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     [ Just realized that I never posted this here~ but fun fact, this is the very first drawing of Professor Kukui I ever did lol way back before the games even came out! 

     Surprisingly… I still kinda like it haha! ]


history + aunts/uncles with a positive influence over their nephews (requested by anonymous)

A few stories about my worst job ever

I was working at a boutique shop, in the downtown core of a tourist town. I was the *only* employee (except for a month) that worked at this store. I worked 6 days a week, 9 hours a day because she could not afford to hire another person.

-I was under no circumstances allowed to lock the door during business hours (9 hours). This meant I wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom or get food. She told me if I need to “go number 2” to call her and she would come down to watch the store.
-The owner took all chairs out of the store so I could not sit at all. She told me that was the reason.
-the owner would tell me exactly how to do something. I would do it exactly how she asked. She would come in after close to change it.
-The owner hired her friends (not that great of friends) daughter for a bit. She was 18 or something. The girl told me she didn’t like the owner at all. So one day, the owner came in and asked what the girl was doing after work. The girl told her we (me and her) were going to get food. The owner, in front of me, said “I will not allow you to hang out with her. She is a bad influence.” Now not that it matters but sure I can be a bad influence, but tbh the girl was a bad influence on me lol. After that the owner would come in right before close to make sure the girl wasn’t going to hang out with me. She would invite her out for dinner, and I would bug her by saying “well where’s my invite???” She would get all up in arms “it’s different, I know we parents” blah blah then as the would leave id yell after the girl “see you at 9!” Because we would still hang out because fuck the owner.
-the owner blamed her failing business on me. I wasn’t selling enough. Literally no one came in to the store. It was shit merchandise. It was not my fault. I was wonderful when people came in and I did sell something to everyone that came in, but no one came in. (They went bankrupt right after the fired me.)
-The owner fired me by coming in one afternoon, and locking the door behind her. I said, “thought we aren’t allowed to lock the door?” And she says, “hand me your key.” I laughed right in her face and go “fucking finally!” She yelled after me but I just flipped her off.

It was the worst. There’s more but apparently I’ve blocked them from my memory thank goodness hahaha


Lmao I asked my friend Xiomi about how it’s going over in Santo Domingo since she went there with her boyfriend for their anniversary and pffffft. She sent me this video by La Materialista which means she’s having a great time. This video is NSFW even if you don’t understand Spanish lyrics.

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Hello!~ have you ever got anon hate from anti hannigram?? How do you deal with it bc it's getting tired to recived anon hate from that people every fcking second of the day :((( (I need support guys, these anons are being so rude and told me to kill myself) :((((

Ohhhhh yes. Most of the time I don’t answer. I’ve posted answers twice in the last 3 years with the fandom jumping on board to help (as they do with all of us). Those were just bad days. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this on a regular basis. ❤️ I hate when people fuck with this fandom. To be honest, though, I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask how to deal with it. I tend to be a bad influence, lol. My answer would be either ignore them to the point where the lack of attention is torture to them- and feed on it- or scare the *living fuck* out of them. Or…tell them to come talk to me and I’ll scare the fuck out of them. ;) (See? Bad influence. Lol.)

"Bands like 5sos are a bad influence on children"

lol no

•For one night only, 5sos put heartbreak girl on the set list because a little kid from ‘Make a wish’ said it was their favourite song

•Ashton’s childhood was being a father to his siblings

•Calum and his sister Mali act like best friends

•They wrote a song about accepting who you are, and being okay with it

•Michael gave one of his wristbands to a girl after he noticed she’d self harmed

•5sos still continue to say that have idols even if they are globally famous

•Calum says he’s glad he can make his dad proud

•Michael spends his home visits playing just dance with his parents

•Ashton defended his sister on twitter when she was being bullied

•5sos sent loads of food out to the line of people waiting to meet them

•They cancelled their home visit to play 5 FREE concerts for people that couldn’t get tickets or couldn’t afford tickets

•They remind us that it’s okay to still have fun, even at 21

•Michael tweeted about being respectful to women

•When Michael had a mean song written about him he was mature about it

•5sos, unlike many others, don’t call out people on twitter and cause arguments

•Michael had his hair burnt off on stage and Calum burnt his arm as they still played a show the next day

•When Ashton was in hospital the only thing he was worried about was letting the fans down

•Luke always seems great with kids judging by the photos we see when they visit home

•Ashton brought his little brother to an interview and sat on the floor talking to him

•5sos still act surprised that people like them even though they currently stand at 7 million twitter followers

•Calum reminded us that we should never look down on people

•Luke took Liz on tour with the band and they refer to her as “The band mum”

•It’s often that people feel embarrassed going to a concert with their parents so the band always talk to their family and make them feel okay about it

•They show us that we can achieve our dreams

•Ashton treats his mum like a princess and bought her flowers and a pandora bracelet

•Stop saying they’re bad for us

I am writing this latest request and haha I love it. Abe and Rosita are like the too cool for school, bad influences in this one lol. 

Also, Rosita just nicknamed Daryl, “Big D.” 

Inside the spontaneous writer’s mind…

This one is going to be a great one though, I am super excited to post it! Only about halfway through, but one of my more recent favorites. I love writing Abe and Rosita opposite each other and they basically double dog dare her to go on this mission. lol.

Daryl’s gonna be all worried as hell when he finds out she is gone… 

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1, 16, 20, 21, 31 for Junya! A Good Boy

Snarky boy :)

1. What is their favorite word?

If he’s being honest, it’s fuck. He can’t exactly swear in front of his father and his associates because he has to appear proper, so he finds it liberating to just say it when he can (Hayato’s a bad influence lol). Also, it encompasses his feelings about everything lmao

16. Do they ascribe to any religion?

Yes he does, similar to his father. Though he doesn’t practice religion as piously as Shuichi does. He’s more superstitious than he is religious.

20. Tell me about their love interests?

He doesn’t have a current love interest, but all the people he’s dated have all broken up with him because of his sharp tongue inability to mince words :( 

Honestly, his ideal partner is someone who could see past his appearances and accept him for who he is. If he were to date anyone in the group, he’d probably date Naoko or Hayato lol triple espresso //cough

21. What sexuality/gender suits them?

He identifies as male, and his sexual orientation is bisexual with no preference. 

31. Tell me about their aesthetic?

green studyblr + plants for sure