bad girly

Some girl stopped me on the street today and asked me to donate some money for some cause but I was hesitating since I’m a poor student but she said I can give any amount I want, even one cent… and then added that by doing so I can “make my girlfriend happy and proud by doing something good,” so I said “I don’t have a girlfriend,” and she said “don’t worry, you’ll find one.” So I got pissed off, gave her less money than I intended to, told her I’m gay and left because I’m not fucking with heteronormativity. Not today Satan!

When fathers pressure their sons to “act like men” we understand that this is partly due to anti-homo anxiety, but when mothers pressure their daughters to wear make-up and skirts and heels and sit with their legs closed and take smaller bites because big bites of food are unladylike, we just think it’s part of life.