bad girls club roleplay


Meet Chyna | The DC Go-Getter | 23 | Washington, DC | Open

“Iam a stripper, I’m going to let everyone know that.” She laughed.

Chyna is a girl that feels everyone should work fo their goals and being an independent woman.

“Like I make my own money, do whatever I can do to get though the day and I live this lavish lifestyle.” Chyna laughed, “It’s  to a boss.” She clapped her hands in her casting tape.

But don’t mess up her mood, she’ll come for you.

“Bitch I know I’m pretty but don’t try to check me!” Chyna yelled clapped her hands.


Meet Breaunna”Babydoll” | The ‘Bama Boss| 22 years old| Mobile, Alabama| Open

Breaunna is  very outgoing and funny. She usually makes everyone feel better when they are down. But once her fuse pops off, be scared.

“I’m like the girl everyone wants to be around you know.” Breaunna smiled, “I’m that chick that will get you free shots an shit.”

“Take yo dusty ass, slutty ass home Bitch, cause I’m gonna wake up like this every single day hoe.” Breaunna said banging the pans in her face, “So, you might as well cause no one even likes your fake ass bitch.”

“when I turn into the monster girls automatically fall back like.” Breaunna laughed, “Like, let’s not make this a problem.”


 Allison Green | The Party Princess | 21 | Huntington Beach, California | Open

“The hair, my partying, the way I act, and being who Iam people think I have a bad attitude and everything but guess what, I don’t give a fuck what you have to say, Iam me and if you have something to say, go fuck yourself.” Allison said.

“I am California and I breathe Cali, and I know everything about California.” Allison laughed in her casting tape, “And I’m always partying.” Allison smiled.

Scene cuts to Allison with her sister.

“This is my sister right here.” Allison laughed with a drink in her hand, “Melissa Marie.” She smiled as her sister laughed. “Ok.” She smiled.

“We party like kings, drink like homeless men, and fuck like porn stars.” Melissa yelled as Allison laughed.

Scene cuts to her casting tape.

“Like I have a very short fuse.” Allison said, “Like once you disrespect me.” She put her hand on her chest, “Oh no, girl you made the worst mistake of your life.” Allison nodded in her casting tape.

“I’m just a cool motherfucker man.” She laughed in her tape, “Like a fan, you know.”


Meet Ashley Sky | The Uber Bitch | 21 | Los Angeles, California | Open

“Alot of people hate on me because of what I have.” She smiled, “But like, don’t hate on me because you don’t work hard to have to what you want.” She shrugged.

“I know a lot of people.” She smiled, “Me and LA are just one.” She put both of her hands together.

Ashley is a known model and video mode in LA, The question is, Will make the cut like she did in her videos? Or will she just burn in flames.

“You guys want to jump me!” She yelled wrapped her hair up, “Let’s go.” She banged on the wall.