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This nigga!! The test results came back normal outside of some pretty bad vitamin and iron deficiencies that I can afford the medicine for because it’s almost completely covered by my new insurance!! As far as the pain, I’m cleared to go back to work on Monday if my new pain management works!! As far as my mental health, this just did a lot for it!! I feel so positive and happy. There’s nothing wrong with having lupus, but I was not hoping or prepared for that diagnosis and I’m so fucking grateful to be free of that worry. PHEW. Shit.

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When the Chitauri, as a final blow, gave Tony a glimpse into Peter’s dark DARK future.

okay but…james rhodes’ mad scientist aesthetic. the kid went to MIT to study aviation engineering, he is a little nerd, okay. so like. imagine mit era rhodey and tony renting out a lab space in school to share for the school year (other science/engineering students are like “???are they allowed to do that???” and honestly the professors don’t know but they’re pretty sure howard stark came and made the dean cry when he tried to tell them no so they’re just letting it happen.)

everyone expects Tony’s half of the lab to be messy and for him to always have something slightly on fire.

what they don’t expect is rhodey’s fucking catastrophe of a work station. there are spare piece of metal everywhere, empty coffee cups, old to-go boxes. his computer is missing its back panel because he cannibalized it for parts. he once fell asleep there with goggles on and had an indent on his forehead for days. There was an Incident That We Don’t Talk About™, that left his neck and chest GREEN. (D O N O T A S K W H Y H E I S L E G A L L Y N O T A L L O W E D T O S A Y) He’s not quite covered in oil or grease, but his dark circles are in a league of their own, and his hands and arms are permanently littered with bruised and cuts and burns from building prototypes, and experiments gone wrong. Just, James Rhodes’ being a scientist.

dont pay money to see bad movies ironically just sneak in or pirate it. money tells the industry u want more garbage instead of good things

One of the greatest things about Spiderman homecoming?

Not only Peter, canonically a teenager, is portrayed by a teenager. HE 👏 ALSO 👏 FUCKING 👏 BEHAVES 👏 LIKE 👏 ONE
Like, teenagers make mistakes, okay? They fuck shit up, get scared and generally don’t behave in a mature way. Because, well, they’re not mature, they’re damn teenagers. And every single Spiderman movie ever made completely forgot about that. But not homecoming, sir, not homecoming. I feel blessed.