zodiac signs as bad habits

aries: not texting back, chewing on gum really loudly, double dipping

taurus: unbalanced sleep/eating schedule, drinking too much coffee, reality tv

gemini: not letting other people finish their stories, talking too loudly, slouching

cancer: judging other people for everything, getting overly protective of friends

leo: talking during movies, not applying sunscreen regularly, spending too much money while shopping

virgo: not sleeping, reading halfway through a book and forgetting about it, not accepting help from others

libra: losing important papers, lying to parents, chewing with your mouth open

scorpio: procrastinating, leaving empty candy wrappers everywhere, sleeping with makeup on

sagittarius: chipping off nail polish, overthinking everything, correcting other peoples grammar too much

capricorn: letting others push you around, not hiding disdain towards others, skipping breakfast

aquarius: leaving clothes on the floor, never organizing school work until finals week, road rage

pisces: interrupting others, watching netflix at one in the morning, playing music too loudly in headphones

bad habits the signs need to drop

aries: being too competitive
capricorn: letting others push you around
scorpio: forgiving people too easily
gemini: interrupting people 
sagittarius: not thinking before you say something potentially hurtful
leo: not letting other people be in control ever
libra: complaining about things but also not attempting to change them
taurus: staying up so late damn
virgo: being overly judgmental
aquarius: leaving school projects to the last minute
pisces: putting other people before themselves always
cancer: opening up to anyone who will listen

I push everyone away because I know they deserve better than me. I’m a horrible fucking person and I’ll make up any shitty excuse to not be close with them. I hate myself for it but I know they’ll be better off without me. I have ruined countless relationships as well as friendships being like this. I can’t help but feel guilty that they’re wasting their time on someone who isn’t sure they even want to be alive. I don’t want to hurt people because it’s all I seem to do. I have even resorted to lying and telling people I love deeply, that I don’t love them anymore. I can’t even stop myself from doing this anymore. It’s a habit now and I don’t know how to quit.
—  what the fuck is wrong with me
Bad Habits of the 12 Signs
  • Aries:has random outbursts of anger from holding emotions in
  • Taurus:can be very stubborn and selfish sometimes
  • Gemini:gossips about other people, even about their friends
  • Cancer:gets defensive over mild things that people say
  • Leo:acts vain and superficial to hide their own insecurities
  • Virgo:obsessively criticizes everything in their mind
  • Libra:seeks approval from absolutely everyone they know
  • Scorpio:becomes possessive over their love interests
  • Sagittarius:carelessly says insensitive things to people
  • Capricorn:finds it difficult to show affection for loved ones
  • Aquarius:pushes people away if they feel they've lost freedom
  • Pisces:allows people to use them and walk all over them