bad girls club vegas

Bad Girls Club Before & After Part 3

Starting from the Top:

Nastasia ( Stasi ) BGC7 New Orleans 

Kristen ( Blondie ) BGC5 Miami

Stephanie BGC10 ATL

Rocky BGC10 ATL

Lea BGC5 Miami

Erika ( Lucci Vee ) BGC9 Mexico

Natalie BGC4

Gina ( Gigi ) BGC11 Miami 

Jenniffer ( Jenn ) BGC10 ATL

Teresa BGC11 Miami

Janelle BGC11 Miami

Falen BGC9


Favorite Bad Girls → Danielle “Danni” Victor (The Black Sheep) {2/5}

↳ “Even though I’m a hundred and four pounds, I’m a firecracker. So, if you light my fuse, it’s only a matter of time ‘till I explode. I walk into the house and people will be like, 'oh, look at this skinny, little girl. She’s not gonna do shit’. Bitch, I don’t care if I’m a hundred and four pounds, I can hold my own ground.” – Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas


Favorite Bad Girls → Camilla Poindexter (The Cali Cutthroat) {4/5}

↳ “I love to be naked. I think that’s my guilty pleasure. Everybody should have a little freaky side. If I can be the peacemaker, I will. Sometimes you have to put the fucking foot down. If there’s something going wrong and I don’t like it, I’m gonna tell yo ass.” – Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas