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if ow confirms that idk reyes did do some shit and that the entire thing was his fault or some garbage, i’m seriously going to back the fuck away from it. i’m so fucking tired. i’m not being a ‘baby’ it’s not only bad writing i’m so fucking exhausted of people making black, latino men the villains i’m so fucking tired.

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I feel bad being Latino and pale skinned, my heart loves tamales but my skin reflects sun... I would prefer to be brown

I struggle just like you, I myself wish I was brown too jaja even just a little, but hey that doesn’t make us less latinos honey, being pale skinned doesn’t mean we can’t eat tamales, sing baladas, dancing bachata or merengue, you and I are both Latinos and tbh we can say we love brown skin so dark latinos can see their skin isn’t something to be ashamed of or disliked at all!!


“ It sickens me. It makes me ill whenever my economy gets weak(er). Usually cold. But I’m okay overall, it’s not the first time The dolar gets in its diva mood and practically destroys not only MY currency but also many others.
( Latin american countries too, Brazil and Venezuela have it A LOT worse than me, however it doesn’t make me feel any less sick or relieved ) 

I’m not as bad as other Latino countries because my economy is slightly  more developed than others.

Let me explain this to you, My economy is very volatile. As almost all latin american countries, My economy is based in exportations. Being manufactured products the most importants. This is what “saves” me from a huge economical crisis like in other parts of the world, because even when I export A LOT Raw materials (that are a lot cheaper) manufactures are an important part so they’re my life vest.
However, Sadly 70% of my exportations go to the US and whenever he’s recovering from his own problems, I GET SICK. My currency is intimately Related to the US Dollars. Probably more than Euro itself. and when the dollar increases its value because America is getting off his own crisis, MY currency goes down hill.

And followed by If I had to explain it easier… Mexican peso is like many other Latin american curriencies: they are the teenagers of Currency. They are “moody” and drama queens.

This is not the first time my currency acts like a woman in her period, the older mexicans must be completely used to see the currency going up and down.
Sadly this time it looks terrible because of my actual situation of insecurity and high poverty rates due to the global economic situation and MY LAZY ARSE BOSSES.

It all brings me dark memories from the 90s…  “

     “A lot of prejudices are the result of ignorance and your environment. I grew up in a New York neighborhood where everyone around me looked like me, and anyone who didn’t was bad. If you were white, you were bad. If you were Latino, you were bad. You hear those things from friends and family, and when you grow up in such an environment, you come to believe it. Someone’s different, therefore he must be bad.
     "Before I got into the military, the only time I saw people of different ethnicities and cultures was either on TV or in passing, and I had already made up my mind about them. Then I had to work with these people for six years in the Navy. I saw that they listened to the same music, hated the same subjects in high school, had the same complaints as I did. I was stationed in Iraq, and everybody wanted the same things. They wanted their kids to go to school and be successful. They didn’t want to be around crime. They wanted a part of the good life. They wanted a fair society. In fact, some of the nicest people I ever met was when I was overseas. I realized that it doesn’t matter how you look. If you’re decent, you’re decent. If you’re not, you’re not.”

Boston, MA


“Diablo is such a bad sterotype for Latinos!”

“Why do people like him?! He killed his kids and wife! He’s HORRIBLE.”

“Y'all are saying you wanna date him, but he’d probably kill you too”

“Diablo and Harley? He would set her on fire, good lord, don’t ship that.”

“Eughhh, he’s so SCARY. And looks so creepy…”

(Gestures to images up above, which made up about half of a comic book, there’s a lot more that I couldn’t fit)
You sure about all those things?

You’re telling me a man who says “Howdy, folks” is awful. Listen, I know we didn’t get to see a lot of Diablo, but please know that he’s truly a sweet guy. Someone who’s just trying to be the hero again and attempt to make up for what he did. He swore to never hurt a woman nor child, and he never has to this day. This is the man who politely asked for an awful villain to defend themselves, just because he didn’t want to just hurt someone without them having a chance (and to justify his right to fight) Spread the word about El Diablo, Chato Santana, or any other name. He deserves to be known as the beautiful man he is, and the man who deserves a second chance at life. At everything.