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Hyrule lives on in you 

Hi-res from the latest Diary Entry. Not my best work, and mostly fuelled by hat related resentment, but it was a lot of fun working the Sheikah/Jomon style patterns into the panels. 


[Heroin/Addicted][Part2] Korean exclusive DVD 

(cr:on pic)

→ Feel like the series hasn’t ended yet, cuz we still get more and more BTS photos and vids after every few months… I’m so addicted to you two. 

Being a lawyer is maintaining the illusion of control at all times.

A lawyer can’t control the actions of her clients, she can only advise them, and hope they take her advice.

A lawyer can’t control the decision of a judge or jury, she can only make her best argument, and hope that she was more convincing than her opposing counsel.

A lawyer can’t control her co-workers, she can only hope that they’re making the best, most informed decisions that she can rely on, since she can’t do everything herself.

But some lawyers don’t understand that the control is an illusion. They think they’re actually in control, and when things don’t go their way, they just lose it. Mostly, these are older, white men. 

So, Chuck McGill. Chuck wants to be truly in control at all times. And it’s devastating to him when he figures out that he isn’t.

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There’s something indie about those pictures: otherworldly and contemplative. That day felt really spiritual because Ryan is so quiet and charming, and they really connected. Harry cried because he has really bad hay fever – and, while I was freaking out that his face would swell up, Ryan just kept it going. It ended up being so beautiful to see him crying like that – and when you work with someone as spontaneous as Ryan, that’s when those magical moments happen.

vinzound  asked:

Hola x, ¿En el mundo futurístico en el que vives (21XX) cual es el porcentaje de flora y fauna que se ha extinguído? :'/

Aun asi, hay esperanza de que la flora y fauna natural se recupere algun dia.

||Q. Hi x, In the futuristic world in which you live (21XX) what is the percentage of flora and fauna that has been extinguished?
||A. Unfortunately we have a strong ecological problem, only 20% of the flora and fauna is natural, an attempt to solve this problem is to make artificial flora and fauna, although it is expensive, is a quick solution to this disaster, there is still hope that natural flora and fauna to recover someday.

If you’re ever having a bad day, just remember that I have really bad hay fever right now and last night I needed to sneeze but I couldn’t and saying the word ‘pineapple’ is supposed to do something and that’s the story of how my parents heard me loudly whispering ‘PINEAPPLE’ into the darkness a thousand times at 2am. 

Questo tempo sta volando e non stiamo vivendo. Passa, le persone vanno e vengono e finiscono nel dimenticatoio, per poi saltare fuori di tanto in tanto per farti un buco nel petto.
È una routine.
Viviamo i giorni aspettando che finiscano, nella speranza che quello successivo sia migliore, e nessuno nota che domani non è un altro giorno, ma solo lo stesso riciclato.
Il tempo ci sfugge di mano e rimaniamo allibiti nello scoprirlo tutto d’un tratto, ma se non altro, siamo diventati bravi nella raccolta riciclata dei giorni.