bad guy night

i only have two settings: 1. unconscious and 2. terrible
When Afton sees Springtrap
  • Springtrap: Father it's me Michael!
  • William: SON HOLY FUCK
  • Springtrap: I know it looks bad but--
  • William: YOU BEEN A FURRY FOR 30 YEARS?!

Today, I will not restrict my food because of what I ate last night.
I will not over-exercise.
I will not hate myself.
I will give my body the love nourishment it deserves.
I am not a failure.
It’s time to end this war inside my head.

with the way he is, if he found out, he might even stop eating lobster thermidor entirely. there’s no way I could do that to him… plus, I can tolerate seafood. ..but I will admit eating it nearly every night can get annoying.


mood: Eliot advising Hardison to be more assertive in his relationship with Parker, realising he’s the one asserted over the whole evening, ending up secretly proud of it.

You’re not a true fan until you’ve made a springlock suit and got springlocked yourself
—  my friend and co-worker, to myself as I talk about my springtrap cosplay plans

I was too busy to post as they came so here’s some of katsucon for today (feat. @driftingbystars and her boyfriend as Cloud and Aerith)



ok it’s fnaf 2 cutscenes but instead of Purple Guy holding a weird wrench thing it is actually a gun. It’s one of many guns. I could not shake this image from my head. I can only think of one security guard filled with such malice that he would mow down a bunch of haunted robots with a gatling gun. Here he is. What a bad man. 0/10 worst security guard (10/10 for effort)

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