bad girls club: mexico

Bad Girls Club Before & After Part 3

Starting from the Top:

Nastasia ( Stasi ) BGC7 New Orleans 

Kristen ( Blondie ) BGC5 Miami

Stephanie BGC10 ATL

Rocky BGC10 ATL

Lea BGC5 Miami

Erika ( Lucci Vee ) BGC9 Mexico

Natalie BGC4

Gina ( Gigi ) BGC11 Miami 

Jenniffer ( Jenn ) BGC10 ATL

Teresa BGC11 Miami

Janelle BGC11 Miami

Falen BGC9

WATCH: Bad Girls Club - Season 9 (Mexico)


Favorite Bad Girls → Christina Salgado (The Sultry Spitfire) {3/5}

↳ “I see something. I like it, I get it. I live in Jersey, which is small. So, I just don’t go around opening my legs to everyone. I can get along with girls, just as long as they’re not jealous. But, that never seems to happen. I don’t take people’s shit. You throw my shit in the pool; bitch, I’m throwing you in the pool, along with all your other shit. I’ll end up in the pool with you.” – Bad Girls Club: Mexico


Favorite Bad Girls → Mehgan James (The Texas Temptation) {5/5}

↳ “People underestimate pretty girls. They think we’re all stupid and we all fuck to get what we want, and that’s not what it is. I paid for my own titties. I’m a bitch that athletes wanna be with. I feel bad for ugly people. It’s just so much harder in life for them to do stuff. If you ain’t rolling with me, you’re gonna be a lame bitch. I am the motherfucking party. It’s my way, or the motherfucking highway.” – Bad Girls Club: Mexico