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I want a gta au h2ovanoss fic where Vanoss and Delirious are hanging out at a bar, and a guy comes up and starts hitting on Delirious, who is slowly getting more uncomfortable and pissed off so Vanoss goes over and tries to stop him calmly and the guy is just like “What, trying to save your little boyfriend?”


Tropes fiction writers need to just stop using:

In parentheses is whatever I watched/read last that had the trope that picked me off, but they appear in waaaaaaaaaay more places

  1. group fighting for marginalized people’s rights is an evil terrorist group (RWBY)
  2. Being disabled is the Worst Thing Ever (Supernatural, Dark Angel)
  3. Men and Women Are Just Different TM (Dark Angel)
  4. Mentally Ill people are Scary and Villainous  (Prison Break, every single batman villain ever)
  5. physically disabled people are Scary and Villainous (Alex Rider)
  6. Two characters being mistaken for gay and it’s supposed to be funny/embarrassing (Supernatural)
  7. Abled Parents of Disabled Children are super Saintly instead of just doing the bare minimum  (Clarisa in Cuentos de Eva Luna, a whole lot more stuff)
  8. Bonus points if the disabled child then dies so we don’t have to deal with their disability (The Machine)
  9. Women get super upset if their husbands forget their anniversary, this is portrayed as unreasonable and humorous (American Dad, Bob’s Burgers)
  10. when  aliens have human genders and gender roles (Star Wars)
  11. when there are nameless female characters attached to your male characters to show how desirable they are (Supernatural, housepets)
  12. When The Guy really wants to date a girl and all he has to do is pester her enough/act pathetic enough/save her life and suddenly she’ll be attracted to him (every romance written by a man)
  13. The scruffy white guy videogame protagonist.

about Nightwing: New Order, i hope people are aware of where is the root of the problem, hell, it is the same root with HYDRA Cap:


companies don’t suddenly go wow good guy turns bad trope is where it at in one beautiful sunny day they have Injustice as proof that that trope make money, that trope generates profit.

so from now on before you think of supporting Injustice, think long and hard about how one day it’s gonna be your fav next

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Nsfw you say (lenny face) how about jealous todoroki, bakugou and kirishima nsfw headcanons huehuehue

Oh yeah son.



- Blasty McSplode™ has come to PLAY. He’s blasting his way to the BOOTY.

- His real quirk is giving hickeys, like damn those lips can work magic. His S/O is about to find out just how magical they can get because he’s gonna cover you in them like a black and blue bodysuit.

- “mine, Mine, M I N E” can be heard echoing throughout the dorms as well as the sound of a bed slammin’ into the wall.

- he’s got a fairly nice dick, and that fairly nice dick is gonna be slamming into you so hard your ass, thighs, and existence are about to be bruised

- when he gets super duper angry, he cries just the slight bit. It’s barely even noticeable, so while that fairly nice dick™ is pounding away he’s gonna pull you close (not exactly in a loving embrace) just so you won’t see how he really feels


- you’re gonna get the shit teased out of you so be prepared. Fire and ice are killer attack combos, but they also make for some kinky torture.

- Roki my boi becomes a total bdsm GOD, tying you down so you can’t stop him from tasting sweet revenge

- he’s extremely frustrated, both sexually and not, so he might take pity and fuck your brains out in the end.

- can’t really play the bad guy trope with you for long (depending on what made him jealous) so he might take it easy and go for a slow, sensual fuck.

- just imagine the overwhelming sensations of fire and ice teasing your most sensitive spots in the best and worst ways imaginable. Torture

- aftercare is nice and he’s sorry for how he acted (but are you really complaining huehuehue), leading up to a nice cuddle session and just some late night talks in the nude.


- he’s gonna bite the fuck out of you. Those sharp ass teeth are made for chompin’ and he’s chompin’ down on some sweet ass toNIGHT

- he’s really mad and sad and confused all at once, poor little cinnamon roll. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get your punishment. He’s bending your ass over and smacking the shit out of it until that bad boy goes from red to purple, courtesy of the quirk

- will definitely kiss those spots afterwards, doing everything he can to stop the pain since he didn’t really mean to do it that hard. His emotions got the better of him and he regrets it dearly. He’ll be apologizing 25/8 for the next year

- huge tease, sliding in all the way and out all the way until you’re nearly screaming for him to go in (which you probably are). He doesn’t give in at first, but his little riot is rock solid right now and he doesn’t want to be blue-balled

- “you did a bad thing, [ name ]. Now you’ve gotta pay the price” and you’ll be paying it for the next 4-5 hours and then for the next week.

- even when he’s mad, he still likes wrapping himself around your warm (read: spent) body after sex, but he’ll roughly squeeze your sensitive areas or stick his fingers inside them to remind you that you’re not off the hook.

Shakespeare’s Got Nothing on Us (1/??)

Summary: Ryan’s always tried to keep his distance from others. Being an immortal only makes it harder to build relationships, especially after outliving everyone he’s ever loved. It’s why he joined the Gents– the most powerful crew in Los Santos. Thanks to their immortality, they are rivaled by no one– until they meet a small gang that seems to share their unique abilities. And even worse, Ryan develops feelings for a member of their crew, a young man named Jeremy.

Pairings: Jeremy/Ryan, mentioned Michael/Gavin

Warnings and tags: Depictions of Violence, romantic pining, bad flirting

A03 Mirror

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I started watching Batman: The Animated Series today and it made me feel like drawing for the first time in like two weeks

I love this guy (these guys???) a lot… I really like his design in The Batman too, though he doesn’t look anywhere near as sharp.

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Is it really racist for Alex to be the 'villain'? He's not really demonised (it's very sympathetically handled) plus in the comics nico and gert both aren't white (confirmed) and karolina is from another planet and is drawn implying she wouldnt be white and I'm sure it's implied that molly isn't white? So it's not like they took the one poc and made him some cackling muahahah villain

Where exactly did you see it confirmed that Gert isn’t white? How do you mean Karolina is drawn implying she wouldn’t be white? Where are you sure it’s implied Molly isn’t white? Like I feel like you’re giving the writers too much credit.

And we aren’t talking about PoC. We are talking about BLACK people. They took the one recurring Black person and made him a villain. Black people always being the bad guys is a trope and does demonize Black characters, especially when they are the only Black person in the group.

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10 Characters Tag

rules: tell me your favourite character from 10 fictional works (shows, movies, novels, etc.) & tag people!

Tagged by @ice-tiger-kitten! Thank you :)

From anime, TV series and one book series, in no particular order:

  1. Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!!! on Ice): Funnily enough Yuri Plisetsky became my favourite only after YOI had ended. Now I’m all about him. 
  2. Severus Snape (Harry Potter): I’m not the type of fan to say that Snape was a good guy all along. He is mean-spirited, petty and even at the end his motives remain questionable. Still, he’s a brilliant character in my eyes and just so damn interesting.
  3. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z): Psychopathic space prince who has murdered thousands and yet somehow ends up as one of the good guys. Let’s say I have a thing for the bad guy gone good trope.  
  4. Nana Osaki (NaNa): She is my everything, I love her so much. Another character who tries to be the strongest version of herself but is actually quite fragile. The best well-rounded character I have seen in anime.
  5. Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): The Chosen One. Perky and kicks your ass. Another character who is strong yet has this soft side to her. 
  6. Officer Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks): I have only watched this show once, yet it’s my favourite. Its main character is fascinating to watch; gentle, kind, funny and a calm force within the madness that is this show.
  7. Don Draper (Mad Men): My second all time favourite show. Honestly I could have picked about three other characters for this spot (Peggy Olsen, Joan Holloway/Harris, Betty Draper/Francis) but let’s go with Don. Brilliant character writing; I just can’t dislike this guy even though he gives me plenty of reason to. 
  8. Dana Scully (The X-Files): I live for her rolling her eyes and her exasperated “Mulder…”
  9. Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal): Man, cannibalism has never looked so classy and handsome. Jesus.
  10. Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful): Eva Green was robbed for not getting an award for this performance. She floored me. Again, amazing and interesting character.

I’m pretty sure there’s a common thread with all the characters I like, the key word being duality; (terribly) flawed characters that are sensitive somehow. 

Tagging if you feel like it!

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Is there a ft character who you originally hated but like now? if so, what made you change your view? ((Lmao I know you keep getting asks about this stuff after the whole Eileen/Irene/I'm-not-sure-which-it-is thing but I'm really interested to hear your take since you said a tragic backstory doesn't necessarily change your views on a character ^-^)) p.s your art gives me life

Ok so this is gonna be really sloppy, since I’m really bad at writing anything that has more than three sentences, much less in English which isn’t my native language, so excuse me if my explanation’s shitty ‘kay?

Usually when I like or dislike a character, I’m gonna like/dislike them till the end, so it’s really hard to change my mind I guess, however-

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einhornglitzenkampf replied to your post :

                   einhornglitzenkampf said to your post:            …                

   IIRC, her response to being kidnapped was to tear up the house like a bored collie, escape, do what she planned to do anyway, and then tell him to fuck off whilst he complained about the mess she made of his sofa. I did not like this guy and did not understand why the author was pushing this relationship.   

man thats even more baffling because it  implies the author knows she wouldn’t put up with it but still tried to force the relationship anyway????

which gets into super skeevy territory, like women will very clearly tell you to fuck off and that they hate what you’re doing, but that’s just normal and you should keep pursuing the relationship anyway :/

kinda reminds me of bitten (another urban fantasy novel, obviously) which i found really skeevy the first time i read because i didn’t understand why the author was shipping a woman with a guy who clearly did not respect her boundaries at all.

its like pro-tip authors: you’re in control of the story it’s super easy to write a romance that doesn’t portray abusive and unhealhty dynamics as ideal or romantic, what you do is you look at your leads, a nd if you wanna portray their relationship as ideal or romantic, don’t make one of them completely disrespect the boundaries and bodily autonomy of the other one

I don’t get it.

Everyone promotes how much they love the villain/bully/kinda the bad guy redeemed trope, but don’t allow real people to move on and become a better person. 

I don’t mean the people who just try to act like the past didn’t happen I mean people who say sorry and try to do better, and not make the same mistakes as before. To do right.

Second and sometimes third chances are needed in life. 

rp wishlist:

  • josh falling in love with an outlaw and vice versa (i really love the love-hate ships and the good guy / bad guy trope)
  • josh has to take care of a kid for ___ reason(s)
  • josh opening up to someone and talking more about literally anything in his life!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • unrequited love from either him or another person
  • josh gets framed and someone puts out a bounty for him
  • arranged marriage / forced marriage by circumstance
  • more of josh on the chain gang or something similar!!!
  • soldier days 
  • kid / teen josh
  • outlaw josh!!!
  • josh put into a predicament that forces his hand to shoot / kill a friend or loved one
  • josh being forced to face his demons (whatever that may mean)
  • josh finds someone who is either pretending to be or is actually a distant relative of his that he had no knowledge of
  • just a lot of angst in general or anything that pushes my muse to break bc 1) i love pain and 2) i have never had a muse so difficult to open up emotionally and that’s saying something considering i play a lot of emotionally closed off characters
  • oh yeah one more…
  • DAD JOSH but like ACTUAL DAD JOSH!!!!! someone have a baby with him

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err, could u help me understand ikarishipping a bit more? because from ive seen, paul has little to no interest in dawn, and other than the good-girl/bad-guy couple trope, i cant see why people would like it?


However, because ikari is such a strange ship, I think there are a few things that are important to understand about it. The first being where ikarishipping came from, the second being why ikarishipping is as popular as it is, and the third being why people ship ikarishipping at all.

To get the first point out of the way, let me take you back to circa 2006–the era just before the Diamond and Pearl’s anime release. Back then, Corocoro (the magazine from Japan that we all know of from its Pokemon game leaks) came out with a DP anime promotional image which featured Dawn, Paul, and Ash. With no context to go off of, people jumped onto the characters immediately. Of course, AshxPoke Girl shippers sprung up as they always do at the start of the new anime series, however, at this time war was raging between the currently popular Pokeshipping and Advanceshipping. So while there were people who immediately jummped onto the AshxNew Girl ship, most people stuck to their Poke/Advance guns. That left New Guy (Paul–who at the time was actually dubbed Nugai by the fans) and New Girl (who was only known as Hikari). And, as they will, shippers will be shippers and pounced on New GuyxNew Girl almost immediately without any kind of context (especially since, at the time, Paul was rumored to be the new third companion, replacing Brock). As such, ikarishipping was basically born with zero context of what their interactions would be like, based solely on the fact that they were new main male and female characters. That being said, ikarishipping was not born out of their interactions in canon, but rather, people’s desire to ship the new male and female characters.

Next, it’s important to understand why ikarishipping is as popular as it is today. I feel like one thing that’s important to consider is, at the time, most of these shippers were 12-16 year old girls in 2006. For those of you who were maybe too young to remember 2006 or just weren’t around the fandom, besides palletshipping, nearly all of the most popular ship were “attractive” m/f pairings. It’s just the way things were. As such, that automatically knocked out f/f or m/m pairings that may have become popular had the characters been opposite gender (i.e. appealshipping, comashipping, coldcoffeeshipping, ostentatiousshipping, etc.). That’s not to say that these ships aren’t popular in their own right (coma being especially popular), but ikari undoubtedly is the most popular of the Dawn and Paul ships. That might bring up the question as to why penguinshipping isn’t as popular. Well, like I said, shippers stick to their guns. Many people had already established themselves as ikarishippers by the time Kenny was introduced in the anime. Plus, Kenny, to many fans, was a far blander character than Paul (in both personality and appearance)–and many weren’t crazy about the way he pined for Dawn (honestly, a lot of people just looked for excuses to hate Kenny for the sake of ikarishipping).

Of course, it’s also important to note that Dawn and Paul were both A. attractive characters of the opposite sex who look good together and B. they did have that bad-boy/good-girl feel to them that was so popular back then. As such, with all of these factors combined, ikarishipping ultimately triumphed over all of the other Dawn and Paul shippings–even if it did lack the canon evidence. And all of that hype from back in 2006 still rubs off on the Pokemon anime community today. That’s largely because when something is that popular in a fandom at one point in time (even with lack of evidence), it’s going to remain popular in years to come (look at poke, contest, and pallet, for example). Fanfiction, AMVs, and fan art are already all over the internet of this pairing. People both old and new to the fandom will see this, and it will most likely rub off on them–especially since Paul and Dawn do have that m/f aesthetically pleasing look to them. People jump on the hype train because they’re naturally drawn to what is considered to be most popular. Not to mention, people who were ikarishippers way back in 2006 are likely still ikarishippers today as well.

With all of that behind us, that brings us to why, today in 2016, people ship ikarishipping at all. And well, there are a few reasons why and it honestly all depends on the shipper. The most popular reason is the reason I stated above. People ship it by default out of the desire to ship. They see what’s popular and they take it (thus why ikari is usually grouped in with the “straight four”, poke/contest/ikari/leafgreen). I won’t get into the nitty gritties of that one too much since I basically talked about it above. But since it’s popular, people don’t need the evidence. They just want to ship. The second reason is solely based on aesthetic. It’s undeniable that Dawn and Paul look aesthetically pleasing side-by-side. Their pallets complement each other well with the blues, purples, and pinks. Paul is the hard-looking boy while Dawn is the bubbly looking girl. There’s also the aesthetic of their personalities–the good, bubbly girl and bad, stoic boy. People eat that stuff up like crazy. They don’t need the canon evidence to support it as long as they have their desire aesthetically. Another reason, and the reason why we ship ikarishipping, is because of the relationship potential.

I’ll be honest with you, Kelly and I hated ikarishipping back when it first became popular in 2006. We were two angry 13-year-olds who couldn’t possibly understand what anyone saw in it. We were bent on only supporting ships if they had canon evidence (thus why pokeshipping and contestshipping were our only ships at the time). It wasn’t until we were in our 20s that we actually started to consider ikarishipping–and it was largely because of @pkmncoordinators’s wonderful fanfiction, “The Ash Connection”. We really enjoyed the way that ikarishipping was portrayed in her story, and thought that maybe it could have potential after all. Thus, getting into why we ship ikarishipping: Different fans might interpret their relationship differently, but Kelly and I truly enjoy ikarishipping because, as people and as trainers, Dawn and Paul are so drastically different from each other. Paul is reserved and rather stern, whereas Dawn is open and bright. We fully acknowledge that there is no canon evidence to support ikarishipping, but we feel as though there is a lot that the two could take away from each other, both to grow stronger as individuals and as trainers. I don’t really want to get into it all too much, but if you’d like to know more about our ikarishipping headcanon, which focuses on how they go from strangers, to friends, to falling in love, I’d suggest checking out our ikarishipping fanfiction, Lock and Key! That being said, Kelly and I base a lot of our ships around interaction and chemistry potential, even if the two characters have never interacted in canon (our most obscure ship being Brendan and Hilda).

I realize I probably haven’t painted ikarishipping in the most positive light within this response. I mean, its popularity is based heavily around the heteronormative idea of pairing an attractive man and an attractive woman together. But honestly, there are a lot of wonderful people in the ikarishipping fandom who have managed to turn it into a lot more than that. We know a lot of incredible ikarishippers with wonderful headcanons surrounding the two–shippers who have done a great job interpreting their relationship and making it a lot more than “the aesthetically pleasing bad-boy and good-girl”. I feel that what’s most fun about the ikarishipping fandom actually is the fact that it lacks canon evidence. It gives people so much room to explore their potential relationship if they did interact and create something of their own through fanfiction or headcanon or art! It’s a very open place for people who enjoy being creative. Granted, each fandom has its bad eggs, and there are a bunch of really bad/borderline abusive fan-concepts that float around (as there are with any ship), but the amazing people outweigh that for us. As such, I think the community itself is a big reason as to why people choose to ship ikari–because it’s full of awesome people with great ideas!

I know I’ve probably rambled a lot, and maybe this didn’t make any sense to you at all. But that’s just my opinion! Again, ikari is a very strange ship considering its lack of evidence and popularity. But I feel like, regardless of the reason as to why people may choose to ship it, shipping is ultimately for fun. So as long as ikarishippers are having fun doing what they’re doing, then the reason why doesn’t really matter too much! And if ikarishipping just isn’t your cup of tea, then that’s okay as well–it’s definitely an acquired taste!

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In an interview, Camila revealed that she had a crush on someone she worked with but didn't say who. At this point she is just igniting the fire for the CS and I'm tired! Lauren is always the bad guy, she broke little Camila's poor heart blah blah blah. It's fucking annoying and Camila won't do shit to stop it

maaan i hate this shit sm. lauren isnt perfect, we all know this, but she is constantly seen in a bad light and im tired. even CS perpetuate this ‘laurens the bad guy’ trope. have u ever looked at their fanfics?


How Chiro is related to Captain Shuggazoom (theory)

There have been countless theories regarding Chiro’s parents and whether or not they’re even alive. Many have suggested that Skeleton king is his father likely because of episode 14 and how Skeleton King has Chiro’s childhood toys. But...I honestly do not see it. Chances are he somehow just got a hold of Chiros stuff for DNA purposes so Mandarin could make the perfect clone of him in Verses Chiro (at least before he was finally able to get a full body scan of him in Flytor). Plus the monkeys already have a part in the “bad guy is your father” trope because of the Alchemist. I don’t think the series would’ve gone with the Star Wars route twice with Chiro. so let’s look at the next subject.. Captain Shuggazoom.

Some have speculated that Captain Shuggazoom may be Chiro’s father and I can’t blame them!

But I can’t see it because….

When the hyperforce find and rescue Captain Shuggazoom he is found to be very old remember he was in a coma for years. Plus Chiro probably wasn’t even born when the Alchemist was around with Captain Shuggazoom. Chiro is absent in the flashbacks. Plus Chiro is about 13-14 years old in the series. So if Captain Shuggazoom was his dad then wouldn’t he have been much younger when they found him? So how could he be related if he looked like a grown-up Chiro?? Think about genetics and family trees for a second.

CONCLUSION: Captain Shuggazoom is Chiro’s Grandfather 

At least that’s my two cents on it feel free to add thoughts/comments or your own theories