Maksyl Drawing #5

Val will get it out of him eventually.

Meanwhile Meryl and Jenna be over here like

External image

“How’s your Chmerkovskiy brother?”

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“Good, not as in denial as yours though.”

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Meryl and Maks Daily Recap July 17th, 2014

Hello everyone.  I want to start with a comment about the Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down today.  I only have the sketchiest idea of what is happening because I just got home.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected and I realize there are bigger issues in this world than the ones we discuss here.  I hope that no one finds a recap today to be a callous decision, I just want to bring a little bright spot to a bad day.

All seems to be going well in Japan.  Miai Shibutani posted a group shot today of Charlie with all the lovely ladies.  The choreography video of Meryl and Charlie has been uploaded and I hear it is a lot of cute and awkward fun and that they speak Japanese, I’ll watch it as soon as I can.

Sheri Leblanc was showing her inner fan-girl today when she posted a video of M&M along with other famous couples.  She’s at sheris-musings.

If all is the same as it was this morning, it seems that most stories stemming from Maks’ interview yesterday are leading with “We’re just friends”.  I’m hoping this trend will continue.

Happy Birthday to Tony Dovolani!  Maks likes several of his birthday shootouts from others and posted one of his own.

Speaking of Maks, he is in Dallas today.  It seems he met with the owners (?) of an higher-end shopping complex (Stanley Korshak), maybe they will start to carry his jewelry.  He was photographed with some cute girls while there.  I thought it was funny and strange that one of the girls put “#strictlybusiness” in her tweet.  Maks was also photographed from away by a fan while he was talking on the phone,  It just so happens Meryl was on IG liking a photo of bulldog puppies at the same time (about 4am in Japan).  He may or may not have been speaking with her.  Some say he would more likely be on the phone with his family due to the tragedy today.  I can’t even tell you if he would have known about it.  If it weren’t for tumblr, I still wouldn’t have heard about it today.  

Val got his wisdom teeth pulled today, hope he feels better soon.

Meryl is up for a Teen Choice Award, not sure who gets to vote on that.

There was a radio interview with Karina posted, but I have not had a chance to listen.  I’m guessing it was not important because I only saw it mentioned once today.

There’s a new “It’s a Maksyl thing” from kbnello and a new “Bad Maksyl drawing” from improbablewhale,  who has a job interview coming up.  Congrats!

I want to write a quick personal note, if you will all indulge me.  I was driving to work this morning and put my music on shuffle.  Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” came on.  As I listened to the lyrics, they really hit me in the heart.  I am not a cryer by nature, but I admit I was having a little trouble keeping my eyes dry.  Then I remembered how Meryl tweeted that Sam Smith was her new playlist, and for the first time I really thought about Meryl the person.  I could imagine her listening to this song and missing Maks.  It can’t be easy for her to be going through all of this, so she must have her reasons.  It’s easy for people to look in from the outside and say, “you should just do this”, or “If you would only do that”.  She is just a normal woman, just like you and me.  Maks is just a normal man.  Every one of us is doing the very best we can with our lives.  We all try our hardest and do what we think is right.  The same is true for both Meryl and Maks.  They are doing the best they can.  I think the next time I feel frustrated with either (or both) of them, I will try to remember that.