bad girls club quotes

10  reasons Tanisha Thomas is a gift from God

1. She taught us about loving ourselves AND BE PROUD OF WHO WE ARE

And that self-confidense is everything

2. she proved that there’s nothing wrong with calling out a bitch

3. She also knows the importance of food

4. She is the QUEEN of style

5. She knows PRIORITIES

6. She knows how to make people respect her

7. She would make an awesome friend

8. She’s also the queen of sass

 9. she’s the definition of Boss Ass Bitch


Quotes from Bad Girls Club that Angela Shepard would probably say

“We never really had much, but I’ve always known that I was gorgeous.”

“Get the fuck away from me and my voodoo doll!”

“I just really want an apple. I want a shot and some water.”

“I went to school for P.E and to fuck with guys.”

“Lord, please don’t let us have drama tonight, not while I’m having my pasta.”

“I’ll bully the bully.”

“Oh they poured liquor and drinks on me? Good, that’s what I live for.”

“I will ruin your life in ways you didn’t know were possible.”

“It would be nice to come back to a clean house.”

“Yall starting to stress me out. I’m getting high blood pressure and shit!”

“I want to go to sleep so tell your guests to shut the fuck up.”

“I mean, I really feel like I’m the best.”

“That’s funny, but I’m funny to talk to.”