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I want a gta au h2ovanoss fic where Vanoss and Delirious are hanging out at a bar, and a guy comes up and starts hitting on Delirious, who is slowly getting more uncomfortable and pissed off so Vanoss goes over and tries to stop him calmly and the guy is just like “What, trying to save your little boyfriend?”


I started watching Batman: The Animated Series today and it made me feel like drawing for the first time in like two weeks

I love this guy (these guys???) a lot… I really like his design in The Batman too, though he doesn’t look anywhere near as sharp.

a family can be one DJ father and his army of daugthers

I know that one of the game devs said how DJ Octavio controls the Octarians with his music and stuff but I’m such a sap for bad guy/good dad tropes that you can pull loving DJ Dad Octavio from my cold dead hands (plus idk if Octolings actually count the same as Octotroopers or not so)

Tropes fiction writers need to just stop using:

In parentheses is whatever I watched/read last that had the trope that picked me off, but they appear in waaaaaaaaaay more places

  1. group fighting for marginalized people’s rights is an evil terrorist group (RWBY)
  2. Being disabled is the Worst Thing Ever (Supernatural, Dark Angel)
  3. Men and Women Are Just Different TM (Dark Angel)
  4. Mentally Ill people are Scary and Villainous  (Prison Break, every single batman villain ever)
  5. physically disabled people are Scary and Villainous (Alex Rider)
  6. Two characters being mistaken for gay and it’s supposed to be funny/embarrassing (Supernatural)
  7. Abled Parents of Disabled Children are super Saintly instead of just doing the bare minimum  (Clarisa in Cuentos de Eva Luna, a whole lot more stuff)
  8. Bonus points if the disabled child then dies so we don’t have to deal with their disability (The Machine)
  9. Women get super upset if their husbands forget their anniversary, this is portrayed as unreasonable and humorous (American Dad, Bob’s Burgers)
  10. when  aliens have human genders and gender roles (Star Wars)
  11. when there are nameless female characters attached to your male characters to show how desirable they are (Supernatural, housepets)
  12. When The Guy really wants to date a girl and all he has to do is pester her enough/act pathetic enough/save her life and suddenly she’ll be attracted to him (every romance written by a man)
  13. The scruffy white guy videogame protagonist.

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Ayahina is one of those ships where they done the "bad boy x good girl" right without the expense of either ayato or hinami's character. I mean, the first thing that comes on your mind when you hear the name hinami is either her parents, kaneki&touka or her chimera kagune; with ayato it's his sister, father or aogiri, not who they're shipped with. They're healthy, they have agency and they barely leave place for somebody's self insertion.

Personally I feel that the bad boy x good girl trope doesn’t actually represent them? I see a lot of antis criticizing them for this actually. That this ship is toxic because of this trope, or that it’s cliched and boring. 

But it’s a very superficial interpretation of their characters, in my opinion. Because the trope tend to focus on the idea of the good girl ‘saving’ the boy from falling into whatever he is and in turn she gets the thrill and excitement from engaging in things she normally doesn’t (among other things)– which isn’t Ayahina at all. Like, Hinami might have influenced him into changing for the better but she’s not the only influence, she’s only one of them (with Sachi and Kaneki being the others)– not to mention, unlike Sachi and Kaneki, there isn’t concrete evidence proving she helped in mellowing him down, though it still is a high probability. When she met him, he had already changed a little– I wrote once about how her meeting with him is similar to the conversation he had with Kaneki, and unlike the case with Kaneki, he didn’t physically hurt her despite her mentioning Touka and calling him Ayato-kun like Kaneki did. And she doesn’t like him because of his ‘bad boy’ appearance and behaviour, she’s close to him because he’s recognizable as Touka’s brother, because he’s there to support her and because he looks out for her. They’re just two lonely kids who found solace in each other and in the process, started becoming really important to each other. 

There’s actually this line in the Ayahina novel story from re:quest according to this translation/summary where Hinami thinks about some ‘light that was beginning to bloom’ and like I think it’s possible that she’s referring to Ayato (possibly the rest of Aogiri as well, but considering the whole focus on Ayato and Hinami’s relationship in this story, I’d say he’s a bigger part of this light than the others are). It’s usually rare to see the ‘bad boy’ referred to as the light– it’s usually the ‘good girl’. 

I love how Ishida really makes sure we known how important they are to each other, but at the same time, you’re right when you say that the ship isn’t the only thing about them. But even then, their relationship is important to both of them. I feel like it’s so underappreciated how Ishida had established a connection between them way back in Volume 3 of Tokyo Ghoul (before Ayato even appeared physically actually). I feel like these two were connected from the beginning? Like even if it’s not in a romantic sense, it’s like they’re meant to be compared because they’re both the ‘kids’ of the series (like I know we’re getting more kids now, but Hinami and Ayato are the only ones whom we actually see from young and get a chance to see them grow). So, like it’s hard to dispute the importance of this relationship (whether you see it platonically/romantically). 

I get a bit of people saying that I praise Ayahina too much and I’m biased when I call them the healthiest relationship in Tokyo Ghoul because they’re my number one ship but to be honest, this is the reason why they’re my number 1? They’re healthy, they don’t steal each other’s agency (actually, I think a lot about how so far, Ayato’s the only one who’s actually brought Hinami out on a major mission) and basically, they’re just pure, which is a rarity in Tokyo Ghoul. 

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Nsfw you say (lenny face) how about jealous todoroki, bakugou and kirishima nsfw headcanons huehuehue

Oh yeah son.



- Blasty McSplode™ has come to PLAY. He’s blasting his way to the BOOTY.

- His real quirk is giving hickeys, like damn those lips can work magic. His S/O is about to find out just how magical they can get because he’s gonna cover you in them like a black and blue bodysuit.

- “mine, Mine, M I N E” can be heard echoing throughout the dorms as well as the sound of a bed slammin’ into the wall.

- he’s got a fairly nice dick, and that fairly nice dick is gonna be slamming into you so hard your ass, thighs, and existence are about to be bruised

- when he gets super duper angry, he cries just the slight bit. It’s barely even noticeable, so while that fairly nice dick™ is pounding away he’s gonna pull you close (not exactly in a loving embrace) just so you won’t see how he really feels


- you’re gonna get the shit teased out of you so be prepared. Fire and ice are killer attack combos, but they also make for some kinky torture.

- Roki my boi becomes a total bdsm GOD, tying you down so you can’t stop him from tasting sweet revenge

- he’s extremely frustrated, both sexually and not, so he might take pity and fuck your brains out in the end.

- can’t really play the bad guy trope with you for long (depending on what made him jealous) so he might take it easy and go for a slow, sensual fuck.

- just imagine the overwhelming sensations of fire and ice teasing your most sensitive spots in the best and worst ways imaginable. Torture

- aftercare is nice and he’s sorry for how he acted (but are you really complaining huehuehue), leading up to a nice cuddle session and just some late night talks in the nude.


- he’s gonna bite the fuck out of you. Those sharp ass teeth are made for chompin’ and he’s chompin’ down on some sweet ass toNIGHT

- he’s really mad and sad and confused all at once, poor little cinnamon roll. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get your punishment. He’s bending your ass over and smacking the shit out of it until that bad boy goes from red to purple, courtesy of the quirk

- will definitely kiss those spots afterwards, doing everything he can to stop the pain since he didn’t really mean to do it that hard. His emotions got the better of him and he regrets it dearly. He’ll be apologizing 25/8 for the next year

- huge tease, sliding in all the way and out all the way until you’re nearly screaming for him to go in (which you probably are). He doesn’t give in at first, but his little riot is rock solid right now and he doesn’t want to be blue-balled

- “you did a bad thing, [ name ]. Now you’ve gotta pay the price” and you’ll be paying it for the next 4-5 hours and then for the next week.

- even when he’s mad, he still likes wrapping himself around your warm (read: spent) body after sex, but he’ll roughly squeeze your sensitive areas or stick his fingers inside them to remind you that you’re not off the hook.

Okay seriously, about Eclipsa…. I honestly feel like the way she acted needs to be talked about a little bit, because it was interesting

She was so gentle with Moon. She sympathized with her. She asked her if she was certain that she wanted the spell before it was given. Now, that all could have been ways to coax Moon into believing she’s not so bad. It could have been a very effective way of essentially killing two birds with one stone; she’s queen of Mewni, too, so why shouldn’t she want the war to be over before she’s freed? Less work for her in the long run. 

However. I do not think that this is the case. With Eclipsa’s known reputation, it very well could be, but until we see more of her, I’m going to have to say that I do not think Eclipsa is truly a villain. 

I’m going to further analyze her under the cut, so if you’re interested to see what I have to say, then feel free to keep reading. 

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about Nightwing: New Order, i hope people are aware of where is the root of the problem, hell, it is the same root with HYDRA Cap:


companies don’t suddenly go wow good guy turns bad trope is where it at in one beautiful sunny day they have Injustice as proof that that trope make money, that trope generates profit.

so from now on before you think of supporting Injustice, think long and hard about how one day it’s gonna be your fav next


this bad guy trope

Typical Bad ‘Boy’, Good Guy scenario. [They don’t necessarily have to be male]. Person A is torn. Having been recently confronted by the school’s sweetest person, Person C, and the school’s 'bad boy’ Person B, and having feelings for A confessed by both, Person A doesn’t know who to pick. But they’ve read a lot, and everything they knows tells them that the Person C is the safer bet. They’ll end up happy with C, instead of miserable with B. So they stick with Person C. And they’re happy. Person C is sweet and caring and amazing. Until one evening, after a wild party. Then Person C decides that they’ve waited long enough and Person A should give them what they want, without a choice if you know what I mean. Person B luckily happens to be there, and manages to pry Person A away from Person C, running off with them away from the party. When they finally stop, Person A is so confused because Person C was the safe choice. The right choice. They ramble on and on for a while before Person B decideds to shut them up with a kiss.

Reality Chapter 12 (Jensen x Reader; Dean x Reader)

Title: Reality Chapter 12

Summary:  Is this real life, or is this just fantasy? (Y/n) struggled to figure out if she’s in an alternate universe after a car accident, or if she’s just suffering from the after effects of a coma.

Warnings: Language, mentions of cheating, violence, Dean is a dick

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bad shoujo trope: gender non-conforming character is pushed to conform gender and is praised for it.

good shoujo trope: gender non conforming character confirms their identity.

bad shoujo trope: entitled guy gets the love of the main character despite having abused, sexually assaulted etc. them.

good shoujo trope: main character leaves the entitled guy for a girl.

Shakespeare’s Got Nothing on Us (1/??)

Summary: Ryan’s always tried to keep his distance from others. Being an immortal only makes it harder to build relationships, especially after outliving everyone he’s ever loved. It’s why he joined the Gents– the most powerful crew in Los Santos. Thanks to their immortality, they are rivaled by no one– until they meet a small gang that seems to share their unique abilities. And even worse, Ryan develops feelings for a member of their crew, a young man named Jeremy.

Pairings: Jeremy/Ryan, mentioned Michael/Gavin

Warnings and tags: Depictions of Violence, romantic pining, bad flirting

A03 Mirror

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What it takes to be a hero

Killian Jones Appreciation Meme

Day 2 (July 11): Favourite Hero moments

I’ve got to admit that I’m probably one of the few people who love Hook and his canon development and rarely uses the word “hero” to describe him.

But that doesn’t mean I’m disputing he’s been heroic from Season 3B onward. I just feel like calling him that all the time negates the fact that he had a very dark past.

The beauty with Killian’s character is that despite his bravado and cockiness, his true self is extremely selfless and humble.

I’ve always been a fan of the “Bad Guy Turns Good” trope, but I think that Killian Jones’ story is one of the best examples on how to do that.

From the scenes I just posted, all aside from two share an important detail; in them, he risked or gave up something to save someone else, when the alternative would be a better outcome for him.

Not saving Megara - Not risking being mauled by Cerberus
Not saving David - Getting rid of an “obstacle” to getting Emma
Not fighting AU!David - Not dying, obviously
Not giving up his ship - Keeping his home and souvenir of his loved ones, as well as his steady pirate life
Obeying Hades - Avoiding being further tortured by him

And of course, his sacrifice in 5x11. It’s important that although he was basically fixing a mistake he made under the influence of the Darkness, it was still his choice to give up his life to save his family and stop the Dark Ones, potentially forever, while he knew that the alternative would be “safer” for him. And that goes for most of his characterization in the show.

And above all, it’s important to me that he didn’t boast about any of these. Even after all his sacrifices, he considered himself weak and unworthy of being saved, always wanting the best for Emma and her/his family.

Killian Jones knows what he’s made of, and he doesn’t expect that all acts of kindness will be rewarded. Of course, the narrative does its job by rewarding his good acts (as it does for every other character) but Killian himself is neither expecting nor asking for it.

And that is why, despite all of his dark deeds of the past, he’s truly evolved into a hero.

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Is it really racist for Alex to be the 'villain'? He's not really demonised (it's very sympathetically handled) plus in the comics nico and gert both aren't white (confirmed) and karolina is from another planet and is drawn implying she wouldnt be white and I'm sure it's implied that molly isn't white? So it's not like they took the one poc and made him some cackling muahahah villain

Where exactly did you see it confirmed that Gert isn’t white? How do you mean Karolina is drawn implying she wouldn’t be white? Where are you sure it’s implied Molly isn’t white? Like I feel like you’re giving the writers too much credit.

And we aren’t talking about PoC. We are talking about BLACK people. They took the one recurring Black person and made him a villain. Black people always being the bad guys is a trope and does demonize Black characters, especially when they are the only Black person in the group.

mod v

I want star wars to cover every sort of film genre out there. We already got Rogue One to cover the ‘war’ genre but i don’t want it to stop there, i want it to start there.

I want a dark sleek political thriller about Palpatine’s rise to power covering pre-TPM and into ROTS. i want a grungy western film set on a backwater desert planet that turns classic good guy-bad guy tropes on its heel. I want a quirky artsy film about the lives of various droids. I want a spine chilling cinematic horror film that delves deep into alien lore and the possibilities of mutant species. I want a bleak film noir film about law enforcement on Coruscant during the fall of the Republic. I want an epic high fantasy that explores the origins of the Jedi and the Force itself. I want a classic gritty gangster film about all the major crimelords of the Outer Rim. I want a black comedy about how the common people interpret the major events of the saga. Hell I even want a teenage comedy film about Padawans coming of age and getting in trouble in the Jedi Temple.

i want it allllllll.

Hey, y’all. I’ve just come off indef hiatus, and I’m ready to party!

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