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Earning Forgiveness; Tiffany Smut

Character: Tiffany Hwang
Word Count: 1255
Summary: Mommy Tiffany doesn’t like when her Little misbehaves; especially not during such an important event.

a/n: good golly do I love mommy kink smut. I combined both requests as they were so similar, I hope that’s okay!! and I hope you enjoy, anons ;)

warning/s: not much tbh, just mommy kink?? oh and smut haha

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“You misbehaved tonight, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Tell Mommy what you did, so I know you understand how you were bold.”

A pale pink dress hugs her curves in all the right places, although in all honestly, Tiffany’s body had no bad places. The artificial lighting of the bathroom glinted off her fine jewelry, making her diamond earrings, necklace and rings glint extravagantly. Those items were gifts, as a thank you for her being the face of an up and coming new Korean brand. Tonight was another thank you; a dinner in a classy restaurant. Only the best for their beautiful model.

“I played with you under the table,” you admit, looking away like a sulking child. You were sat on the toilet, pouting, while Tiffany towered over you and made you feel small. She looked somehow regal, in the claustrophobic bathroom stall. It was something that only Tiffany could pull off.

“Doing what, exactly?” she hisses.

“Touching your clit.”

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we should be lovers instead

i wrote a quick little flash fic thing just to try and get my motivation and inspiration flowing. so u guys get a 20 minute allydia fic, inspired by Jenny by Studio Killers

“I really like this colour,” Lydia says, taking the lipstick from Allison’s hand.

“I’d hope so. You brought it for me,” Allison reminds her, laughing.

She meets Lydia’s eyes in the mirror. Lydia’s stomach flips and she smiles back. Even the harsh fluorescent lighting of the club bathroom can’t make Allison look bad.

“Exactly.” Lydia tosses her hair over her shoulder and looks at herself in the mirror. She twists the lipstick and applies it to her own lips before continuing. “And, my taste is perfect. It looks great on you.”

Allison’s smile grows even wider. “Thanks,” she says as she accepts the lipstick back from Lydia.

A girl bumps them from behind and disrupts the moment. A toilet flushes, two girls laugh as they take a selfie, muffled music becomes louder for a moment as the bathroom door swings open.

“We should get back out there,” Allison says.

Lydia nods and follows Allison out of the restroom, back into the club itself. It’s a busy night tonight and the club is packed. A writhing mass of bodies covers the dancefloor, moving together to the sound of the music.

Allison reaches out and takes Lydia’s hand so they don’t get separated in the crowd as they make their way back to their friends.

A man intercepts them halfway across the floor. He grins at Allison, a half empty drink in his hand. Even this close Lydia can’t hear what he’s saying over the music. From the look on his face it’s obvious though. He wants Allison to go with him.

Allison shakes her head, but the man doesn’t take no for an answer.

Lydia plasters herself against Allison’s back. She hooks her chin over Allison’s shoulder, straining on her toes to achieve it. She gives the man the best glare she can muster.

“She doesn’t want to dance with you,” Lydia tells him. “Leave.”

The man looks to Allison then back to Lydia. He decides it’s not worth arguing and turns his back on them.

Allison turns around to face Lydia. Their hands are still clasped together. She has to lean right in so Lydia can hear her. “Thank you!”

“I know you could probably handle him!” Lydia tells her.

“Yeah,” Allison says with a smile and a shrug. “But it was still great of you to step in. After all, you’re the only one I want to dance with tonight!” As she speaks her free hand drifts to Lydia’s waist.

They can’t get any closer now. They’re pressed together, breathing each other’s air. They’re being bumped and jostled from each side as the crowd moves but they’re back in their own little world.

“Really?” Lydia asks, surprised.

“Of course!” Allison’s smile is so bright Lydia feels like she might go blind.

Lydia feels a sudden surge of confidence. She leans in and kisses Allison. She feels her breath catch in her throat as everything suddenly stops moving. Then Allison is kissing her back, her fingers tightening their grip on Lydia’s side.


Triptych, taken yesterday at Wok Inn Fire in St. Charles, Illinois.

Yeah, when then bathroom lighting is the high point of the day, it has been a bad day.

Also, good lighting for selfies is bad lighting for bathrooms. That first is inside the fucking stall. The rest are out by sinks.

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ritual bath for cleansing the soul

i am so happy that i just came across this post again because it was the one that originally inspired me to come up with my own ritual bath. i struggle with severe anxiety and have recently discovered that i also have BPD, though obviously i was dealing with these symptoms well before i was diagnosed or even knew what it was. i will go into 3 or 4 day periods of deep depression after closing myself off from someone that i love or experiencing something especially traumatic, etc etc, and felt that i needed something to remediate the weird experience of reacclimating to day-to-day life. i sincerely hope that this helps you as much as it helps me. i’ve spent several months perfecting it and feel like i’ve finally got the right equation! 


  1. coconut oil
  2. lemon juice
  3. granulated sugar
  4. (optional) vanilla

get a small bowl, preferably glass or metal. make sure it floats in water. put 1:1 coconut oil:lemon juice, about as much as you could hold in the palm of your hand. put a tablespoon of granulated sugar in and mix them all together, but don’t stress if the coconut oil isn’t melting… that will happen soon. if you’re feelin’ it, put a teeny tiny drop of vanilla in… if you bake, you know it goes a long way! 

  • the sugar will exfoliate your dead skin and take off the layer of bad energy that is bearing you down.
  • the lemon juice will leave you feeling cleansed and much lighter than you were before. it will reenergize you and heal your wounds.
  • the coconut oil will make your skin soft and put a layer of protection over you to ward off the bad energy.

some other optional stuff

  • if you have access to crystals, place your favorite ones along the side of your bath or in a small bag to be placed in the water with you (but do your research on this… some crystals will deteriorate or even become toxic when submerged). they will help to cleanse the water and the space around you of the negative energy you are shedding. i choose rose quartz to make it easier for me to love, moonstone to compliment my femininity, and good old regular quartz because i find it’s like a sponge for bad energy.
  • place tea lights in the bathroom and do the bath by candlelight… this feels meditative and peaceful.
  • if you follow a pantheon, invoke your chosen deity/deities if you feel inclined, but this can be just a personal affair too. this is for you! otherwise, kindly ask your deity to help heal you or bless your bath waters to be extra-cleansing.
  • get a shampoo and conditioner with something like tea tree in it to promote strength and harmony within yourself… or another herb you feel you could do with the properties of.
  • try to keep your eyes closed for most of the bath.. this will allow you to visualize more. what you physically see doesn’t matter, it’s what your feeling. pay close attention to your body.

the bath

okay, this is the best part. you’ve set all this up for yourself because you deserve it, and you deserve to be free of the weight you are feeling no matter what it is! run the bath at whatever temperature you feel comfortable at (personally, i go with near scalding) but if you haven’t eaten and you can, eat first! if your blood pressure is low and you take a hot bath, you’re at risk to pass out. otherwise, keep the water very temperate. 

wash your hair first. get all the thoughts tangled in there out and make room for newer and happier ones.

take your bowl into the bath with you and place it in the water (it should float) and toss the mixture around with your hands to help it blend. think about how this will clean all the unwanted feelings away and leave you shiny and new again. once it’s mixed, choose a limb and rub it over the skin, imagining that you are scrubbing away dry dirt. repeat this with all of them, and massage them for minutes at a time. if you shave any part of your body, this is the time to do so. this is your temple and you deserve to treat yourself well. brush away any negative thoughts about your body. if you feel any intense dysphoria/dysmorphia/etc, stare at your hands until they become not-your-hands but just-hands. flex and unflex them and watch the flesh fold and pull, lace your fingers together, etc. admire them. they are pretty amazing.

pay careful attention to places you use a lot (i.e. an artist’s hands, a runner’s feet). if you haven’t showered in a while, the water is probably discolored now. this is good.. it’s filled with everything you just freed yourself of. stand up and if you have the patience, watch it disappear down the drain. run yourself under the cold water and your done! you are fresh and free of that weight. you can approach things with new eyes. repeat as necessary. ○

Tonight’s body check…. scale and measurements say I lost 10 pounds and went down from a size 8 (yuck) to a stupid size 6 (boo)*U.S. size of course*. I’m 135lbs currently in this pic (filtered mostly bc my shitty bathroom has wicked bad lighting and I’m so insecure that I NEED filters lol). I’m 5'7 btw. Still hoping and desperately trying to diet, exercise, and heavily restrict cals so I can be at my goal weight of 120lbs ASAP. UGW will forever be 98lbs but I don’t want to get ahead of myself lol. Baby steps… Still have TONS of work to do. Oh and my consultation for my rhinoplasty is only a month away! So excited, hope I can get my nose done within the next year🙏🏻☺️ ❤️

Out of My Hands - Part 6

Summary: The reader, having grown up in foster care after her hunter father left, has found a home with the boys and starts to hunt alongside them. Whether they’re willing to or not.  Sam X Reader

Warnings: Abandonment, self-esteem issues, language, drinking, etc.

Words: 1838

Part One   Part Two   Part Three  Part Four   Part Five

I felt Sam move one hand behind my head, his fingers entwining in my hair, while he brought his other arm around my waist. The kiss had started out gentle, soft and caressing.  Now, he was pulling me closer to him, kissing me harder by the second, devouring me and leaving me breathless.

  All too soon, he was breaking our contact and pushing me away from him, back towards the Impala.

  I struggled to catch my breath, my right hand instinctively lifting as I felt my bottom lip with my fingertips still in disbelief.  I looked up to meet Sam’s eyes.  He looked so conflicted.  So worried.  His eyebrows much more dramatically furrowed than I’d ever seen them.

  “Sam.” I reached out to him.  He immediately recoiled, dropping his eyes to the concrete floor.

  Within seconds, our thoughts were interrupted by the growl of the Shadow’s engine as Dean pulled into the garage.  I glanced behind me at him before turning back to Sam just in time to notice the tears in his eyes as he clenched his jaw, turned and walked away.

  Dean pulled up next to me, blocking my way from running after his brother.  “Hey,” he said, cheery and unaware. “Did I miss something?” he asked, his head turning to Sam’s retreating back and again at me.

  I brought my hands up in frustration, rubbing my temples and trying to relieve the throbbing pain in my head.  “I have no idea,” I answered, my eyes screwed shut.

  “Let’s get you to bed.  I’ll see if I can find some soup and pain meds for you.”  He dismounted my bike and placed the helmet on the seat before putting his hand on my shoulder and coaxing me towards the door.  “Yeah,” I said.  “Okay.”

  Dean stayed a step behind me all the way to the bathroom.  He began to push the door open for me. “Uh, Deano?” I questioned.  

  “Yeah?” he answered quickly, biting his lip.

  “I kinda need to do this part on my own.”  I told him, gesturing to the bathroom.

  “Oh. Yeah.  Yeah definitely.  I’ll get your dinner ready.  Do your…stuff. Then straight to bed.  I’ll bring it in to you.”  He turned and walked towards the kitchen after giving me a concerned once over.

  I’m really not that bad.

  I pushed my way into the bathroom, cursing the fluorescent lighting, as I ran cold water in the sink and rinsed off my face.  I looked up and into the mirror, surveying the damage. Holy shit. A very large bruise was already forming across my throat where Eddie had pinned me.  My eyes were bloodshot with multiple burst blood vessels around them.  There was dried blood on my neck, presumably from hitting my head against the wall.  No wonder they’re freaking out.

  My looks weren’t exactly stellar on a good day.  But if nothing else, the vibrant red made my Y/E/C eyes pop. Gotta find the upside.

  I grabbed my hair bush and attempted to tame my wild hair.  I put it up into a pony tail and began rinsing my neck off.  

  Once the blood was all gone, I rinsed my face once more and hoped for the best.  I heard the bathroom door open while my head was in the sink, dripping with cold water.

  “Uh, Dean.  I’m not done yet.  I’ll go right to bed, just give me a minute.” I berated as I grabbed a towel and dried my face off.  

  When I looked up, it was Sam starring back at me through the mirror.  He leaned back against the door and took a deep breath.

  “Sam.” I turned back around to face him.  

  “We can’t do this.” He said, determined.  

  “Do what?” I asked him.

  “I shouldn’t have kissed you.  I’m sorry for that. It shouldn’t have happened.”  He wasn’t making eye contact with me, avoiding my eyes and speaking softly.

  “Why shouldn’t it have happened?” I implored him as I felt my heart sink into my stomach and my breath catch in my chest.  

  “Y/N, we’re hunters.  We don’t get happy endings. We die young and bloody,  messy, and alone.  There isn’t a happily ever after and we don’t get the luxury of falling in love.  People just end up hurt or dead.  I won’t do that.  Not to you.  There’s no white picket fence, with a dog and two point five kids in our future.”

  “Well.  You sure do know how to sweep a girl off her feet.  I feel so special.  Thanks for that.” I offered, sarcastically, setting my towel down on the sink and making my way to the door, waiting for Sam to move.

  He just stared at me, expectantly and unmoving.

  “Excuse me.”  I growled.  

  “Y/N, just-”

  “No, Sam.  I don’t have to just do anything.  See, apparently I made the mistake of believing that there were actually some sort of feelings that went into that kiss. At least there were on my side.  Still are.  But I guess I was wrong. My mistake and it won’t happen again.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d really like to go to my room and sleep this entire night off.”  I held the tears that had formed in my eyelids back.  One blink and they’d fall.  

  “Y/N, you have to under-”

 “You have to move.  You’re blocking the door.”  I broke eye contact, refusing to look at him.  He sighed and moved over, begrudgingly holding the door open and letting me pass as the first of many tears began to fall from my eyes.

  I pushed into my room, letting the tears fall unfiltered.

  “Shit, Y/N, are you okay?” Dean startled.

  “Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t know you were in here.” I explained, trying to get myself pulled back together.

  “What happened?” he asked me.

  “I’m fine, really.” I lied. “Just saw myself in the mirror.  Hadn’t realized how bad it was.  It’s just overwhelming is all.”

  “Sorry, kid.  You’ve got some soup on the table there and some Tylenol.  That’s the best we’ve got unless you want some whiskey.” he joked.

  “You know, whiskey doesn’t sound too bad right now.” I said, wiping the last of my tears away and heading toward the kitchen.  I grabbed the whiskey bottle out of the bar.  Not bothering with a glass, I took a swig from the neck and groaned as the soothing burn ran down my throat.  My laptop was sitting out on the table, just as I had left it.  I sat down in front of it, still nursing the bottle which was now about a quarter gone.

  “Let’s research.” I said to the empty room. “Find me a case.”

  I scoured news articles and police reports for an hour, looking for any sign of a case and came up with very little.  

  “What are you doing?” I heard a deep voice ask. I looked up to see Sam’s eyes boring into mine.

  “Research. And drinking.” I retorted, taking another gulp from the now ¾ empty bottle.  I turned back to the laptop screen, the words begging to start to double and spin.  I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus.

  “You should be in bed.” Dean stated, walking up behind Sam.

  I let out a frustrated sigh.   “I’m fine.  I’m fully capable of taking care of myself and making my own choices.” I glared at Sam. “There’s no need for anyone to tell me what I should or shouldn’t want or do.”

  “Okay, Ms. Boozey.  Bed. Come on.” Dean practically laughed at me.

  “I’ll take her.” Sam said, patting his brother’s chest and stopping him from approaching me.  He made his way over to me, gently grabbing my hand and forcing me to gasp as that electricity that only his touch seemed to create flowed down my arm. I stood, grabbing the whiskey bottle with my other hand and downing the rest of the liquid.

  “I can take myself.” I snapped, my hand still holding his.  I leaned in close to him. “You’ve already made it clear that taking me isn’t on your to-do list.” I whispered to him, my eyes beginning to water again despite the liquid courage.

  “Come on.” he pleaded. “We need to talk.” I let him lead me to my bedroom, our hands still clasped together as we walked.

  He opened the door and I immediately sat down on my bed.  I picked up the now cold soup Dean had left out for me and sipped at it.  Sam sat down next to me.

  “I really wish we didn’t have to have this conversation while you’re drunk.” He wiped one hand down his face, pulling on his chin before dropping his hand back to his lap.  

  “Well I really wish we didn’t have to have this conversation at all.  And I’m not drunk.”  

  He chuckled.  “Right. An entire bottle of Jack but you’re not drunk.”

  “There’s a difference between drunk and tipsy.  Am I tipsy? Sure.  Mouthier than normal?  Yes.  Is my brain to mouth filter gone? Completely.  But I’m not drunk.  I’m a big tubby girl. It takes more than that bottle to get me wasted.”

  He narrowed his eyes at me, clenching his jaw.  “Stop doing that.” he barked.  I looked at him, confused.  “Tearing yourself down.  I hate it when you do that.  It physically pains me to hear.”  

 I laughed and set down the bowl.  Looking at his face, I knew he meant what he had said.

  “Well, I’m sorry for that, Sam.  Truly, I am.  I don’t mean to hurt you.  You’re the last person I’d ever want to hurt. That’s the problem, isn’t it though?”

  His mouth twitched into a smirk.  I stood up, needing some distance for what I was about to say.  Leaning against my desk, opposite Sam, I collected my thoughts.  “I’ve never had a home before.  You know that.  But I do now.  And most of that is because of you.  I care about you, Sammy.  A lot.  Probably more than I should.  And I think you care about me, too.  If I’m way off base, tell me.  Yeah, it’ll sting but I’d rather rip the band aid off fast. Before it’s just too much to bare.”   I let out the breath I was holding and stared down at my feet.

  Seconds ticked by that felt like an eternity while he stayed silent, and my hopes began to dwindle rapidly.

 Suddenly, Sam stood in front of me, pulling me to him with one hand behind my heck and the other at my hip.  Before I had time to think, his lips were on mine again, ravenous and passionate.

  He pulled his mouth away for just a moment, just long enough to speak. “Does that answer your question?” His eyes gazed back at me.  I nodded, and Sam’s lips were on mine once more.  

Justin Bieber Imagine- Your Reaction To Him Dying His Hair Blonde

After a long day of work you walked in the front door, putting your bag and keys on the kitchen counter. “Justin, I’m home!” you yelled assuming he was upstairs. “I’m up here!” You kicked off your shoes and jogged up the stairs. The bathroom light in the hallway was on so you made your way over. Za walked out of the bathroom and over to you “You’re gonna kick his ass” He whispered to you. “What are you talking about?” Justin’s always up to something. Planning a prank, or going to get a spontaneous tattoo.”WAIT!” He quickly shut the door. “Before I open this door, promise me you won’t be mad” his voice was muffled “Justinn…” You turned to Za and gave him a look. He just raised his hands, implying he had nothing to do with it. “Fine, i won’t be mad” i folded my arms “You promise?” He asked “Just open the-” before you could even finish, the bathroom door swung open, revealing Justin. Your jaw dropped and he was waiting for you to say something. “Do you see that face? That’s a “I’m gonna kick your ass face”” Za teased him “Now kick his ass, i’ve been waiting all night for this” he rubbed he hands together in anticipation. You elbowed him and he groaned. “Justin Drew Bieber, what in the world did you do to your hair?!” I saw the blonde hair dye box sitting my the sink. His hair was completely platinum blonde. “I got bored” he shrugged “And you thought dying your hair was the cure to your boredom?!” You were shocked. “Does it look alright? I mean i’ve been blonde before but I was in middle school” He fixed his hair in the mirror. “Actually it doesn’t look bad” Stepping into the light in the bathroom. “What!” Za threw his hands up “It actually looks really hot” you smiled and Justin and he smirked back at you. “The fuck is this?! You were supposed to- this is a joke right?” Za stood there shaking his head. Justin leaned in to kiss you and you draped your arms over his shoulders. “Alright, i’m out. You guys get it on or whatever” Za said taking that as his queue to leave. You laughed but then hit Justin’s chest. “Idiot” you mumbled “What?” He chuckled at your sudden change in mood “You love it babe, don’t even deny it” He said pulling you back to him before leaning in again. 

Hope you guys liked it, it was so fun to write (: xx


guess who’s officially #WaywardAF 😎 

thank you @kimrhodes4 and @officialbrianab for being the voices that encourage us to accept ourselves and be proud of who we are because we are awesome. you two are queens 💕

(i am also very much enjoying the freedom of no pants jsyk) 

How to feel like you are in a hotel room:

 -take a shower at an odd time of day ie 5pm.come out clean and wet haired to a cool room or one w a heater on. The earliness of the shower will remind u of the times you take a shower earlier so everyone in ur room has a chance to use the washroom before bed

 -after shut the door to your room so you feel connected to others by feeling cozy,comfy, and safe

-bonus: clean your bed sheets so your room smells fresh like when you walk into your hotel room after a day out to the smell of “fresh” sheets creating a new room every time and indicating fresh starts 

- touch up your bathroom everyday

-watch tv live on a television in your room

-wake up early, go downstairs,eat a big breakfast,go back to your room and collect your things for your day out

-go swimming at your local pool or the pool you have (lucky) everyday so the light scent of chlorine always lingers in your room

-do you’re facial routine for the day on the floor near the closet mirror

-dim lights/bad lighting in the bathroom

-do everything in the bathroom after you take a shower ie get dress,brush hair,use toilet etc

-when you are in bed try not to move as much/adjust uncomfortably to your right sleeping position so you don’t disturb the person laying next to you/find new ways to sleep/sleep without your normal sheetings,pillows,home bed accessories