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Witch on a budget.

With all my expenses; rent, electricity, kitten food (latest addition); I need to start thinking of ways to fulfill my witchy needs without breaking the bank.

I honestly sound like a salesperson, but here is a list of the niftiest tips I have found on tumblr and the web :

  1. Baby Powder - Beauty, innocence, youth and fertility.
  2. Monopoly Money - Wealth and prosperity.
  3. Googly Eyes - Divination and finding lost things.
  4. Needle and thread - Binding, poppet magic and sewing sigils into clothing items.
  5. Baking Soda - cleansing, protection and can basically the same properties and uses salt has. (Not representing Earth and salt is still the most powerful, but this works in an unlikely emergency.)
  6. Tea bags - Can basically be used for anything since you get all those fancy tea’s that you can use for their correspondences.
  7. Soap - cleansing (obviously), curse removal, healing and different scents to match the correspondences.
  8. Butter - all kitchen witchcraft, nurturing, protective and to attract wealth.
  9. Chocolate - love, happiness, friendship, romance and intimacy. Milk chocolate being more innocent and dark chocolate being more sexual. Consumed to increase power.
  10. Banana - safe travels when travelling long distance and improving sexual stamina.
  11. Pasta - protection, financial creativity and improving communications.
  12. Cotton - harvest, good luck, cleansing, beauty, protection and rain.
  13. Duct tape - binding and banishing.
  14. Crayons - colour magic, sigils and creativity.
  15. Bath salts - cleansing, pain/stress relief, peace, love, purification and different scents for their correspondences.
  16. Makeup/Toiletries - protection, glamour magic, confidence and beauty.
  17. Eggs/egg shells - fertility, represents the Goddess, warding, protection and kitchen witchcraft staple.
  18. Envelopes - communication, assists when doing magic for someone else and protection when travelling long distance.
  19. Tin foil - protection, binding and reflection.
  20. Pennies - luck, wealth and prosperity.
  21. Toothpaste - cleansing, replacement for mint and preventing gossip.
  22. Glue - binding, cursing, sealing and prevention of loss.
  23. Chili powder - lust, revenge magic, hexes, bad luck and curses.
  24. Toothpicks - poppet magic, cursing, pain and revenge.
  25. Bells - warding, protection and cleansing.

All of these can be used in so many ways, in potions or directly with intent. Just be super creative and find what works for you.

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i want to be mystery. girl mistaken for werewolf, sharp teeth and hair all over my body, who hunts in the night and runs a little unusually. girl mistaken for dryad, always among trees, somehow better about plants, eyeshadow green. girl mistaken for witch, laughing loudly, in all black or all blue or in rainbow too, who can curse bar games and bad boyfriends, who can hex with a hand gesture. girl who convinces you of magic, who flickers just a little on the edge of reality, who has a little too much spark in her eyes, who exists unapologetically, who has small talents that are just a little too unnerving.

Remus Lupin is so fucking extra though? Like, everyone calls Sirius dramatic but Remus has like two settings: 0 and 100.
Like in Snape’s Worst Memory he’s all: hexing is bad and I want no part in this, but then he sees Peter and is like: hey friend time to die
He’s on Sirius’s back all the time like ‘chill man we need to think things through’ but then he’s like ‘so I married Tonks but in hindsight nah I’ll ruin her life so I’m coming on an adventure k?’
He’s super chill paring off Snape: 'marauders map? Nah mate no idea I guess I’ll just take it off yours hands goodnight’ then at the mention of Sirius Black’s name he throws his suitcase half way across the room 'how dare you? accuse me? Sirius Black?!?’
He’s just either so chill or so over the top like oh my god

Curses & Maledictions 101

A curse or malediction is a spell that is performed with malintent. These kinds of spells are generally performed to cause misery, pain, strife, and/or destruction upon a target. 

Basic Terminology:

  • Baneful - causing destruction or serious damage
  • Curse - a spell performed with malintent
  • Hex - used interchangeably with “curse” or “jinx”
  • Jinx - said to be a lesser form of baneful magick; also used interchangeably with “curse” and “hex”
  • Malintent - “bad” or negative intent 
  • Target - the person on which you are performing the spell
  • Taglock - a personal item belonging to or describing the target (description of the target, a piece of DNA, their signature, their name written on paper, a poppet designed to represent them, etc.)

Steps to Casting a Curse:

  1. Exhaust all mundane methods of resolving an issue before resorting to cursing. 
  2. Educate yourself on various methods of protection before even thinking about casting a curse. 
  3. Know what you’re doing. Research, plan ahead, and set your intentions straight in your mind to prevent any kind of backlash from the curse. This means, be specific. Be sure that your curse is aimed at your target/s, and no one else, including yourself. 
  4. When gathering ingredients, be sure that the correspondences match your intent. 
  5. Be aware of any health risks that are associated with the ingredients you choose to use in your curse - for example, certain baneful herbs can be harmful when burned, ingested, or even touched. 
  6. Formulate a curse that fits the crime in question. 
  7. Set conditions for your curse, including some kind of “failsafe.” If you don’t want your curse to last indefinitely, be sure to acknowledge that. Set some kind of time limit, such as “when the target learns their lesson, this curse will be lifted.” 
  8. Methods of cursing can include the construction of poppets, jar spells, sachets, effigies, sigils, or pretty much any other type of spell you can come up with. 
  9. When you have constructed a taglock for your target, gathered your ingredients, and ultimately decided how you want to carry out your curse, you’re ready to cast it. 
  10. Before actually casting the curse, set up some kind of method of protection, whether it be a ward, a shield, a circle, or calling upon external forces to protect you. 
  11. Meditate on your intent and clear your mind. Be sure you are free from distractions before performing the curse.
  12. After you’ve performed your curse, clean up your space, and do some deep cleansing - cleanse the area in which you performed the curse, cleanse yourself, and cleanse your entire home. 
  13. Perform some self-care - eat something, take a bath/shower, drink water, and get a good night’s sleep.

Curse Correspondences


love them or hate them, if you’re a bra owning individual you can use them to your advantage in the witching world!

-Sigil Charging: Place the piece of paper with the sigils you want to charge inside your left cup, over your heart, and leave it there for however long seems right to you. You can also draw sigils inside the cup for self love, etc. (in my experience it only works on your left side, stronger energy from the heart)

-Charm Carrying: Have a charm you need somewhere discreet? Put it in your bra! It keeps the charm close and secure while you go about your day.

-Energy: Okay… hear me out on this one. Your bra sits on your chest, right over your heart. It absorbs all of the negative energy from your day, right? Use your bras from bad days in curses, hexes, etc. for an extra kick. (be sure to cleanse it afterwards so you aren’t negatively affected)

-Defense: Your bra can attack others, but also defend you! Charm your bras like a poppet and use it as a defense mechanism to any ill will sent your way.

Now, my bra wearing witches, go forth and strut your stuff!

*this can also apply to binders & tank tops!*

Why I'm Pro-Hex

•I am not obligated to protect those who wish harm on/have done harm to me or my loved ones 
•I am not obligated to explain my reasons
•I am not a hateful/vengeful person overall and hexes do not make me hateful or vengeful
•Hexes can usually be reversed if need be
I would not hex someone who has given me no reason
•Having said that, my hexes are justified
•Hexes are much more subtle than outright confrontation
•For me personally, I feel they may add to my bad Karma/juju, but I can outweigh my bad with my good
•Hexes do not make me a bad person
•Hexes are not my first, go-to method of getting back at someone
Hexes do not make me a bad person.
Hexes do not make anyone a bad person.
You are not a bad person just because you a pro-hex.

list of characters i want in overwatch

-strong bad
-hex maniac
-bojack horseman
-jonah hill
-big the cat
-arya stark
-postal dude
-equius zahhak
-chester cheetah
-jaden smith (as karate kid)

You’ve probably heard of runes and you’ve probably seen them throughout popular culture media, - they’re often used in fantasy based television shows and films. It is likely that the runes you have seen are Elder Futhark Runes (old Norse ones - we’ll cover that later) but the ones featured in this post, are Witches Runes. They’re often inscribed on stones or used in rituals.

Crossroads: use if you’re going through a change, have decisions to make or wish to bring about change.

Man: use in magick that deals with men (naturally!), masculinity, or (if you’re religious) the strength of your God(s).

Woman: use in magick that deals (again, naturally!) with women, femininity, or to invoke any Goddesses you have.

The Eye: use in psychic workings or dealings with truth; to reveal deception, for example. Used also in/for protection.

Harvest: use for prosperity and abundance magick, dealings with money or to attract something good to your life.

The Sun: use for growth and happiness, strength and masculinity and for invoking any deities that are associated with the Sun. Use also in protection magick and on Sabbats.

The Moon: femininity and magick. It enhances power and is used in the invocation of deities associated with the Moon and during Esbats.

Flight: higher knowledge and the attraction of something new; success and business ventures - brings about new opportunities.

The Rings: used for binding and attracting new love; it strengthens existing bonds.

Romance: naturally, this attracts new love and/or romance. Used in sex and fertility magick and heals broken hearts.

The Scythe: used to break curses and hexes; removes bad luck and influences and can be used to break or weaken bonds and relationships.

The Star: a wishing rune that, when meditated on, brings about good fortune and good luck.

Waves: symbolizes purity and can be used for forgiveness and healing, as well as the expulsion of bad and negative energies.

[Taken from my own personal grimoire.]

princess [draco malfoy]

request: nonexistent! this was directly out of my mind (’:

word count: ~3700

a/n: good jesus christ this one took far too long to write. this is my first post of the blog, though, so color me excited for what’s to come! also i’m so tired. this has drained my energy for some reason. ugh. please do request though i have nothing to write and my ideas sort of go everywhere when i don’t have a solid idea in mind! thanks for reading! <3

summary: in which a sarcastic comment has draco calling you “princess”. he’s also kind of an ass. a very attractive, rude ass. (contains swearing ofc)

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slytherpuff relationships 3

Request: Hi! Could you do a hufflepuff (female) x slytherin (Male) but the puff is actually a lot shy at first (when slytherin is hitting on her) cuz she doesn’t really believe that he’s actually interested and stuff, but when she got trust on him she’s very talkative and that type of person whos quiet but could start a revolution if they wanted? Please?

of course hun! ok so this sounds super cool so im gonna do it

  • Hufflepuff is the type of girl who would be the centre of attention among her friends
  • shout to be heard
  • sing and dance terribly or just put on a show
  • but would literally die if she was called to answer a question in class
  • slytherin was super cocky
  • basically the stereotypical slytherin
  • he didn’t hate being in slytherin
  • but he wished his Ravenclaw friends would trust him a little more
  • he kinda liked to flirt with everyone
  • and by everyone we mean 
  • that one Hufflepuff girl
  • at first he started because he thought it was funny
  • talking to anyone other than the people she talked to normally gave her mild anxiety
  • I mean obviously he doesn’t like her
  • he’s just doing it for the laughs
  • ha ha ha so fuckin funny
  • but when she started getting used to his remarks and flirting
  • she would hit back with the most badass comebacks
  • sometimes if she was having a bad day shed just hex him
  • it actually made her more confident in her charms and she was top of the class
  • most of the time the other Slytherins cheered her on for her hexs
  • over time she started to build more confidence in general
  • and the slytherin kind of went from “yeah shes cute I guess its funny how shes all flustered”
  • to “did you see her with that transfiguration charm that was so fuckin cool bloody hell it was pretty hot”
  • they became friends sorta
  • it would be “coincidental run-ins”
  • like “oh I saw you walking towards this hallway and there’s nothing down here except for that cupboard and the library I was not expecting you here whaaaaat so you wanna study together or..?”
  • and shed laugh because ok but I saw you pack up your things super slow so that you could walk out the door at the same time as me
  • so our little puff has started to think that maybe he does want to spend time with her outside of class
  • so she asks if he wants to go up to the observatory later
  • and he’s there 13.45 minutes early
  • but when she gets up
  • she sees him sitting there
  • and hes drumming his fingers on his leg and checking the small time piece he got from his muggle-born friends on his wrist
  • and he’s looking up at the sky and running his hand through his hair
  • and he looks so
  • normal
  • and then theyre sitting there
  • for hours just talking
  • and to his surprise
  • she does most of it
  • and he just listens
  • because this girl has only ever talked to me when I’ve talked to her
  • and here she is telling me about the Great Depression from her muggle studies class
  • and how if theyd just done this then it would have been a little better for all those families who needed to work
  • and slowly
  • slowly slowly
  • he’s falling in love for her
  • this seemingly quiet girl who hexed him every time he told her she looked nice today
  • and the girl who would stumble on her words when he said she looked good in green
  • and the girl who wasn’t able to answer questions in class because her mind just blanked
  • this was a whole new side to the same girl
  • the girl that made him want to start dancing with her when they cheered for the quartet in the painting to keep playing their terribly off-key notes
  • and the girl who watched the owls disappear into the sky before she yelled “I love you, bird!” and then pointed to the owls in owlery “AND YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU! YOUVE ALL WON A TELEVISION!”
  • the girl who stood up during their study session in the library and whisper shouted “I hate this” before walking out
  • the girl who talked for hours about all the time shed spent in muggle London over the break and everything shed learnt
  • “there are these boxes and you can press a button and it saves an exact replica of whatever you’re looking at”
  • “look this is my shoe, this is the ground at one of the parks in London, this is the sand at the beach we went to one time…. im not very good at using them yet.”
  • and the slytherin is laughing because even he remembered cameras from his muggle studies class in second year
  • but he lets her talk
  • because shes just so chatty
  • and theres no way to stop her
  • so he lets her do her thing
  • “A PHOTOGRAPHER! Thats what the little box is called!”
  • and he doesnt even bother to correct her

(since i wanna participate to the fanart contest, i was looking at the rules and



“Atheistic Science to Witchcraft’s, Magick”

Atheism is the lack of belief in hailing unproven supernatural entities and the disregard of higher beings created by organized religious groups. With a better understanding shown through examination, studies, and tests we all call, Science! Whether it be physical, psychological, or sociological. The biggest summarization for atheism is: FACTS! Without fact, it is only questionable and unsupported!

Atheists do not assume every question in life has been answered, but can be, through growing progression of science, which has in fact, advanced society in every possible way for the better and has helped unify civilization for the past couple hundred years.

If one presently walked on the oceans and changed my Dasani into wine, that’s proof. Someone saying it happened thousands of years ago with nothing to support or back it up, doesn’t make it fact. Fact is important to realistic ideals of Atheists.

Witchcraft broadly means the practice of, and belief, in the skills of magick. Not to be confused with the Illusionary art and enjoyable entertainment, provided by Chris Angel and other magicians. These practises have existed since the beginning of humanity’s advantages taken for uses of medicine, for centuries. This is the use of rituals, symbolism, gestures, and language believed to manipulate universal or natural forces. Most consider this to be used for a sense of personal and spiritual growth. Witchcraft is a complex and general concept that varies culturally and societally. A major function of this practice is the acknowledgment and general understanding of nature, and compounds of it that are used.

Both, atheism and Witchcraft, have something in common: Science.

While many forms of Witchcraft have been practiced in the name of many spirits among cultures, I will not be going over this. Through the empathy of people who rely strictly on facts, I will be breaking down general aspects scientifically.

Herbology: Medicinal practices are very commonly known in the practices of Witchcraft. Herbs can be studied and are implemented for healing sickneses, symptoms, and injuries. This practice was normal in societies and most witches were also considered healers, commonly called, Wise Ones. These practices have evolved immensely over centuries, that it has developed into our medical advancements we have today.

Now for the fun stuff, Ritualistic Items: Science explains everything has a vibration and frequency because everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are electrons that orbit the nucleus of protons and neutrons, with mostly space in between. Even the most solid and dense objects are vibrating at different frequencies, because those super tiny atoms are moving very fast and close together constantly. By everything, that’s including everything living as well.

With this knowledge, items like crystals, an important aspect and influence of Witchcraft and pagan practices, have individual geometric formation because of their structure of atoms. Like everything else in the world, they also emit certain frequencies. These crystals hold their own indivual properties that most witches will constantly push you to use for rituals and “spells”.

Practitioners keep certain crystals with or on them because their frequencies can effect them constantly. The same goes with certain metals, burning incense, and other objects that have been considered “protection”. Some witches identify bad ‘spirits’ as general negativity. These protective items have higher frequencies that influence positivity on the body and mind . The higher the frequency, the more positive effects it has on the human body. This can be considered cleansing of negative mojo and spirits. Vice versa for hexes and curses, which consist of putting items with low frequencies on or around the intended.

Spells: We use energy to bring about change. Most spells over courses of time always enforce concentration and visualization in its practice. The amount of concentration is influential among yourself and everything around you, and goes back to our brain waves.

Science has shown we have five different kinds of brain waves:

Gamma: These waves are associated with cognitive functions, memory, and learning. Mentally challenged indivuals are shown to have lower gamma activity.

Beta: These brain waves are emitted while actively solving problems. Such as solving mathematic and scientific equations, or constructive thinking, and physical tasks.

Alpha: These brain waves are emitted when we are relaxed and calm. Alcohol and Marijuana influence Alpha wave activity.

Delta: These brainwaves are active when we are in deep sleep and dreaming. They help regulate bodily functions while sleeping for restoration as well.

Theta: These emit through relaxation and deep visualizations and intentions and are highly influential with interaction. Motivational speaking with emotional focus and intent can inspire others because these waves that are emitted effect others’.

Deep visualization and intentions are so important to casting a spell, because if you are not doing these, you’re not emitting the proper influential Theta waves that are detrimental to performing these, “spells”.

Ritualistic casting with incantations and tools support an individual to being more focused and inspired, to increase the chances of the emission of Theta waves. Scientific study also leans towards the idea that paranormal and spiritual activity is measured by electromagnetic frequencies. Who’s to say previous necromancer haven’t reached the dead by the change of energy around them?

Book of Shadows: The scientific method is used to find proof and explain the undiscovered. Through series of hypothesis, tests, and analysis are we able to come closer to any conclusion or explaination.

Most witches have a grimoire, or Book of Shadows, that is used for personal use in practices to record notes, spells, songs, or other practicing knowledge.

Witches will set a goal to effect themselves or others and find materials and knowledge that fit the circumstance(ask a question, do background research). They use these books to document desires from their practice(Hypothesize), preform rituals and spells(test), and write their results and add any changes necessary for succession(conclusion).

From my discovery, Science has everything to do with practice of casting in Witchcraft. Over time, practices that led to discovery were often considered magic, before implemented in society.

Ex. Herbology, medince, alchemy, chemistry, etc.

Even new age philosophies acknowledge the effects of intention and magick through example and personal enlightenment. Luciferianism and Satanism are Atheistic philosophies, but some followers practice the influences of the mind and sending curses and hexes, through bad intention to those deserved. Some present day Pagan and Witchcraft practitioners don’t designate themselves to any specific deities, but the example of nature. Goddesses were nurturing, fertile, and offered life, much like nature or women, historically revered, themselves.

When it comes to idolizing specific and well known spirits (gods and goddesses), it has yet to be proven among society as a whole. Who is to say these aren’t also examples of humanity in nature used in practice? Or simply something we have yet to discover personally?

If curiosity seems compelling, grab a crystal, light a candle, and send a spell or hex one’s way.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send them to me. This is a page of open mindedness and curiosity among the explained and unexplained. That sense of respect is included to its’ followers as well.

Stay wicked.

- Bohemian Witchery


‘You know,’ Sirius smiled as he sat back into the battered wicker chair. ‘It days like this that make it all worth it.’

James laughed into bottle of butterbeer. ‘Please warn me if you’re going to wax poetic for the next half hour about how great life is, I need to call Remus to come and stop you.’

Sirius shook his head, laughing along with him. ‘No, don’t. He’s enjoying himself.’ Sirius smiled to himself as he watched his boyfriend walking across the fields, or maybe even skipping, not that he would ever admit it.

‘We did well, you know.’ James said, setting down the bottle.

‘What?’ Sirius asked, snapping out of his moment.

‘Ours lives, they went well, considering what we like in school. I don’t think anyone would have predicted we would end up here in fifth year.’

Sirius snorted. ‘True. Probably thought we would end up in prison, or better yet, dead.’ 

James smiled. ‘Yeah, we were awful.’

‘We weren’t that bad..’

‘We hexed those third years so they couldn’t get out of a tree.’

‘Haha, that bit was an accident, though we flooded the dungeons for almost a week that one time.’ 

‘And hung Severus from the ceiling of the great hall.’

‘And charmed the ears of those Slytherins…’

‘And you were both the biggest tossers I had ever met.’ 

Both the boys turned to look and the red-head standing next to them. She smiled and she sat down carefully on James lap, and he happily slid his arm around her back. 

‘But you grew up.’ Lily grinned. ‘A little, at least.’ She added as she watched Remus shoot sparks out of the end of his wand and set fire to some grass, his group of spectators all cheering as he did.

Sirius let out a bark like laugh and moved to stand up. As he rose both his knees made little clicking noises and James eyebrows shot up. 

‘You’re getting old mate.’ He smiled. 

Sirius just rolled his eyes. ‘Coming from you, half of your hair is white.’

‘It is not!’

‘It is love.’ Lily laughed as she ruffled it with her hand. James just pouted.

‘Merlin, to be 15 again.’

‘Prongs, we have our own 15 year old now.’ Sirius grinned, looking again at Remus.

‘Yeah, and he’s my fucking grandson.’

‘Language James!’ Lily hissed, batting him with her hands as the front door of the cottage opened.

‘Dad,’ Harry sighed. ‘James has just broken your grandfather clock with a broom he found in your cupboard.’

Sirius laughed. ‘As if we didn’t break everything in your parents house James, I bet you Teddy told him where it was as well.’

‘Yeah, that’s the other thing,.’ Harry said smiling slightly. ‘Ginny has just given Teddy a massive bollocking because he charmed the remainder of the broom to try and sweep it up and they’ve managed to break the rest of the furniture in the sitting room. She then had a go at me one for not telling them to stop.’

Lily snickered. ‘I love that girl Harry.’ 

‘So do I, unfortunately.’ Harry grinned. ‘But I need you two to go and tell them off, because I really can’t be bothered and Ginny is going to go berserk if she sees what they’ve done upstairs.’

James leapt up, knocking Lily off his lap. ‘On it, come on Padfoot, lets go and control our kids.’

‘Wait wait,’ Sirius grinned. ‘Remus!’ he called. 

Remus, Lily Luna, Albus and Regulus* all turned to look over at them, Remus still in the middle of explaining what some magical creature he had just picked up was.

‘I want him to come to.’ Sirius said waving them over. ‘He is going to love this.’

‘You three dare give those boys any ideas and I swear to God..’ Lily warned. ‘Ginny and I will wage war.’

James just bent down and kissed his wife, her crows feet scrunching up as she smiled. ‘Wouldn’t dream of it darling.’

*Regulus is the name I have given to another imaginary child Sirius and Remus have because I want it to be true so much it hurts.