bad luck clover

veilchenjaeger  asked:

2 for the OC thing, if you don't mind? :3

This stupid baby. Her official name is Princess Public Opinion, but most people call her PO. (I call her Clover sometimes too). She is from one of my novels, an allegory, if her name didn’t give it away. Mainly she is called that because it allows for the over use of phrases like “Public opinion demanded he took off his coat.” 

She is energetic, and righteous. But has exceedingly black and white thinking, which is made worse by the fact she often misunderstands situations and never bothers to listen, only tell people what they should do. Basically she is a bossy, childish, irrational little shit, who  sadly really really wants to help (and be a hero) but because she has more enthusiasm then sense is more of a huge trouble maker.

I love her. She is screamingly funny to write and draw.  Writing her dialogue is so much fun. She is also probably my expressive character, and I love drawing her because of that reason. There is no pose too energetic, too cheesy for her. 

She is probably the character which is most familiar to other people because I have used her in RP comics before (improv comic with multiple artists each drawing a different pages, with various OCS). which is also why her design is pretty simple when I started using her for that I wanted her to be easy to draw over and over.