bad in plaid

Okay but seriously

It’s been wonderful seeing all the Dad!Gabriel and Dad!Jack ideas going around for when Jesse first joins Blackwatch, but y’all are missing the PRIMEST OF PRIME opportunities here:

Jesse with not one BUT TWO Commander Dads with bad puns, dad jokes, and a whole slew of embarrassing ideas.


Gabriel basically rescues and adopts Jesse from Deadlock

Jack: …well. This is it, Jack.
Jack: you’re a dad now.
Jack: time to be a loving and supporting partner to your husband in this endeavor, and a responsible and warmhearted role model to this poor kid who has had so much go wrong in his young life.
Jack: …
Jack: guess I gotta learn how to golf now.  
Jack: …
Jack: and also buy all my clothes from Costco.                      

Five minutes later

Gabriel: …what the actual fuck are you wearing
*Jack in Hawaiian button up, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jack: …
Jack: we’re dads now, Gabe.
Gabriel: …
Gabriel: shit you’re right

Five minutes later

Jesse comes outside into the break area of the Watchpoint.

Jesse: hey, y'all seen my hat anywhere? I think Fareeha hid it - CHICKEN ON A DONKEY WHAT THE FUCK
*Jack and Gabe practicing really bad golf swings in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and socks and sandals*
Jack: hello, kiddo
Gabe: sup, chico
Jesse: …
Jesse: Hey uh
Jesse: can I choose to go to jail instead      

Twenty minutes later

Ana: I should have expected this from you, Jack
Ana: but you too, Gabriel?? I expected better from you
Torbjörn: …you expected better from Gabriel “I wear my beanie in New Mexico” Reyes?
Gabriel: I detect some sarcasm there
Jack: Ana…Ana, don’t you see?
Ana: ??
Jack: we have a TEENAGER living in the base with us
Ana: …
Torbjörn: …
Reinhardt: …team, we know what we must do

Five minutes later

Jesse: still can’t find my hat - CHEESE WHIZ ON A CRACKER WHAT
*Entire Strike team in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jesse: …
Jack: …we’re all dads now

Twenty years later

In the theater on the Hollywood map

Jesse: …
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
Shiver Reaper: hey, chico
Golden 76: how ya doin’, kid?
Jesse: …
Hanzo: …do you know these people, Jesse?
Jesse: …nah
Lúcio: introduce us to your friends!
Jesse: …extra hell nah
Golden 76: hey Jesse
Golden 76: watch this!
*Golden 76 starts doing push ups*
Hanzo: …
Lúcio: …
Sombra: …
Jesse: how.  why.
Shiver Reaper: …like you’re one to talk
Shiver Reaper: you look ridiculous
Jesse: …
*flashbacks to late adolescent and young adult years of his foster fathers in bad polo shirts and ugly plaid pants and Daredevil 76 and Pumpkin Reaper*
*Jesse McCree has left the game.*
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
*Reaper and Soldier: 76 high-five*
Golden 76: We still got it.

(I cannot believe I have to add this but do not tag this as mc*/reyes//76 or any variation thereof)

Okay, so @stanchez-sloppy-seconds pretty much inspired me to make my own Rick. I absolutely love their Ricardo and I kinda wanted to give designing a Rick a try.

So this is C-821 Rick, aka Runway Rick. He’s a male model as well as a genius, but likes to keep up with the latest fashions more than he does going on adventures with his Morty. Half the time he’s criticizing his grandson’s fashion choices–which are honestly bad. Plaid with paisley? Come on Morty, you can’t just mix patterns willy-nilly!

Jake Dillinger wasn’t a bad kid. Then again, he wasn’t a good kid either.

Good kids didn’t sneak out of town with their best friends and drink until they could almost forget the world.

Forget that they’d be (once again) coming home to an empty house, an empty bed.

Good kids didn’t fail all of their classes and spend their summer in summer school.

(He met Rich there, a shock of red shooting through his hair, and his voice lisping on the Spanish he tried to pronounce- Rich always hated his lisp. Maybe that’s why it disappeared. Which was… annoying. The lisp had always been cu- /endearing./ Always been endearing. Not cute. How weird would that be? Girls were cute. Not his best friend. Not a boy. Boys were for gay people and Jake- Jake was NOT gay. Good kids weren’t gay. (At least that’s what his father said.) (Before he left.) Good kids were straight and didn’t wear their best friends socks and cry themselves to sleep at night because their parents weren’t there anymore. Good kids were strong.)

Good kids didn’t wear red hoodies with pins stuck in them like abandoned interests. Abandoned dreams that stuck to you like sap that wouldn’t ever come off. They wore plaid.

(Plaid had always been Jake’s least favorite.)

(His parents loved plaid.)

Bad kids… bad kids… bad kids flunked school.


Bad kids do drugs and alcohol and throw huge parties and always have bruised knuckles from a fight or punching the wall or hitting themself again and again and /again/ until the marks are permanent.


Bad kids wear hoodies and don’t wear plaid and have dumb thoughts about their best friend looming above them like a wingless angel, freckles tattooed across their body in a sporadic array of constellations on their skin and red and blonde hair dripping sweat onto the bed-

(… Check.)

Bad kids have hickies from a girl they don’t love and don’t think they could ever really love.


(Sorry Chloe.)

Bad kids… bad kids are Jake Dillinger.

(Well shit.)

Vas happenin’ here’s time traveling/age difference ziam (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

Heya! Hope you're having a good day. Onwards with trenchcoat discourse, 'cos that seems to be a hot topic about now. I always thought the coat was a cute quirk. Let me explain: When Cas is ready to possess him Jimmy goes and puts on a suit. The angels all wear suits so maybe this is standard procedure. But it's cold out so Jimmy puts this trenchcoat on top, perhaps expecting Cas to take it off after. But no. Cas leaves it on. Maybe he didn't notice. Or maybe he chose to keep it. And I like that.

Hey! Thanks I hope you are too!

See the thing with the trench coat is that it has become a symbol of Castiels ‘angel uniform’. I don’t think there is anything in canon that specifies that angels have to wear a suit, just that visually for symbolic purposes angels are made to look formal. The same way that demons generally wear suits in later seasons but their suits are much darker colours than the angels outfits. The ongoing dress code of business attire seems to run through both heaven and hell.

Clothing generally is chosen very carefully and specifically in Supernatural (you have probably heard meta writers go on about Dean’s red shirt of bad decisions, or his bisexual plaid (though that is kind of a joke as well as being sort of serious)). With Cas, his outfit also reflects his state throughout the series. 

The original trench coat did start off as Jimmy’s, and whilst we have no real way of knowing if it was Cas who encouraged Jimmy to put on a suit and trench coat, or if it was just a regular outfit for Jimmy, Cas seemed to like it enough to keep it. I always loved the original trench coat as well. Especially after Dean carried it around for so long making it a symbol of Cas’s return and proof that Dean never really let him go: “I always thought you’d come back” he said when he finally returned the coat.

The fact that Cas cleaned the coat and got himself a new suit in season 8 after purgatory proved how much he had grown attached to it. It is only in season 9 once he was human and broke that he had to get rid of it, thus symbolically shedding himself of every part of his angelic being, with nothing left but his humanity. 

When Cas does steal some grace and “angel up” again, the first thing he does is find himself another trench coat. This time one HE chose. But it also became a symbol of the broken angel, the angel with the stolen grace, the angel who went through so much pain at the hands of his brothers and sisters, the angel with the burnt and broken wings. The angel who was lost. This trench coat became the symbol of Cas’s ‘decay’ period. A period of time in the show where he drastically deteriorated in both mental and physical state to the point where, by the end of season 12, even though he was finally starting to realise that he had a home and a family who loved him, and who he loved in return, it still wasn’t enough to stop another creature coming along, and looking inside his vulnerable mind. The fact that he was so desperate for a win, to do something GOOD, that he was manipulated again. “sock puppetted” as Dean said, and whilst Jack may have meant well (just like Ephraim meant well in 9x06) Cas still ended up loosing his life.

The later trench coat therefore from a symbolic perspective, MUST go. All signs point to season 13 as Cas’s “transformation” period. I desperately hope that the later trench coat will be burned in 13x01. Because I want Cas to rise from the ashes anew. So that when he DOES return to the human world, he will find himself something NEW to wear, because then we will KNOW that his transformation arc is something the creators are really thinking about. If they take costume design so seriously, (like the previous costume choices on the show prove they do) there is no excuse to keep Cas in that awful ill fitting trench coat that is a symbol of his mental and physical decay since season 9. 

Having said that though, if Cas really is just waking up in some other realm *cough*the empty*cough*. Then chances are he will imagine himself in that bloody trench coat and for the first few episodes he is in, he will be wearing the coat anyway. 

Here’s hoping that when he does find himself back in the real world, he will wake up naked, in a hunky body rebuilt for him (because the original body burned) and have to wear something else ( preferably a black leather trench coat right out of the matrix movies.) Imagine the look on Dean’s face if he showed up dressed like that though? So because of all of those reasons, I am team ‘burn the coat. Even though I loved the original and wouldn’t mind seeing that again.