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When you got all these destroyed sibling relationships in Naruto: 

  • Nawaki and Tsunade
  • Hashirama and his brothers.
  • Madara and his brothers.
  • Itachi and Sasuke.
  • Asura and Indra
  • The entire Uzumaki Clan
  • The entire Uchiha Clan
  • Senju clans

But the Sand Siblings just out here prospering 💁

come this way m'lady
come this way m'lady

i haven’t got a quiet room to record in and i wish i wasn’t being being interrupted every take i did…. so…..

i am aware i have a british accent and that @fnafitup was broken by the thought of mr murderfurry saying M’LADY…. and here we are, making myself even more british and creepy. I also got out my springtrap wip mask to record this so you all have the authentic bad dave experience. welcome to fnaf trash hello kiddos have fun i guess oh man i wish i could have done three more takes of this blergh


Post-College Daze Rhys and Jack :3c

(College AU)

anonymous asked:

Fics where jimin works somewhere and yoongi sees him and keeps coming back? (Preferably not coffee shop aus I've read so many but if you have some fav coffee shop ones I'll check them out!!)

Pink Spoons and Gay Sprinkles

A Game of Three (And Won By Two)

i fear to find mine eye to great a flatterer for my mind (even so quickly may one catch the plague?)

So, are you fluent in flowers? 

Not a Robot-Fucker: A Biography by Min Yoongi

Bubble Tea Crush

is this really just a one day sale (because i think i want you every day)

all the ones and zeroes

not so bad, after all

You’re Hotter than a Hot Cheeto

i don’t care if you’re not sorry, i forgive you 

give me thirty days (to fall in love with you) (coffee shop au)

(100) Days of Sugar (coffee shop au)

and check out this list for flower shop AUs

BTOB Reaction: When you get a new haircut

Eunkwang: It`s amazing on you!

Changsub: Damn you look hot

Minhyuk: Nice! Let me take a closer look

Hyunsik: Ah, you look so nice I think I got butterflies in my stomach again

Peniel: You look very pretty

Ilhoon: This hairstyle is great on you

Sungjae: Not bad. You got hotter.

- Vivian ヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)


1. The list of people I want to kill grows and grows. WTF psycho mom and aunt of heroine! Manuel manages to smuggle a letter to Matilde to assure he is alive and mom burns it because she doesn’t want her daughter to be with a penniless, wanted man (!!!!) What the hell, lady! But then she’s always been an epic bitch. The aunt is all “I am good and helpful but ehhh, I always do what my evil sister wants so I won’t tell my deeply grieving niece the truth.” WTF!!! Die! Also, evil mom wrote a reply from Matilde’s name and I am sure it says awful things. And now they are leaving town so Manuel couldn’t track them. Talk about MIL from hell.

2. Being a rebel with manly stubble made Manuel even hotter. Too bad he gets shot by govt soldiers.

3. I continue to dig Amadeo Corona. He and Manuel should be sexy stubbly BFFS.


Can we please kill the lie that women are interested in personality and men are interested in looks?

It’s sexist to both men and women. In most circumstances, most men and most women are interested in both personality and looks.

Hey, “nice guy”? The reason she doesn’t want you isn’t because she only goes after “bad boys”, it’s because that “bad boy” is way hotter than you. You’ll notice you don’t really seem women hanging out around county jails where all the “bad boys” are because most of those dudes are hideous. There’s a reason sexy-as-fuck celebrities get more fan mail than repeat offenders. Yeah, I know you’re upset, but that’s because you believed the lie that’s been fed to you for years (by men and women alike) that its only whats on the inside that counts. That is bullshit of the highest grade, son. The outside matters, too. Probably because there are about five million dudes on this planet who are exactly as nice as you are but can bench more and have fashion sense. That’s the breaks.