bad guys rock

Poorly Drawn Naruto

I was looking back at old Naruto for some good nostalgia…

And found this.

All of this.





This next one made it into the opening of the show.

The opening of the show.

And by far, my favorite…

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This is karma.

Once upon a time I bitched/blogged about getting a rock for winning a contest.

Well, it happened again. Another rock. This time it was for 2nd in my AG at a sprint triathlon.

This marks the first time I’ve won an AG award, in a division of more than 3 people, at a triathlon and I’m so pumped! Now all I’ve gotta do is find a stand for my rock…

every time people find out i ship dirkjohn they ask what the appeal is and im like “idk i just like it” and they’re like, but what makes that ship workd? and i have to explain that its NOTHING, ILTERALLY NOTHING ABOUT THIS SHIP WORKS. THATS THE APPEAL. ITS TERRIBLE

anyway have this hrrible sloppy comic