bad hair movie

pennywise: gross, drools SO MUCH, cannot experience human emotion or remorse, scares the shit out of kids and eats them, ugly looking, actual form is just a cluster of writhering lights

me: ❤️💛💚💜💗💘💞💘💛💕❣️💜💛💗💜💝💛💚💝💙💖❣️❣️❤️❤️❣️💕💚💝💘💜❤️baby boy❤️💚💚💔💜💙💝💞💝💔💜💗💛💕💘💜💚💝💘💖💜💘💛💗💜💙💚❣️💕💕❣️💗💖💚💘

one of my favourite things about andrew scott’s acting is that he’s such an incredibly versatile and talented actor, but physically you can always instantly tell if his character is going to be good or bad by whether their hair is slicked back or not


the bad education movie → pasco + sword fight (1 / 2)
gifset per scene + ♡ favourite iain moments

I love the moves in gif 7. And the last 2, of course. That coat flows so awesomely.


GCHB CH Kaylen’s General Kai Panda “Kai”

#1 Chinese Crested in the country and she let me hold him! He was very sweet and snuggly, and what a name! I asked his owner some grooming questions and she was very nice and informative, I’m really considering this breed either for when I’m older or if I have to ever bend to apartment weight limits.

“I don’t care about appearances. I don’t want to be the person who just gets things done. I want to do the right thing. I don’t care if we have to lie or cheat or cut corners or break rules to do it.” - Tamara, The Iron Trial