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Such a good chapter! If there is any chance, may I ask that Jamie get a little break with the lawyers and the judge since he sure didn't with Ned and the Laoghaire situation in the book?! I always thought it was so ridiculous the way that whole part was written. Laoghaire cleaned him out after almost killing him. So unrealistic considering Jenny Murray was sitting in that room ready for bear. - haha. Thanks for listening Lenny and have a nice weekend!

Thanks, I’m glad you liked the latest chapter!

This is definitely a situation where canon isn’t at all applicable to what I’m writing. It’s a completely different situation so I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking/requesting (and I already know how it goes down so even if I did understand what you’re after, I’m not changing it from my original plan). 

As for my opinions on Jenny Murray and Voyager, I have an analysis/meta post planned focusing on her and Claire’s relationship, especially in Voyager but it’s going to be a while before I get to it (spoiler: I see and understand where Jenny is coming from and knowing she’s a Fraser and how they react, I have zero problems with how it’s handled in the book; I don’t dislike Jenny for it, any more than I dislike Bree for throwing a poker through a window when she heard that Frank wasn’t her father).

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As soon as Deacon opened his mouth I was like ooohhHHHHH NOOO


I was a little angry at how predicable I was!! The lying, sarcastic, self-deprecating shady fuck who’s actually a nerd w/ a heart of gold? I have a type okay– 

So much about Deacon is shrouded with mystery, because that’s exactly the way he wants it, and I just love characters I can really sink my teeth into to figure out. My fav thing about him is how chill he tries to be, when there are very obvious moments where he’s anything but that, and I REALLY need more moments of serious/conflicted!Deacon

*Prays for DLC w/ companion dialogue*