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Sometimes You Just Need To Be Alone

I went for level 10 on the angst and pain scale, and i think i succeeded (please tell me if i did). This is a zombie apocalypse au and I warn you not to go in expecting a happy ending. Otherwise, hope you enjoy!

Warning: Character death(s), blood, death mentions, suicide mention, bites & angst (if you need me to tag anything else let me know).

The screams from outside were so loud that he couldn’t successfully block them out of his head.

Instead they just bounced around his skull, like someone had played a never ending loop of his most hated song and Daithi had no way of turning it off. Every time it seemed like the screams were going to stop, when they quieted down and trailed off… they didn’t.  Every time- without fail- they started up again, louder than ever and he couldn’t stop himself from flinching each time.

Nogla knew the guys could see him do it.

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Literally me.

In all honesty Finn needs to turn heel & the OGBC need to lay waste & dominate just like they did in Japan. They need to become a huge threat to everyone. It’d be a bonus if they could get Tama Tonga & Bad Luck Fale.