bad lighting

Marinette Dupain-Cheng done in pencil crayon!
The background was so tedious and I coloured it through much suffering…. (I jammed my finger on a basketball )
It was fun, though I’m sure if I spent more time on it, it could be better! Guess who’s next….
Likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!

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I’ve made some progress in my attempt to map out Dunwall.

Best idea ever, have separate pieces that I can fit together like a puzzle. 

This happened when I drew up what I had so far, then played the game, and took note of the introduction to the Hound Pits. Samuel states that they are sitting right under the Lord Regent’s nose. And with that knowledge, I figured out that it must be directly across the river. 

Visiting Clavering proved this better for me because there is no way Clavering could be across from the Tower, because Kalwin Bridge is to the right if you’re looking at the water. And the clock tower is across the way and behind the Bridge. 

So now we have this. 

Suddenly Dunwall got A LOT larger.

(for reference of my first attempt, and the difference)

If anyone has any suggestions of things to include, I am really looking for some help! Feel free to reblog with opinions, but please feel free to message me directly as well!