bad girls club atlanta reunion

BGC10 pt 2👍👎👍👎

Okay. Soooo of you’ve been following my blog all season you would know that I have always been team Shanrock. I am very proud of Shannon and for her standing up herself and finally whooping ass. HOWEVER Shannon was getting beyond annoying by saying bullying and scallywag every five seconds. Really Shannon I can’t defend you if you won’t shut the hell up. But anyways. Why did we spend so long on Nancy and Stephanie. That should have been a quick five minutes. No commercial break. We need to get to the relevant stuff. And Dre was looking fiiiiiine (as usual). And I was laughing too hard when Nancy was tossed off the stage lol!! I was sooo weak!! She is all yelling at Shannon (why? Who the fuck knows). And look at Jenn trying to be relevant and hard. Knowing Rocky is going to rip that weave right off again. Also, when is Jenn gonna do her edges. Don’t be afraid to get close to the forehead girl. And that’s basically it. I got all hype and mad for no reason like I always do when I watch this show.but until next week. ✌

-OHH! Someone tell me why Nancy didn’t want to sit next to Alicia. I’m mad confused. 😶