bad hair dye jobs

and you drive me wild

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PART FOUR: Takin’ this ride by the wheel

It was ten o’clock that Saturday morning when Alexander and Lafayette pulled into the Laurens’ Family Ford Dealership, Laf driving Martha’s Subaru after asking to borrow it for errands. Martha being Martha, and Laf being Laf, didn’t even ask what errands the boys were running. Lafayette wondered what she would think of this plan, but Alex didn’t care. His mind was too clouded by the mystery of the car commercial boy.

Alex looked Lafayette over for what had to be the tenth time that morning. “Are you sure you wearing all of that is a good idea?”

Lafayette winked at Alex. “Of course, mon ami! It shows I am very patriotic.”

Lafayette was wearing a long sleeved shirt that was designed to look like the American flag, the upper part, which mostly consisted of his arm, was the stars, the rest of him the stripes. He had a flag bandana on over his puffy curls, and his jeans, which looked deceivingly normal from the front, were studded in the back, right on his butt. In glittery fake jewels it read Made in America, which Alex often pointed out was a lie, since Laf had been made in France, to which Laf would respond but my soul is American, mon ami.

So, with Laf dressed as a walking personification of America, the two boys strode into the dealership. Lafayette had instructed Alex to look confident and let him do the talking. Lafayette was going to pose as a wealthy twenty-year-old out car shopping with his younger brother. Alex had originally protested this plan, but Laf was quick to point out that nobody would really believe that Alex was old enough to buy a car on his own and Alexander had been forced to accept that.

“Besides,” Laf had told him. “You need to be your age so it’s not creepy of you to, how you say, track down, this boy.” He winked at Alex.

“I’m just… worried,” Alex had muttered, looking down at the ground as a blush rose to his cheeks.

Laf sincerely doubted that it was only worry that had brought him and Alex to the dealership so early on a Saturday, but it had gotten him there and that was what mattered.

Lafayette sauntered up to the front desk. Alex nearly shrieked when he realized the girl sitting behind it was the older of the two girls in the commercial. Lafayette must have noticed, too, because he went into total flirt mode.

“Bonjour, mademoiselle,” he said, French accent perfect, face angelic despite his awful fashion.

The girl, who appeared to be only a year or so younger than the two boys, giggled. “Hello, sir,” she said. “How can I help you today?”

“I am in search of a new car,” Laf began. “When I saw your advertisement on the television I was very pleased to find such a magnifique dealership so close by. So patriotic,” he said with a wink.

The girl blushed and giggled again. “I’ll get a salesman,” she told them. She giggled once more and then slipped into the back of the store. When she emerged, the man with her was no other than the guy with a bad hair dye job, who the two boys assumed was her father.

“Henry Laurens,” the man said as he stuck his hand out to Lafayette, a grin on his face.

“Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette,” he rattled off as he shook the man’s hand. “But you may call me Lafayette.”

“Wow,” the girl behind the counter said. “What a lovely name.” There were practically hearts in her eyes.

Alex tried not to laugh.

“That’s my second oldest, Martha,” Henry Laurens said with an indulgent smile.

“Oh, oui! Now I know where I recognize your pretty face from! You are on the television, non?” Laf asked smoothly.

Alexander swore the poor girl was about to actually swoon.

Henry chuckled and answered for her. “Yes, all of my children are in my commercials with me since this is a family business.” The pride in his eyes was almost endearing.

“You have a lovely bunch,” Laf said. “How many are there?”

“Five, three boys, two girls,” Henry said, clearly loving a chance to brag about his kids. “Martha here is top of her class, and so is Henry.”

“Ah, your eldest?” Laf asked.

Alex’s heart fluttered. Henry, he thought.

“No, Henry is my middle boy. You’re thinking of John.” A strange look passed over the man’s face at the mention of his oldest child. “But anyway, you didn’t come here to hear me brag about my children! Let’s look at some cars. Now what sort of model are you interested in?”

Alex’s heart was pounding. John. John Laurens. He knew what he looked like, and now he had a name. All that was left to do was find the boy.

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give me those 2p! Spain headcanons

Alright here we go

•Number one on every list is that he has an amazing godly ass and thighs
•he’s a loner and doesn’t really talk a lot
•looks really threatening, but has a soft spot for like cute things.
•can not go anywhere without headphones. Will be late to an event looking for some.
•He’s really rough, like doesn’t know his own strength kinda deal. Like could tap someone’s shoulder and it’s like a slap.
•He’s also a huge dick tbh, especially in texting. He won’t respond for like days or a week and then pick up on the conversation like nothing ever happened.
•does not like to be touched
•that little white streak in his hair was a bad dye job from Romano. His hair didn’t react well to it, but he’s too lazy to dye it back it cut it out
•Highkey has muscles but wears clothes that you can’t see them.
•Almost smokes as much as France

Can you believe it our Simmons going straight for the knife kill? Simmons got no time, Simmons got some mofo to stab!
He so smoothly reached for it. He is a great knife fighter ya all! He was winning this. Gene was a dead man so or so.

Gene has a shitty ginger hair-dye job. Gene is all bad clichè fanfic authors tend to give Simmons.

(ps: screw this armor. I never draw this again)

How The Vampire Diaries Ruins Everything They Create

- Compelling lead female role-

Turns her into a selfish, disgraceful person to make it believable she would be in a relationship with Damon. Instead of having Damon work on himself, and redeeming his character. 


Turns from Elena changing Damon into a better person, to Elena a worse one. Doesn’t give Elena realistic time single before moving on to Damon. The sire bond. Damon almost killing Jeremy AGAIN because Elena (Katherine) left him. Damon killing Elena’s friend Aaron. Elena not caring. Saying they are toxic for each other every episode then banging.  Breaking up, then going on a death mission suddenly so in love with each other. Elena forgets her ‘good’ memories of damon, gets together with him within a few episodes. 


Having Elena have sex with Damon the day after (or the day of? I do not even care to remember) her and his brother Stefan break up. Stefan leaving his own home because Elena moves on in with Damon. Elena banging Damon all sumer while Stefan suffered. Elena not caring when Stefan died. 

-Klaus/ The Original Family-

Best thing to happen to TVD. Diverse characters with complicated relationships. Best villain/villains to date. Kills Kol, takes other originals off show. Gives Klaus his own show with a horrible baby plot, Hayley and Camille. Hayley, introduced as a complete idiot who lets her friends be murdered (by Klaus, her furture baby daddy!) just to get a fucking USB drive with jack shit on it. Camille, the most irrelevant carbon copy wannabe Caroline brought in for a love interest. Reduces Klaus’s character to a whiney baby who annoys everyone and cries every episode.  


Interesting new character introduced through flashback. Great back story, accent, and hair. Joins the show with a bad dye job and over gelled hair. Relevance on show goes from Damon’s friend, with a blooming friendship with Caroline, to being obsessed with Stefan, torturing Matt, and pursuing to hurt Sarah Salvatore for no legitimate reason. Goes from having a boner for Stefan and Damon, to having an even bigger one for their mother Lily Salvatore. I’m not surprised. 


See above.


One of the most popular ships TVD has ever created. Ends up having the characters on different shows. But do not fear, Julie Plague is here! She gave you a one night stand in the forest as respect to the ship. 


Has Caroline sleep with Klaus not because she fell in love with him, but because why not. Klaus, who killed Tylers mother. Although I never shipped forwood, there is no argument that this did not ruin the ship for anyone who did. 


Cute romance starts up. Cuddling in a car. Being there for each other. Damon dies, Stefan gets a different girlfriend. They fight.  Caroline cries. They make up. Caroline’s mom begins her battle with cancer. Suddenly now Stefan falls for Caroline after dwelling for too long. Caroline decides she can not fall for him because she needs control. But you already fell for him??? At your moms funeral you were down to date Stefan but then he did not express his feelings so you turned off your emotions??? So what is the difference???? Why did it take so long for Stefan to realize Caroline is a million times better than Elena??? Why did the writers ruin steroline for me??? 

-Kai Parker-

Best villain since Klaus. Played by an amazing actor. Chemistry with the characters on the show. Redemption arc begins. Complete 180. Kai stabs his pregnant sister to death. Gets killed by Damon with little to no effort. I thought these witch vampire hybrids were supposed to be strong??? 


Amazing character. Saddest death scene. Brought back to life. Complete twat the whole season. Kills his bride and babies in front of him. Rather he stayed dead. 


Heres to waiting for season 7 to see how they can ruin it like they ruin everything. :)

Characters I loved who died or left the show 








Characters who are completely useless but continue to live





-Sarah Salvatore

-April Young


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What's your head canons for 2p Spain?

So Spain….. He’s kind of a asshole and doesn’t open up to a lot of people. The thing is they can’t persist in having any type of relationship with him. He talks a lot of shit too. Like too much, that’s why him and Romano are chill together because they both talk shit.

He has resting bitch face and if he’s not with anyone to change that face, it’ll look like he’s pissed off constantly and ready to fight someone

•he has a very bad habit for biting the inside of his mouth or lip so it’s always bleeding. Like just small scarring and bruises.
•i like him having that white streak in his hair from a bad dye job from Romano and never cared enough to get rid of it.
•Has an ass chiseled from the gods i stg


Marvel High School

Part 1

“Welcome to Hell School.”

“Yes, sir,” you sighed, pressing the phone to your ear. “No, sir. Okay, sir. Yes, sir, we’ll be on the lookout. Okay, sir. Good bye sir.” you hung up, sighing again, and rubbing your eyes. It felt like every moment since you joined S.H.I.E.L.D. at the end of last school year, you were getting a phone call from your boss, the Director, Phil Coulson. He always wanted to know if had seen anything out of ordinary, if you were practicing your fighting, if you were ready for your first day of school, if… BLAH BLAH BLAH. He had basically become your third parent, but you loved your new team.

Daisy Johnson, a senior and your team mate, chuckled besides you and you slammed your locker shut. “Is DC getting on your nerves?” she teased, her brown eyes bright with amusement. The older girl was the leader of your team based at the Lee High School, called the “Secret Warriors”. You had three other kids on your team. Lincoln, a newbie like you and a senior, who you thought was in a secret relationship with Daisy. Jemma Simmons, who along with her best friend Leo Fitz, were two seniors who were two of the smartest people you’ve ever known. One of the older agents, Melinda May, posed as the AP Government teacher, and your coordinator with the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. And you? Well, you were the scared junior on your first day who didn’t quite know where you fit in yet.

“Just a little bit. It’s like he’s my third parent,” you joked, leaning against the wall, as Daisy dug in her locker.

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” her voice was muffled, as half of body was stuck in the locker. She suddenly popped back out, a triumphant look on her face as she pulled out her Pre-Calc book. “Are you nervous for your first day, (Y/N)?” she asked, shutting her locker, and stuffing her text book into her backpack.

You groaned, biting your lip. “And you just had to remind me.” the other girl laughed, and you sighed. “A little bit, I guess,” you admitted. “It’s such a huge school, and my other one was only a 1A.”

Daisy gave you a sympathetic look, and gave you a hug. “Hey, it’ll be fine. Just keep a look out for some of the more troubling students. Like Pietro Maximoff and Remy Lebeau.” there was an annoyed tone to her voice, and her face scrunched up.

“Oh? What do they-” you were interrupted as the bell rang, signaling five minutes to the start of first period.

“Well, you better get to class!” Daisy gave you one last hug, before walking away. She suddenly turned back, and devious smile on her face.  “Oh, and before I forget, welcome to Hell School!”


As you stood outside your first period class, you could feel your heart beating wildly in your chest, and whole body started to shake. Calm down, (Y/N), you scolded yourself. Just take a deep breath and walk in there. Doing just that, you pulled the door open and stepped in right before the bell rang.

Immediately, all eyes were on you as the teacher paused in taking role. He was a bigger man, with large glasses, and glassy eyes.  “Ah, yes,” he said, his voice tinged with a slight British accent. “You must be (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I presume?” he raised a hairy eyebrow, annoyance clear in his voice. You could tell you weren’t going to get along.

“Yes, sir,” you replied, sarcasm clear in your voice. His eyes narrowed at you, and you could hear some snickering in the back of the class.

“Well, welcome to AP Junior English, also known as the hardest class you’ll take in your whole life. My name is Mr. Rowan, and I’ll be the hardest teacher you’ll ever have in your whole life. At the moment, we are on our Shakespeare unit, and are currently reading Julius Caesar. You can get a book at the school library, and you can sit with-” he stopped in his rapid speech, and his eyes scanned the classroom. He finally settled on someone in the very back of the classroom, and a smirk spread across his face. “-Mr. LeBeau.”

Oh no, you thought, as a feeling of dread spread through you. This was one of the troublemakers Daisy had warned you about just moments ago. Oh dear God no, you thought again, as a sleepy head stirred. He’s hot. This Mr. Remy LeBeau had tousled brown hair with a goldish hint to it, and bright brown eyes that were visible, even in the gloomy light of the classroom.

“Yes?” came a sleepy, and equally raspy, voice, tinged with a New Orleans accent, that matched his handsome looks.

“Very kind of you to join us, Remy,” the teacher answered dryly. “I was just explaining to our new student, Ms/Mr. (Y/N), that you will be helping her/him catch up in this class. Now, you’ve already taken up enough of my time, so please sit down (Y/N), and pay close attention.” Mr. Rowan turned away from you, as if as soon as you were introduced and taken care of, you disappeared.

“Of course, teach,” you muttered under your breath, as you shuffled towards your seat at the back of the class. A few students sent you a friendly gaze, and a girl with short bright red hair and dark brown eyes stood out.

Throwing your backpack on the table, you sat down with a sigh and turned towards your sleepy table mate. “So, what’s the deal with Julius Caesar?” you asked, getting right to the point, and trying to ignore his devastating good looks.

Remy raised an eyebrow, leaning closer to you. “Do you usually open a conversation like dis, cher?” he asked, his voice dripping with honey. Up close, he was even more breathtaking. A chiseled jaw that was speckled with brown hair, and collar bones that stuck out of his loose fitting red shirt.

Mentally slapping yourself, you rolled your eyes. “Just tell me what’s going on in this class, so I can get caught up, fly boy.” your eyes flitted to the clock, and as you realized you still had forty-five minutes left in this class, and you groaned.

“Fly boy?” he questioned, letting out a little laugh. “So you must be a nerd, then.” His brown eyes flickered with amusement, as the teacher drolled on in the front of the classroom.

You huffed, and crossed you arms. “Listen here, LeBeau,” you made it quite clear you had no intentions of ever calling him by his first name. “I’m tired, stressed, and all I want to know is where we’re at in this stupid, bloody book. Got it?”

Remy sighed, and leaned back in his chair. “Well, you ain’t gonna make dis fun, are you? But soon enough, you’ll be beginn’ for old Remy to talk to you.”


As soon as the bell rang, signalling the end of first period, you bolted out of there. For the rest of class, Remy had made a sarcastic comment after everything Mr. Rowan said. You had tried to at least get down a couple of sentences of notes, but damn it, that Cajun was chatting loud enough to distract you, but quiet enough so that Mr. Rowan couldn’t hear. Sighing, you walked down the hall towards your locker.

Just as you were about to walk around the corner to grab your AP Calculus book from your locker, you mowed down by a boy, running faster than anyone you had ever seen. He stopped right next to where you fell, a shocked expression on his face. “That wasn’t supposed to happen,” his voice thick with an accent, and he peered down at you. His blue eyes were wide with shock, and his mouth parted. “I wasn’t supposed to stop.”

“Well,” you grumbled, rubbing your head, as you picked you backpack off the ground. “You weren’t supposed to run me down either.”

“Oh,” his face started to color, as he realized he was just staring down at you as you tried to get up. “Let me help you,” he offered you a hand, hiding his shocked expression, with a charming smile.

You had to admit, he gave Remy a run for his money. The speedster had shockingly blue eyes, paired with thick lashes that any girl would be jealous of, and delicious looking pink lips. He was tall, very well built, and, the most shocking thing about him, was his hair. It looked like a bad dye job. It was mostly white, mixed in with bits and pieces of brown. Shaking yourself out of your lusty daze, you grabbed his offered hand, pulling yourself up. “Thanks. I guess I can forgive you now for nearly running me over,” you joked, and he blushed again, his whole pale face going pink.

“Oh, I, eh, I’m sorry about that,” he admitted, as you let go of his hand. “I’m Pietro. And you are?”

The same sinking feeling you had felt when Remy had introduced himself, was felt doubled. This was the other trouble maker Daisy had warned me about? you scoffed. But he’s so sweet. “(Y/N).” you replied, and he took your hand again. Instead of just shaking it, he brought it up to his lips, and kissed it. Your eyes went wide, and he let out a wild laugh.

Ah, so here’s the trouble making side. “Well, I hope we see more of each other. You won’t be able to get enough of me, no?” And with that, and a wink, he sped off, leaving you dumbfounded as the bell signalling second period rang.

What is wrong with this school?

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What's so funny is the white guys who make fun of these white boys will always date a white man over a fuckin nigger so it doesn't matter. Behind all those dr. marten boots and your bad feminist hair dye jobs, you always come back to white cock. And we appreciate it because deep down even though you are liberal scum you always hook up with a white man and never a fucking nigger. So stop fucking faking it and appreciate it. White cock that is. Fucking whore.

i think you meant to say white girls, not white guys

C: My mom had a really bad experience going natural back in late 90’s. She got a bad dye job and cut her hair into a TWA to start fresh. She loved the low maintenance and wanted to keep it like that, but she kept getting a lot of negative feedback from people. My brother hated being seen in public with her, and even told her that. At her job, her hair effected how people treated her. Her boss for instance, stopped talking to her unless he had to. She was a teacher and the first day back from summer break, a parent asked her if she needed someone to put a relaxer on her head. She had to learn how to trim her own hair because barbers and hair stylists refused to do it saying “women shouldn’t have hair like that”. I was with her when she got her hair cut the first time. She had to pay the barber extra to do it and he complained the entire time.

My mom is a confident lady, but there is only so much a person can take. After a year she straightened her hair again. When I went natural 5 years ago I could tell she was nervous for me. She’d always compliment me on my hair then when I’d ask if she’d consider going natural again she would say she didn’t have “good hair”.

This does have a happy ending tho. About year ago her hair fell out after a bad relaxer and once again she (reluctantly) had to let her hair go natural to grow it out. The first few months she wore wigs 24/7 because she was too embarrassed to let anyone see her hair. So I was really surprised when months later I dropped by to visit and saw she had cut all her relaxed ends off and started asking me about the products I used. Once she learned how to seal her ends, there was no turning back.

Now her hair is thick, healthy, and natural and she loves it. Even when she wears her wigs to change things up once in a while, she doesn’t use them to hide anymore.

my grandmother’s friend, who had been her friend for over 60 years, came over to pick her up to go out to eat. my mother said “alex will help, hold on.” to which granny’s friend replied “who’s alex?”
as i came out, i was like “i am!! :D” and she was like “…? no. youre (birth name)”
and i said “uh.. no, actually.. i go by alex now. i’m transgender. you know, female to male. i feel as though i was meant to be a male, so i identify as one!” and she took a step back from me and with a horrified expression, she said “… you should go to church, young lady. you are not a man. you never will be. i’m not going to call you alex. that’s ridiculous. you are (birth name)”
and so i said “… alright, well you can kindly get out of my house now. you are not welcome inside. step outside and wait while my grandmother is ready to go with you. if you’re going to be an ignorant bigot and disrespect me, you can go ahead and forget i exist.”
so she said “not only are you a dyke, but you’re disrespectful as well. truly a disgrace.”
so, getting angry, i said “the only disgrace here is that bad dye job. you’re almost 90. we know your hair isn’t naturally firetruck red.”
her facial expression was priceless, and she was going to be rude to me, but my mom was like “just go outside, she’ll be ready soon.” and before leaving, she gave me a death stare.
this old woman used to brag about how she loved me and cared about me, but she’s willing to act like an idiot because of something like this. this is ridiculous.
nobody gives a fuck about your tampon red hair anyway. your eyebrows look bad too.
she looked like she took a red sharpie and drew her eyebrows on. like. come on now. calm down.
im so mad. i know its disrespectful to be rude to the elderly, but i’ve had enough. if you don’t respect me, i won’t respect you. it’s as simple as that.