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Strilonde Humanstuck Headcanons!

I had too many headcanons so yeah the shortened Strilonde version. I’ll make a troll version later
-The striders and lalondes are cousins.
-Twins run in their family
-Dave and davesprite are twins. Davesprite is also call Sprite because why not. Dirk and Hal are also twins.
- Sawtooth and Squarewave are the Strider butlers
-Davepetasprite is bro and the disciple’s kid. They aren’t together tho, just a weird one night stand that resulted in Davepetasprite. Who lives with the leijons and are called Petra or Pete.
-Jasprosesprite is Rose’s bubbly twin sister Jasper who named their cat Jaspers and tried to convince Rose that she didn’t name him after herself.
- Jasper ends up dating Nepeta when they’re 17
- They both start dating Feferi a year later
-Bro and Mom Lalonde are twins
-Alpha Dave and Alpha Rose are twins.
-Mom Lalonde and Alpha Rose are married.
-Alpha dave tragically died. He was filming a movie and a set fell on him
- Dave and Sprite were only 2 years old when Alpha Dave died. Dirk and Hal were 3.
-Bro got depressed after that and thus drank himself to death for two years. Petra was conceived during this time making them 4 years younger then Dave,Sprite, and Nepeta.
-Bro goes to rehab after Petra’s born and gets better.
- He starts dating Dad Egbert when Petra’s like 5
-Cal is this creepy prop from one of Alpha Dave’s movie that Dirk took and now has in his room. Hal steals it every once in a while.

tfw you almost kill your girlfriend so you chew out your tongue to make it up to her.


i found this and i have no idea if anyone drew it yet, but i had to draw johndave for this one. trash shhh 

based on the fact that both probably have to see eachothers eyes before they change, i’m sure jack shit would happen until dave reveals his eyes. Dave would of course immediatly recognize his own red unique color, but refuse to let john see his until he’s confessed his love. wouldnt want john to fall for him because of some obligatory soulmate bullshit reason. 

i love aus

this was going to be a 50-panel visual song for my detective AU (in which humans and trolls coexist on earth), but it’s been sitting on my computer for like a year and i’m never gonna finish it ´A`

the song i was going to use is I Love You by Woodkid ft Angel Haze. listen to it it’s amazing


augggh the new chapter is SOO good.  i love that finding out about kankri’s blood color flipped some sort of switch for AR, like “o i c, you’re a pariah too? in THAT case we can be hatefriends” except in a totally believable way

jsut?? @curlicuecal writes all these characters so well???  the narrative voice is like a cornucopia of character-appropriate linguistic delights like “fey kick of energy” augkadjfsildfjl; i have nothing coherent to say on this topic anymore *throws art*

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if you're still taking request I thought the demon au was really cool. I would love to see some more of that. also your art is awesome!

ya sure i love this au tbh

idk what you were expecting but i dont think it was this lmao


<Connie is looking at the photograph with an almost pained expression on her face. As she looks up at you, her grimace turns into a weak smile.>

“It really sticks with you, you know? All the media we consume, the people we encounter. Everybody grows and changes in their own way, you know? Me… I choose to let it change me for the better.”

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yo goob,,, my man........... my pal, i lov ur bad kids au to the bone do u got any more sick headcanons abt the whole au or abt johndave in the au?

i guess i could go into further detail concerning johndave, or at least kinda where the stuff started;

  • they originally met in middle school (the whole friend group did, really. excluding john and rose of course who are in this au biological brother and sister, and have been living together ever since john was born). at the time, john was just kind of a general meme loving rascal who got in consistent trouble. dave and john kicked off friendship because teachers were unfair to john because of his general behavior bc the kid was struggling with family stuff real bad and struggled with school work. dave stood up for the dude and because he’s dave in doing so landed himself in detention alongside john. john appreciated someone else finally standing up for him and not just kicking him under the wayside, and to return the favor he helped show dave how to sneak out of detention and they spent the rest of the day messing around at a shitty arcade.
  • dave’s crush developed near the end of middle school when john finally had a moment of vulnerability near christmas– the week of he’d left the lalonde household and just kind of showed up at dave’s place because he couldn’t handle the festivity family stuff that was going on, along with the fact that there was apparently a gift from his dad under the tree which had been delivered through the mail which freaked him out p bad. a day or two into staying over at dave’s he kinda flipped his shit and just let out a whole mess of shit, getting really frustrated and angry to the point where his eyes were getting kinda watery. in the moments afterwards where john just kinda stayed there on the couch leaning against dave and letting the dude hold him, dave was hit with the overwhelming need to be there for the dude and to make sure he never got really fucked over again the way his dad ended up doing. lowkey found himself kind of freaking a bit because the rest of the night before early morning when john decided to finally go back home and try to face some of the shit, dave found himself getting caught up in a lot of little things about john that he cherished. thus began a painful infatuation

How 8a-a-a-ad can we 8e?
We’re ju$t doing what come$ naturally.
How 8a-a-a-ad can we 8e?
We’re ju$t following our de$tiny.

how ba-a-a-ad can we be 
were ju$t doin what come$ natunally
how ba-a-a-ad can we be 
how bad can we po$$ibly be 

Request from superethanworld with his Lorax AU! These poses were amazingly fun to draw and execute and the song is unbelievably catchy. 

Post sburb au where all the kids are living together and Jade volunteers to go grocery shopping and dave goes along with her because he just KNOWS it will end bad (and he really wants poptarts) and then everything is crazy and Jade has no clue what she’s doing and Dave just gives up and throws randome shit in the cart and at the end of it all neither of them are ever allowed to do the shopping again because all they bought was juice and dog treats and a thousand of those stupid toys they sell on racks in the aisles because they were just SO.DAMN.NEAT.