bad homestuck aus


i found this and i have no idea if anyone drew it yet, but i had to draw johndave for this one. trash shhh 

based on the fact that both probably have to see eachothers eyes before they change, i’m sure jack shit would happen until dave reveals his eyes. Dave would of course immediatly recognize his own red unique color, but refuse to let john see his until he’s confessed his love. wouldnt want john to fall for him because of some obligatory soulmate bullshit reason. 

i love aus

here is. A Thing. remember like ten years ago when i mentioned that i now have a bird guy au where dave is (predictably) a bird guy (and this ones separate from my other bird guy aus bc daves a magic bird guy instead of a science bird guy)

anyway heres one of his eyes

How 8a-a-a-ad can we 8e?
We’re ju$t doing what come$ naturally.
How 8a-a-a-ad can we 8e?
We’re ju$t following our de$tiny.

how ba-a-a-ad can we be 
were ju$t doin what come$ natunally
how ba-a-a-ad can we be 
how bad can we po$$ibly be 

Request from superethanworld with his Lorax AU! These poses were amazingly fun to draw and execute and the song is unbelievably catchy. 

deafeningly loud - bad kids mix

i am very invested in this au so here have a playlist. listen here on 8tracks or on spotify (i recommend spotify bc it’s a long one and you can only skip so many songs on 8tracks. also spotify is just good)

  1. bad kids//black lips
  2. nothing to worry about//peter bjorn and john
  3. pieces of the people we love//the rapture
  4. lampshades on fire//modest mouse
  5. golden years//david bowie
  6. i walked alone//yacht
  7. the suburbs//arcade fire
  8. mile end//pulp
  9. tongues (rac remix)//joywave
  10. sweet n sour//waterbed
  11. time to pretend//mgmt
  12. delancey//tidus
  13. where is my mind//pixies
  14. don’t get lost in heaven//gorillaz
  15. all the time//bahamas
  16. feels like we only go backwards//tame impala
  17. give up the ghost//c2c
  18. sing//blur
  19. tthhee ppaarrttyy [live]//justice
  20. you know you like it - tchami remix//alunageorge
  21. the party’s crashing us//of montreal
  22. your drums, your love//alunageorge
  23. it’s hard to get around the wind//alex turner
  24. i’m not through//ok go
  25. white//odd future
  26. feel it all around//washed out
  27. breezeblocks//alt-j
  28. electric feel//mgmt
  29. swim//oh no ono
  30. sleazy bed track//the bluetones

This is the first time someone so ordinary like you had the chance to see him in person.

His cold and stern look was all over you, the young prince of the heart kingdom was rarely seen, the people knew he was impartial,honest and a great ruler even better than his deceased father,everyone knew he had his eyes on every dark corner in his lands, he was feared, feared for all those who thought could do something behind his back.

This makes your knees tremble, it was bad, you are pretty sure you did something wrong and also even more sure this involves that female rogue you helped escape two days ago.

my secret santa gift for @peridotslaboratory ! sorry it was kind of late, I actually completely forgot that I had signed up for this -.-

Anyway, here’s your drawing! I myself am also a johnroxy shipper so this was kind of self indulgent lmao  she’s helping him with his bio homework. Merry Christmas, and have an awesome new year!

okay but i was thinking about eridisc again and what it would be like if homestuck trolls ended up on the discworld (and there was magically not a language barrier because even though i love language barrier narratives this is not the time) and proclaimed themselves to be trolls

and even better if they were insectoid trolls instead of the soft squishy skinned sort? because people would be like ‘the fuck, you are no troll??’ because they are grey, but have “skin” of a sort, and also hair and not just lichen. and then somebody tries to punch one and

they like

screech-cackle/rattle their exoskeletons in confusion because punching is not really a thing in troll society. because the only purpose it would serve (unless you are equius) is to maybe knock someone over and it seems like shoving would be better for that especially considering how compact and heavy they are

and whoever threw the punch is swearing and bleeding at the knuckles and people are like 'whrehhh’ because FUCK ARE YOU GUYS TROLLS OR NOT??? WHAT

and then eridan gets dissected involved with the wizards and maybe they have some means of magically seeing through the exoskeleton ???? and rumors start popping up about them being “TROLL/HUMAN or TROLL/DWARF HYBRIDS FROM UP NEAR THE HUB, YOU KNOW FOLKS ARE SO QUEER UP THERE” because they have a hard shell but underneath that they just have organ soup basically like humans but weird colors and stuff, and also they bleed… colors……