bad losses

someday you’re going to be able to hear and say his name without all the memories flooding back at once and hitting you like a tidal wave
—  someday (via @anotordinaryteen)

Absolutely love this…

Disney teaches us so many things about love…

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I don’t now why I’m holding on to you

There is nothing to hold on to

I use to be scared of losing you

I think I still am somehow

Like if I let you go then I officially lost you

If I just hold on to every little memory

Maybe you’ll come back

But I know you won’t

And that’s even scarier

—  Lily Evangeline
Just when I’m starting to be fine without you…there you are again.
—  why the hell do you always show up when i’m starting to be fine on my own(via @anotordinaryteen)

anonymous asked:

I'm a closeted transgirl, and this morning I was home alone so I decided to practice my makeup skills. I did everything well, but I just felt undesirable and ugly. I have bad hair loss and I kept telling myself that I'll never find love and all those kinds of negative thoughts. But then I had a thought: Jeffrey wouldn't want me to think these kinds of things. They would remind me to love myself and the things that make me an individual. Afterwards, I felt gorgeous, so I wanted to say thank you.

You are beautiful
You are worthy
Our bodies don’t determine our worth. All kinds of bodies, with all kinds of hair are amazing and beautiful
I admire you for being brave and not choosing the darkness today
Thank you

Everything gets real past 12am because you’re too tired to keep lying to yourself.
—  you’re still flooding my 12am thoughts like a tidal wave that can’t run low (via @anotordinaryteen)
Have you ever heard that one song or smelled that one smell that reminded you of that one person and for that moment in time you just want to go back to what it used to be.
—  I miss you (via @anotordinaryteen)