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What do you call it when people change the gendered words and narrator’s pronouns in songs, even when they mess up the rhyme in the process?


For @mellie-art whose artwork made me feel all emotional and induced an urge to do a quick Killing Joke tribute before sleep. Ow, and it’s 3 am…

Turtles man

heya thanks for 666 pals!! i thought since this is one of the only numbers that matters i’d do another blog rate! it’ll be simple with a lil’ twist


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Daily Bisexual Fact:  

Bisexuals, those most mythical and ethereal of creatures, must all embark on epic quests in order to escape the Eternal Closet of Despair,  On these quests, they will constantly do battle with…

The Dark Lord of Heteronormativity. 


Powers of the bisexual: Invisibility, charm, and wit.

Weaknesses of the bisexual:  Mislabeling, prone to exclusion, and sponge cake (no bisexual can resist it).  

anonymous asked:

You know sci, we would all stop asking about they boys sex life if we had a place to indulge in that part of our curiosity... in fact that's what I thought notagreatidea had been for. Just a suggestion, if you brought that back, mabe we would stop asking, we got needs Sci! Watching DP and SM talk and hang out and be buddy's and living their lives is amazing! But somtimes we desire the nasy! Will you ever just throw us a smut bone dear mod?

What I’m ultimately getting from your message is “I’m here for the sex”, in which case you’re in the wrong place because this blog is about bad jokes and occasional feelings. I don’t want this blog to become a fantasy-indulging blog. That has been generally like the opposite of my intention for this blog. 

Wade says it best 👇 

If you want your fantasies indulged, there are a lot of other places you can get your fix in every corner of the internet. Including my pixiv account (cursed place). If it’s something that gains a lot of interest, I could start posting some racier ask-spiderpool content onto Patreon for those who’d like to support the blog and have a little extra fun. If you guys are into it, that is.