bad jawn


When you see a bad lil jawn 👀🤷🏾‍♂️ Lol

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A scandal in belgravia: a summary
  • Irene: let's get dinner
  • Sherlock: ok I'll invite John
  • Irene: let's make out
  • Sherlock: srry I'd rather do that with John
  • Irene: sex
  • Sherlock: that doesn't alarm me
  • Sherlock: because one word ...
  • Sherlock: ... jawn
  • Bad guys: we're gonna kill Irene
  • Sherlock: who? Oh. Okay cool lol just don't get blood on my carpet
  • Bad guys: ok we'll hurt John
  • Sherlock: oh my fucking gosh what do you want??? I'll do anything just don't hurt him. Please.
  • Bad guys: we'll hurt mrs. Hudson
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: you're going to die
  • Bad guys: *dies*

Damn, apparently Kyrie Irving took a big ass L. Bruh got played by that Kehlani jawn smh. Bad enough shit like that go down, but for that shit to play out on social media is terrible.